I got sick because am lazy. No physical work.

Sairam friends,

My Father used to wake up early in the morning at 5 A.M and get out of home, get milk, go to temple and come back. I used to sleep nicely all the while. I always ask him how he could wake up early when its so cold?

Even in the U.S, he practiced the same habit. Recently, I told my niece that I did not get chance to touch the Dogs in the house opposite to theirs. She said “You were sleeping early in the morning when the Dogs come out”.

And made faces as if I was snoring.

Few years back, I used to take care of holy Dhuni in Nagasai mandir along with my friends. I have this Iron rod with which I would dig the fire and let the sacred ashes fall down the Dhuni tank.

Skin in my palm used to peel off due to heat and I would proudly call it as Sai’s gift.

Now a days, my friends are taking care of Dhuni. I simply go to temple and either speak to Sai friends or sit in a corner or my car. My mouth is doing more work than my body.

Even now, I prefer walking as much as I could but seems all that’s not enough. The past 10 days, I feel really sick. Every morning, my legs get swollen and I am getting scared. I can’t limp in my home too as my parents will start to worry about me.

I know Sai is healing me in his own ways. I am also taking some medicines.

I don’t go to gym like other guys. Twice, Sai showed as if I am Cycling in dream. But I can’t buy a Cycle as its hard to stop my Dad from using it. I never allow my Father even to travel with anyone by Two wheeler. I told him its not safe.

Only when I get sick, I am able to think about people who has chronic health diseases. May be, Saibaba wants me to do something good for them.

When my Sister’s friends are hospitalized, She used to cook for them and take it for them. I don’t think I have ever helped any one when they are sick. I mean, not a third person.

There’s a reason I say this to you.

Please be careful about your food habits.

Be clear about doing any Physical work on a day to day basis.

Do not always use Car or Bike. Visit Gym if you can. If not, walk a lot.

I told Sai to heal me before it gets complicated that my parents come to know about it. I believe Saibaba will heal me.

I will do something about my lifestyle.

Today, Finally, after 8 long years, Am going to buy a new Laptop. It costs Rs.60,000/- and I was wondering why things got so expensive these days?

Hope it will be good for video editing. I have lots to earn and workon. Sleeping at 2 AM regularly could be another reason which hinders my health but I have to do it because I need a backup if I lost this job.

I can’t leave my parents and move out of Coimbatore.

Sai, please heal me.

Forgive me for whatever bad karma I would have done to anyone in this or past several births.

Om Sai Ram


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