Shirdi Saibaba blessings to do well in exams and be blessed with a happy career

Sairam friends,

I have to take care of all of you. The past few days, most of my articles focused on relationship. I am fed up writing on this topic as I am always into it. I keep getting mails occasionally from all the Auntyji’s of India. “My children are not studying..My Son wants to get admission only in that particular university in U.S.”

You can worry when your Son and Daughter grow up but why are you so much worried when they are kids in school. Kindly give some space to them and don’t pressure them with too much focus on education. I write this for some families where being on top matters more than being happy. Make sure your kids are not addicted to games or any other stuff. Help them to gain passion for reading, music and other interests. Do not worry when they don’t listen to you. They are like that. Have some patience.

India is a country where parents take Bhadrakaali avatar if their Son or Daughter could not find a job in Campus interviews or within few months after their graduation. Please be clear that you are spoiling your kids life by treating them too mechanical. As long as your kids have good habits, please keep encouraging them to do well in life.

And this article is also for Sai devotees who are worried about their interview when they are seeking a job and also when they wanted a better position by doing well in an exam.

I shall start with narration of happenings in my life and take you to the video…

No dreams na Sai

This morning, I woke up at 6.30.A.M. Baba! No dreams? I said to myself “Lets chant Sai Sai Sai keeping Sai book on chest and sleep.”  I could not sleep but tried my best and slept off. It was 8.30 when I woke up. I got neck pain in the end. The whole week-end went away in trying to demand dreams from Sai to explain me why and how I am pulled into such situation for beliving his words. I slept on both day afternoons after lunch hugging Sai statue. Atleast on Saturday, Sai gave darshan wearing a Maroon kafni. On Sunday, I woke up really disappointed as no dreams came.

Sai you are too stubborn now a days but remember being your devotee, I am also like Madhav (Shama). I am also stubborn and will keep asking you to clarify.

I just came back from Saibaba temple. My friend was cleaning Dhuni and I was just doing little work to help him out sitting in Dwarakamai. After a while, I asked Saibaba if its fair on his part to embarrass me like this? Don’t you want me to continue working in this place any longer? I could not resist myself and put chits to Sai near the Tulsi plant. It came as I must continue work here.

Cool na Sai? Then why did you do this to me Sai? May be as my Sai friend Shamya wrote, I must tolerate and be calm. One of my friend said that I must be practical in life and not trust such dreams. In that case, my whole life gets meaningless because I know how much you have guided me through dreams. I am totally depressed.

Sai Baby

One of my Sai friend Gowthami sent a very cute photograph of Saibaba. He was really cute like a Baby.

Do you like him?

In Hindi, they use the word “Papa” to mention one’s Father.

In South India, I have seen some Tamil speaking parents call their girl child as “Papa” when they are kid. As this kid grows up, she will continued to be called as “Papa”. I get irritated with this and used to tell one of my aunt not to call her daughter as Papa anymore as she’s grown up.  Having said that, I wonder why I wrote this article – Sai, bless me to see your children as my own child

Its honestly not easy to perceive a girl as a kid unless you use all your imagination. I tried this the past few days.

The other day, one aunty in temple collected Roses of 3 different colors in front of her and gave it to the girls passing by her. I was walking in the varanda and noticed this aunty calling 2 girls like this “Papa..Inga Vaanga” ( Kids…Come here) and gave them the flowers. I felt like going back to that aunty and saying “Adhu Papa illa – They are not small kids for you to call as papa”. I just smiled to that aunt and walked away.

The other day one of this girl at work said some guys are teasing her and wanted me to support her. I told them “Yenda Papava tease pandrenga” – “Why are you teasing this kid?”

I enjoyed it a lot. When I saw this Sai Baby, I could only remember all this. He’s truly a Papa.

Shirdi Saibaba blessings to do well in exams and be blessed with a happy career

I am making this video for Sai devotees who are worried about doing well in exams and also to be blessed with a good job. One of my favorite story from Sai Satcharita is in Chapter 15 – Cholker’s Sugar less Tea.

For whom is this video dedicated for?

You could be a student pressured with exam fear or working in an organization and trying to pass an exam for better position. You might also be praying Sai to bless you to get through an exam to be placed successfully in a job.

I personally know few of my friends who were trying for competitive exams get depressed when they don’t make it. I wanted to do something to encourage them and make them believe that Saibaba of Shirdi will bless them if they keep trying. And India is a very strange country where not who has completed M.B.B.S can go for post graduation. I personally know atleast 5 girls from various parks of India who are praying Sai for a P.G seat. This is something which really makes me wonder if we are living in a country where someone who wants to go for higher studies cannot do it just because there aren’t enough seats. So we are proud of keeping our Doctors less educated? I am not sure how the system works but all I know is many of these people are getting into stress. This is just one sector. In every sector, there are different obstacles and problems.

I also know some of my friends who keep trying for other exams. Some devotees write to me that they are not able to find the right job. So this video is dedicated to all of you to keep faith in Sai.

You must keep your mind relaxed and also focused to do well in exam or face any interviews confidently.

