You loose something in life because Sai baba has better plans

Sairam friends,

Its the 8th day since I quit my job. I had lots of aspirations to do a lot for the company but was never given an opportunity. Secondly, they were also not innovating. If I had remained with them for another 5 years, I would have been easily become unemployable.

My trip to U.S was a breakthrough because my Sister said you simply should not go to work and come back home. You should see how you are bringing value to the company.

I came back, asked for a team which someone did not like and he kept on bad mouthing and eventually I had to quit.

None were able to say a single reason to justify why I am asked to leave. They can’t. I just smiled to them because I know what’s happening around and I know the sales team will never get the branding and marketing they desperately need.

The reason? Marketing is not something a team does. It should be an organizational culture.

Even if they do super cool Marketing and makes the employees feel uncomfortable, it just means, they are loosing brand value.

The past 2 years, I felt really bad that they don’t understand the meaning of the term “Employee Experience”.

This may be an HR’s responsibility but I personally see it as a company’s brand value.

I kept calm. I maintained patience. But I started having other thoughts especially since Saibaba blessed me with a dream in October 2018.

He gave me a name for my Startup. Next day, I went to Palani hills and was wondering what he means? Again he blessed me with what I should do.

Now, the problem is, many people assume that life is a cake walk since Sai is telling me everything in dream.

Not at all.

I also should go through the struggles of an Entrepreneur. Its not easy to generate revenue unless you bring real value to customers.

Since I respect Sai’s words, I will work on it everyday but to earn my living, I am in need of a job.

This afternoon, my Mom had a sound sleep.

She woke up and told me about the dream she had.

It was like Lord Anantha Narayanan ( Lord Vishnu resting on Holy Snake in Ocean). He was sleeping in one side and suddenly turned to other side. Seems, Maha Vishnu also opened his eyes as if he’s winking.

A earring in one of his ear is falling down and its getting hooked to other ear.

My Mom told me that we should go to a temple of Lord Vishnu is a place called Idigarai in Coimbatore. So I took my parents there and felt really good. Its a beautiful temple. Lord Vishnu is in the form of Palli Konda Perumal as my Ma saw in dream.

My only concern is that many people have habit of completely covering outside their house with flooring. This temple too does not have a single open space with mud to grow plants and trees. I wish someone realizes that its hard for the priests to serve the God with love if its so hot inside.

There was a power cut in the temple and my Mom was reading a holy Mantra from a book. So I used the light in my mobile to help my Ma read it. I received a call from a new number.

Hence, I picked up. It was the CEO of the 4 year old Startup. I had attended the interview this Monday which was done by someone from another company.

The guy who interviewed me had not given a very positive feedback. I knew he won’t because I spoke to him too casually.

Its only Sai grace that still the CEO wanted to speak to me.

We had a good conversation for over 40 minutes. I felt good too because all that I wanted in previous company is provided here.

They have a team whom they wanted me to take care. I just have to add value to them.

I also asked only for a small raise in Salary because my Sister has always taught me never to change jobs or accept any job having money as a reason.

I took my parents back home and told my Mom that there’s really something special about God and his dreams because how come, I got call from this CEO while we were in temple itself?

Honestly, I did not expect his call.

Now, the second part.

The new company does not have good infrastructure. I won’t have the comfort of a corporate.

Companies having good infrastructure may not have good culture. So its better to be in a place where Sai wants me to serve.

The new company is situated in a college campus. So atleast I will feel happy to see young boys and girls. There’s a Sandwich shop too. I had a Sandwich the day I went for interview and it was tasty.

In my previous company, they are hiring very old people for all senior roles.

I am myself old and I was wondering why are these people hiring people older than me? he he…

Times are changing and I know there are many young men and women who are better than me. So its a wrong notion that someone with 20 years of experience are an expert.

Anyway, I really miss the old company. I don’t have many friends but I liked few whom I have just smiled to.

Infact, I was fearing that I should get the relieving letter soon since I made a video on Linkedin which went viral. You know what’s viral?

Viral means touching another human’s heart when you don’t expect to. I have never experienced it before even when I made Sai videos.

This is the power of story telling. People from across India came forward to help me.

Just that, I am stubborn to find a job only in Coimbatore. Some people asked me to do consulting work which I am going to take up for sure.

I din’t land in my new job but its in the process. I am very choosy even in where I apply for job. I have never been behind money. I need a place where I feel at home to work.

I am hopeful that something good will happen especially since I trust my Mom’s dreams if not mine.

Coming back to dreams, I still remember this girl whom Sai often showed in dream. All I desired in the past 2 and half years was that I should tell her whatever happened to me and learn from her if she has any clue.

I had no reason to speak to her until the last day of my work. I would have felt good atleast if I had known her as a friend.

In the 8 years I spent in an organization, I have never hurt anyone to my knowledge. I feel guilty that I unnecessarily mailed a girl and bothered her. Atleast, Sai should have helped me prove that he was behind all that I did.

I have apologized to her several times in 2017 by mail but seems it isn’t enough as she never once wrote back saying its OK. May be, she felt its better not to respond to me at all because I sounded strange and like an alien in all that I did.

Saibaba also showed me a dream in which I will go back to the previous company as a freelancer. That’s why I myself wrote to the CEO that I am leaving. I wish to keep the relationship intact because the company is just 6 Kms from my home. I want to see how the drama unfolds.

As long as I land in a good job, I will be excited to see whatever is happening in my previous company. It will be funny too to go there as a freelancer.

I already became an expert in my field within 8 days of no job. That’s how I work if I desperately need something in life. I am struggling but I know everything is for good.

My parents are scolding me that I should have medicines everyday as I still have pain in foot and palm after fever. I told them that I am not responsible for this pain as it has come on its own.

Pray that I should land in this job. I am little concerned about how its going to be. That’s why I also won’t leave my side projects.

No one should suffer like me. Not any loyal employee. Keep learning a lot. Learn so much and be an expert in what you do so that even if such issues happens in your career, there will be someone else to offer you a good job.

Its going to be 1.30 at night.

You loose something in life because Sai Baba has better plans.

Believe in this.

You might breakup with your loves one’s or you might loose a job. Make sure that you are strong internally.

My situation is really painful and bad but I keep myself busy. I work hard for what I want in life. Sai Baba is doing all he could for me.

Everything is for good.

Om Sai Ram


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