Because I live based on Sai dreams, I am little confused

Sairam friends,

This morning, again I saw a dream as if I give Rs.2000 to couple of these guys in Sales team in my previous company and not giving to someone I don’t like much.

I really don’t understand why Sai keeps showing people in a place where I was humiliated. I like every other people there accept someone in top management who won’t let us do what we have to.

He needs his approval for every inch of progression we wish to do and some times he denies what we suggest for growth.

So like Sai’s dream, even if I go back there, I should be given freedom to do what I wish.

Secondly, Sai dreams of past company doesn’t mean that I will go back there. Sometimes, if my karma to be there still remains, instead of being there in reliaty, Sai will wash away my karma through dreams.

This is how Sai dreams work and I have experienced it in my past.

I also launched my project where I feature Software products and solutions from other companies. I like creating such platforms and enjoy working for multiple people rather than one specific company where I can’t enhance my skills. I have to delete this Startup or hide if I get back to work in any medium sized IT organizations. Large organizations won’t bother.

I am also helping people who don’t have a job to optimize their Linkedin profile so that they can land in a better job.

I like doing such work.

Sai initially asked me to be on my own and now keep on showing bunch of people from my past company as if I am supposed to work there again which confuses me to core.

Baba, please show me a way.

Make me do what’s right for me.

Sai blessings


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