How I made this video?

It’s simple. You just see the holy fire of Sai. I don’t want to show Saibaba’s photo or statue. I don’t want to use Music. Not even a single piece of sound. That’s what Saibaba told me few days back in dream. “Nee overa panna venam. Summa pesinaa podhum.” ( You don’t have to do too much using all crazy Bollywood songs. Simply speak about my glory. That will do.)  He did not tell this by words but I could understand this from his dream.

Happy Career video

Here’s the transcript of the video

Om Sai Ram

This is Venkat for

The world’s smallest network for Sai devotees.

Sai, There are many Sai children facing various kinds of problems in their studies and Career.

Some could be students and some could be looking for a job and some expecting a better position in their career.

The common goal for most of these devotees is passing an exam or doing well in an interview.

I wish the one who listens to this works hard to prepare for their exam.

Let them not be distracted by any issues or difficulties in life.

Goddess Saraswati must bless them to have a clear mind and confidence.

Bless your children to have focus on their goal and make them successful.

I am going to read this wonderful story of Cholkar from Sai Satcharitra.

Mr. Cholkar’s Sugarless Tea

Initially, Baba was known in Poona and Ahmednagar Districts, but Nanasaheb Chandorkar, by his personal talks and by Dasganu, by his splendid Kirtans, spread the fame of Baba in the Konkan (Bombay Presidency). In fact, it was Dasganu – May God bless him-who, by his beautiful and inimitable Kirtans, made Baba available to so many people there. The audience, who come to hear the Kirtans have different tastes. Some like the erudition of the Haridas; some his gestures, some his singing, some his wit and humour, some his preliminary dissertation on Vedanta, and some others, his main stories and so on; but among them, there are very few, who by hearing the Kirtan get faith and devotion or love for God or saints. The effect of hearing Dasganu’s kirtan on the minds of audience was however electric, as it were.

We give an instance here Dasganu was once performing his Kirtan and singing the glory of Sai Baba, in the Koupineshwar temple in Thana. One Mr. Cholkar, a poor man serving as a candidate in the Civil Courts in Thana, was amongst the audience. He heard Dasganu’s Kirtan most attentively and was much moved. He there and then mentally bowed and vowed to Baba saying – “Baba, I am a poor man, unable to support my family. If by your grace, I pass the departmental examination, and get a permanent post, I shall go to Shirdi, fall at Your Feet and distribute sugar-candy in Your name.” As good luck would have it, Mr.Cholkar did pass te examination and did get the permanent post and now it remained for him to fulfil his vow, the sooner the better.

Mr. Cholkar was a poor man with a large family to support; and he could not afford to pay for the expenses of a Shirdi trip. As is well said, one can easily cross over Nahne ghat in Thana District or even the Sahyadri Range; but it is very difficult for a poor man to cross Umbareghat, i.e., the threshold of his house. As Mr. Cholkar was anxious to fulfill his vow as early as possible, he resolved to economize, cut down his expenses, and save money. He determined not to use sugar in his diet; and began to take his tea without it. After he was able to save some money in this way, he came to Shirdi, took Baba’s darshan, fell at His Feet, offered a coconut, distributed it with a clean conscience along with sugar-candy as per his vow and said to Baba that he was much pleased with His darshan and that his desires were fulfilled that day.

Mr. Cholkar was in the Masjid with his host Bapusaheb Jog. When the host and the guest both got up and were about to leave the Masjid, Baba spoke to Jog as follows:- “Give him (your guest) cups of tea, fully saturated with Sugar.” Hearing these significant words, Mr. Cholkar was much moved, he was wonderstruck, his eyes were bedewed with tears, and he fell at Baba’s Feet again. Mr. Jog was also curious about this direction, regarding the tea-cups to be given to his guest. Baba wanted by His words to create faith and devotion in Cholkar’s mind. He hinted as it were, that He got the sugar-candy as per his vow and that He knew full well his secret determination not to use sugar in his diet. Baba meant to say, “If you spread your palms with devotion before Me, I am immediately with you, day and night. Though, I am here bodily, still I know what you do; beyond the saven seas. Go wherever you will, over the wide world, I am with you. My abode is in your heart and I am within you. Always worship Me, Who is seated in your heart, as well as, in the hearts of all beings, Blessed and fortunate, indeed, is he who knows Me thus.”

What a beautiful and important lesson was thus imparted by Baba to Mr. Chokar !

Did you like the story of Cholkar?

Even if you have lost all hope and have fear of exam, have complete faith on Saibaba

Sai will help you to do well in exams or interviews or anything you must face to change your life for good.

I am also speaking to those who have faced a failure in an exam or when any of their desires did not come true. How many times did you fail? Please remember failures are part of life. Hold on few more days and keep trying.

I know friends who have failed multiple times in exams but they continued to keep faith in Saibaba.

Similarly, I request you to surrender to Sai and keep improving.

Saibaba will certainly bless you with good education and Career.

Sai, bless your children with a happy career.

This is Venkat..For

Hope you like it friends.


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