Sai, please heal me

Sairam friends,

I don’t know why I continue to have severe pain though its been over 2 month since I had fever.

The past one week, I am feel really sick because of pain in palm and foot.

I am not sure if I am going to get job in Coimbatore or not. I will wait for a month or two and have to make other plans.

This morning, I saw as if I am working in my previous company. This really irritated me because I told Saibaba that I am fed up and don’t want to see any dream related to the people in previous company.

But since I trust Sai dreams, Seems I might get back to work in the same place. Not sure what’s going to happen to me.

I am not able to do any freelance work especially since this pain is really bad.

I have not experienced such prolonged pain for all these years and I am surprised why this happened to me?

I am bothering my parents when they are too old. They take care of me when I am supposed to take care of them.

Its really painful.

Sai, please heal me.


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