Sai asked me to read Sai Satcharitra

Sairam friends,

The weekend has been very busy for me and I did something really important in my life on June 4th 2016.

I went to Saibaba temple this morning and also in the evening. I felt happy for the drizzle but simply sat in the varanda of the temple and was speaking to one of my friend. He spoke to me about Sivanesan Swamiji.

We were surprised how Sivanesan Swamiji never left Shirdi during his lifetime. He came to Shirdi during December 1953 and until his samadhi in Feb 1996, he lived only in Shirdi. I was telling my friend that the very small room which nowadays, always remains closed adjacent to Dwarakamai used to be the place where Sivanesan Swamiji lived. It doesn’t even have ventilation. He used to sleep only for 3 hours every day. Most ancient saints sleep between 12 at night and 3. A.M.

One surprising information about Sivanesan swami is that once someone saw him meditating in Lendi Baug at 11.P.M and asked how he has been meditating in the darkness of the night? Sivanesan Swami has replied, “I am doing this for the past several years at the same time”.

What I cannot tell to everyone as of now?

There are few things which I am not disclosing in StarSai as of now. This is because people don’t know how far Sai can go to save his devotees? Secondly, my personal experience with Sai Baba is that, if you childishly trust his powers, he will certainly keep his words.

I spent a few hours in Dwarakamai. The priest gave me a beautiful Lotus with some Jasmine flowers.

I asked Sai Baba if I should read Guru Charitra or Sai Satcharitra by writing chits and dropping in-front of my Sai.

Sai asked me to read Sai Satcharitra.

So every night, I will be reading Sai Satcharitra from today

Children’s better education

You can download Sai Satcharitra here

Om Sai Ram


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