Sai saved my Mom

Sairam friends,

My Mom wasn’t well on Sunday night as she suddenly had chest ache. She did not come to Hospital too as she felt sleepy. Next morning, She got scared and hence thankfully, we took her to Doctor. I felt happy that there’s no major issue and she’s going to be fine.

I gave her Udi water.

Last morning, I had dream of Marundeswarar temple in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai. This is one of my favorite temple as my Aunt’s flat was situated near this temple. Now, that my Uncle moved to K.K Nagar, I don’t get chance to visit this temple. The last time, I had been to Marundeeswarar temple should be in 2007 or sometime later.

I like Goddess Thiripurasundari in this temple.

So I asked my Mom to remember Lord Shiva of this temple.

I was worried last morning as my Mom feared something would happen to her and started crying.

Later in the evening, I went to Saibaba temple. I thanked Sai and expected a flower from the priest in Dwarakamai because Sai saved my Mom. After I left Dwarakamai, the priest called me – Venkatramana and gave me a garland. It was funny – The way he called me!

I met this guy Sathyam who does labor job. After many months, he got a small job and hence I feel satisfied. I was upset with him as he was more interested in talking to people in temple, going to Shirdi and spending time rather than finding a way to earn his living.

I scolded him saying people in temple and those whom he meets in Shirdi trip will speak nice to him but won’t be able to get him a job. Hence, he has to focus on his life.

I read Sai book for a while. My Sai friend Sangeeta has gifted me few books which I am reading these days. I will write about it later.

All this day, I was deeply pained remembering the girl Sai showed in dream from 2016. These days, I don’t see her in dream. So what does this mean? Sai has to tell me what I should do about it. During these 3 years, I only faced immense mental pain since I was totally confused.

I could neither ignore Sai dreams nor I could assume her as a stranger and move on.

I am starting to wonder if its worth remembering her anymore because since I moved to another company, I won’t even be able to see her. And what did I do even when I met her? Nothing. I felt embarrassed even to cross her way as I felt guilty as I can’t prove Sai really did blessed me with few dreams.

Now, I am fed up and bored of this issue. Last night, I told Saibaba to help me move out of this issue. I should just assume that these dreams came for some reasons I will never come to know.

Having said that, I loved the book Sangeeta sent me. The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo is mesmerizing. It’s a book about a Boys dream and how he follows his dreams.

Reading this book makes me feel happy because there should be people like me who does live based on the dreams they experience.

I am getting late for work now.

I wish to take my Mom to Nagasai Mandir. She’s occupied as we have to keep Gollu for Navratri festival.



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