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When was the last time you thanked Sai Baba?

Sairam friends,

One of my Sai friend used to tell me that we should “Thank” Sai Baba for what he has done to you. Sometimes, I myself wonder if I have ever thanked Sai Baba for all that he has done to me.

Well, I would have but I would have not done on a daily basis. I would have simply thought about my what I expect from Sai rather than what Sai has done to me.

You may not get all that you seek from Saibaba immediately but Sai takes care of you every moment. So hold on and have patience.

Will it be nice if you are angry with Sai and get upset with him or will it be good if you thank him before going to sleep every night?

You also will feel Sai’s presence in your heart and your home if you say few words with love and gratitude to Sai in your mind before you go to sleep.

Last evening, I went to Saibaba temple and simply stood looking at Sai for few minutes. I am trying to make videos about Sai these days both in Tamil and English.

So I have to read few books to speak about Sai. During Aarti I went into main hall and read Sai Book.

Here’s the video I made last weekend.

Above video is in English. Below link is Tamil version.

Experiences from Dhumal in Tamil

Last night, I was wondering why I am still remembering the girl Sai showed in dream from 2016. I wish to move on from this issue but that’s the power of Sai dreams. It’s very hard to come out of it.

I hope Sai shows me a way soon.

Ok Guys. Getting late for work.



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