Little worried…

Sairam friends,

Please send me your experiences with Sai as nothing much is happening in my life.

I am greatful to several professionals who tried to help me get a better job. Though I was preparing myself for a Job loss, I don’t have much options as I love to be in Coimbatore.

I love my Mom and every night, I speak to her for few minutes. I can’t go out of this city when she’s too weak.

So even when people help me with opportunities in other cities, I am not able to make use of it. I am just thankful to everyone.

I plan to holdon for 2 month and see possibilities of finding a better place to work in Coimbatore itself.

I keep working on my Startup which Sai asked me to do but it takes time to generate revenue. So as of now, I feel its better to hold on to some job.

Loosing a job is painful and loosing it in summer is unbearable. I spend my time working from early in the morning.

I read one chapter in Sai Satcharita, the bigger version of the book aloud sitting infront of Saibaba.

I believe everything is for good because I hated this company for the past 2 years. All that they did seemed to be odd to me. May be, Sai knows I won’t leave unless being dragged out and thrown away. So Sai let it happen.

I am little worried about how I am going to earn my living? I did not even tell my Sister about all this as She’s busy with her research work and I don’t want her to be upset about what happened to me.

Adding to this, the pain in my foot and palm continues to this day. I really don’t understand what kind of strange fever made me so sick.

Sai is helping me cope up with this situation.

Hope Saibaba helps me come out of this situation.

Om Sai Ram

Edit: Did this article sound negative. Sai never wants me be be a bad example. Life happens. This is how you end up when you are an loyal employee seeking growth. Thrown out just because I needed a team of my own because the marketing these people were doing was old school.

That’s OK. I am actually doing stuff with more excitement these days. Only problem is that am not earning. I keep working on my projects. I want you to take issues in Career or Job loss positively and work hard for what you wanna do with your life.

Now, I have opportunity to reach out to multiple companies. I do cold call. I basically don’t seek job. I learn about them. Today, I made a video on Marketing Strategy and someone from my favourite company Tesla has seen that.

That’s what you call as impact. I wasn’t able to do any of this when I was caged into one company as I feared conflict of interest.

So I am working on something. Hope Saibaba shows me a way to earn my living.


Stay Positive!

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