Sai, I can’t see or listen to my children crying. Make them think creatively

Sairam friends,

I went with my friends to Saibaba temple near my office today. There was this girl reading a book sitting in Dwarakamai. I gave her the little Saibaba photo I usually give to devotees when ever I feel that they are devoted to you. After a minute she said “What’s written in that is like Sai communicated to me”. I could feel she’s happy and that’s all I want. These are my children. My very own and I want to make them happy. I thought of giving this to a girl at work but then I decided to do it if I see her any where else outside office. In office environment, I give my Sai photo only when someone resigns from work..he he…

Now a days, my friends keep telling me that the girl besides me at work is going to run away as I keep speaking. I told that girl any day, you think I am disturbing you, kindly let me know. I told her “You can even say Shut-up” and I will understand. He he…

After years of irritating my friends showing all my skills with stick drawings, my recent interest is “Reading’. I suddenly start to read any ebooks aloud and tell them, “I am practicing to be a Youtube star”. I enjoy doing this! Ha ha…

Surprisingly, I met a girl in Coimbatore who spoke kindly to a stranger ( like me)

Later, in the evening, I was hurrying to go to the printing house for some official work. It was hectic and I had to do all the work all alone. I saw a girl in-front of me with a very beautiful book she had designed. Any where I see a girl who is into photography, writing or Saibaba, I immediately get impressed and talk to them. Only in Saibaba temple and office environment, I try not to speak to girls who are not directly connected to me. Else, where ever I see anyone be it a girl or a guy, if they do something that interests me, I start a conversation.

I speak to strangers like a fool as if they are my friends. he he… Saibaba has told na “No body come’s to you without previous birth’s connection.”

I asked this girl “Is that a magazine? Are you into writing?”. I kept asking her questions. Poor thing! She told me that she worked in McKinsey and came back to Coimbatore as her Mom asked her to. I like such “Amma ponnu” because even before 2 month, when I tried to find a job else where, I had a dream as if Saibaba is making me realize “Don’t leave your Mom alone in Coimbatore and go some where else”.

I introduced myself and asked her if she has a website? Ha ha…I imagine everyone has a website or a blog. She said no. I asked her “Do you have a card?” She said no but gave me her email ID.  That was very kind of her. I really respect this girl because she was very down to earth and honestly trusted me. I told her “I like anyone into “Writing” and hence spoke to you”. I asked her what she did in McKinsey and she said, she was a designer. I would have spoken more to her but really had no time. Actually, I wanted to mail her, know her profile and give her some tips to find a job in this small city.

Many times, I find myself getting interested in people looking for better career. In the same printing house, I have spoken to atleast 2-3 guys about how they can grow ahead in career and they too were strangers. I don’t know why I have this interest in guiding people without them asking me..ha ha..May be, I am used to it.

I too don’t have a card of my own to give this girl. All I have is the little Saibaba photo with and few caption on it. I gave it to her and after a deep thought asked “Do you worship Saibaba?” She said, “I have been to temple”.

OK. I understood this category of devotees. Those who are not deeply devoted to Baba but respect him. Just casually when they get a chance to visit a temple, they will. Anyway, She’s a Sai’ child and Sai must take care of her. Bless her with job in Coimbatore Baba. Let’s make her come Nagasai Mandir someday. he he…

Hey..What if she reads that I am writing about her? Its OK. Let her read. It’s a compliment. She’s not working in my office for me to get embarrassed. he he…

She was kind enough to say me bye when she was leaving and I told her ‘Good Luck”. I want her to live happily with her Mom in Coimbatore.  I wonder how many girls can confidently speak to a man in such friendly manner? That too, when I am a total stranger to her. She may not love Sai but there’s Sai living in her heart. I always tell this to everyone.

Sai lives in good people’s heart even if they are not Sai devotees.

Many times, I had wrote article in StarSai to girls that they must not trust a stranger but may be they should. The world has good people too. I would have never appreciated this girl had she simply ignored me. She has no reason to answer me but she did. You need this human touch. Most of us live in Silo’s. We have constructed a wall around us and never express ourselves. I myself get scared if some strangers speak to me but it depends on the situation. Sometimes, I open up. Today, when I was going in taxi, the driver spoke so nicely and I enjoyed his conversation.

Anyway, My friend who’s leaving abroad this Saturday, came to the printing house as I was getting things done alone. Infact, I left my car in office as I enjoy speaking to him and his creative driving which makes me feel if he ever worries about the vehicles which annoy us on road? We had dosa and coffee. Then, spoke a lot on our way back. I played the song ““Chori chori jab nazrein mili” in my mobile and told him about the dream I had. He asked me “Are you listening to the song again and again so that you can understand the reason you got the dream?”. I laughed and said “Yes”.

