Repeat fever and pain

Sairam friends,

This morning, I had a very strange dream as if I work for the same company where I had to quit my job.

I saw the M.D calling me by name and asking my number and says “Photograph me”. I tell him that I did not bring my Camera and if he wants will go back home and bring it in 15 minutes.

Actually, I feel bad for him because he’s really good. Just that he has given all responsibilities to a Ginger eating monkey. Wish his Son does Masters in U.S and becomes CEO.

I was really upset about the dream where I often see people at work. Its confusing me. I never know what’s going to happen in my life. I can’t understand why Sai continues to show some people in the previous company over and over again.

When I woke up, I had fever. I still took my parents to Perur where we have a very good priest who guides us.

His Father is the one who saved my Mom when my Sister and myself were kids. So I respect his family immensely.

Here’s how Lord Murugan saved my Mother in 1984 –

Sai Mother

As we reached the priest’s home, I felt divine as we have gone there for all our life whenever we have any problems.

He also told me wait for few days. They will call you back. Do not be angry or displeased on them as they humiliated you. Just meet them and once again ask for what you want.

I was happy because I don’t like any other place to work in Coimbatore. But its strange if they are really going to call me. None will trust this.Not even me. I kept having this feeling deep in my heart which is why I never argued when they asked me to quit without any justification.

The priest’s words resonated with Sai’s dreams.

Now the problem is, I have few websites where I promote other Software organizations. What should I do if I get back to this place? Should I just be a consultant or join full time?

I respect words of both Saibaba and this priest. So I am trying to believe its really going to happen.

As of now, I am also open to other job opportunities. I am not able to work on freelance projects due to fever and pain as of now.

My parents are taking care of me. I am troubling them. Please ask Saibaba to heal me and get back to some work so that they will feel I got back my life.

My Father said never grumble and curse couple of idiots who got me to this situation. You shouldn’t speak ill of others even if they do harm you. That’s what my Dad said.

I went to the Clinic myself. I respect Doctors and Nurse a lot. We have a very good hospital near by home. Thankfully, they do a good job.

I love you all.

Don’t be a looser like me.

Don’t loose your job.

Don’t get sick.

Don’t be someone who writes to a girl saying Sai showed you in dream and regret it for lifetime.

May be, I am suffering since I bothered this girl. May be, I am suffering because Sai is making me responsible.

I am tired now

Sai blessings


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