As we reached the parking, I told him “Let’s talk for a while and leave”. So we spoke few words about Sai and life and it was 10 0 clock at night. I told him that I want to practice and make videos for Sai or basically some motivational videos but its not happening yet.

Consoled a cry baby who just completed her Bachelors in Medicine

It was around 10 when I reached home. Few minutes back, I got a missed call. I usually don’t give my number to any Sai devotees who write me but very rarely, I share. I was too tired and never called back this number. I had dinner and was about to write an article. One of my Sai friend Harini mailed me asking “Are you busy? I wanted to talk to you?”. I said “OK. Call”. She said “She gave me a missed call but scared to talk to me”.

Saibaba…Do people think I am a monster. One of this girl at work told about me “I am scared of him”. Many times, I wondered if I am so bad? Am I so harsh? May be, I speak harsh to people whom I have rights on. If you are my friend, then accept me for what I am. How many of you always speak sweetly to your Mom and Dad. You speak harsh to them right?

I called her to check if she’s alright. I said “Sairam…Yes….Tell me Harini. What happened?” She asked “Neena Tamil dhaana…You are Tamil right?” I could not control laughing and told her “I got used to speaking like this as most of my Sai friends don’t know Tamil”. Then, She said a huge list of hints she got from StarSai and Saibaba answers from Dwarakamai.

She said, Saibaba asked her to put chits and see and then Baba only gave her negative answer.

I asked her what’s your problem?

Then, I guessed it as she has mailed me earlier. I asked “You are worried about your P.G seat?”

Oh God. How many mails I get from people who completed M.B.B.S in India and waiting for a P.G seat. I told her “Why is it such a big problem?”. Is there something wrong with the system. Its education and hence why can’t everyone learn?

She said more than a lakh write the exam and there are less than 15,000 seats across India.

Her voice was very feeble and child like.

I asked her “Are you crying?”

She said “Yes”.

Now I started speaking harsh to her. I have rights to.

I shouted at her saying “You must not cry. If you do, I feel like beating on your head with Baba’s satka”.

I was trying to give her some options. I told her my Sister’s example. She wanted to be a Doctor. Din’t got MBBS seat. She never gave up. She only did Bsc in Bio Chemistry in a small college in Coimbatore. Then, she did M.S and then she did her Phd in Germany and now she’s a Post Doc in the U.S.

When my sister was doing her Bsc, none thought that she will grow ahead to this extent. I told this girl,

‘You must be passionate and think creatively. If you do, then you can find a way”

I told her, you keep trying for a P.G seat but find if there are any thing else you can study in the time being. May be, it will take her career into medical research or she won’t feel bad for wasting time. I know girls who waited even 3-4 years for a P.G seat.

I asked her to find ways she can make use of her time productively as she tries for a P.G seat. If not this year, let her do it someday. She told me “I have never achieved anything and made my parents proud”. I told her about my own failures and hence she must not worry like this.

I told her “If you do what more than 1 lakh people are trying to do, then you are just one among them. So think creatively”.

Maybe, I say all this to convince her because my goal is to console her. I just want her to live positively.

StarSai must help people grow and not to sit and cry.

I asked her to promise she won’t cry again. She promised and I hung up.

Sai, its going to be 2 o clock at night. Even my friend asked me don’t you get tired. I don’t know. I feel sleepy at office sometimes because I spend most of the nights for Sai children. I wrote this because I want all of you to think creatively.


Lets say you need a job and you don’t get it.

Let’s say you like a girl/guy and you can’t marry her/him

and in this case,

Let’s say you can’t get a P.G seat after MBBS

What will you do?

You still have to live positively. You can. Sai hai na?

Please don’t cry. Other day, While I was standing near Dwarakamai, I saw a girl crying while lighting lamps. I immediately, turned and told Baba “Don’t show me this”.

Today, when Harini cried, I felt really painful.

I shouted at her and explained her so much to console her. Can I do it to every Sai devotee? So many of you are getting upset and depressed. I don’t have time to heal you. Hence, I wrote this for all of you.

Please smile and be happy.

I made this for you. Look at this kid. How happy she is?

Free offer!

Sai, I can’t see or listen to my children crying. Make them think creatively.

They can find a way if they give up their desires and try to build their life in a better perspective.

I am too tired now..2 o clock at night. I have back ache.

Atleast, remember my eyes were closing at before 3 hours and I wrote this to heal every one of my sweet Sai children who are going through some problem.


(Edit – My Father came to my room at 2.30 at night and asked why I din’t slept yet? I could not sleep peacefully. I slept at 3.30 A.M as I felt sick. You can trust Saibaba and request him to help you get things done but things doesn’t work, please don’t loose heart. Think creatively. May be, Sai has a twist in the story and Sai’s twist is always sweet. You can share your experiences at

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