There’s a place for Dogs,Birds and me in the big big world

Sairam friends,

Not too long ago, I used to like this song “I am a big big girl, in a big big world and it’s not a big big thing if you leave me”.

I was humming this song and irritating everyone.

I went to Sai Baba temple and spent few minutes there. I saw one of my friend was very sad and he was leaning near the window and looking at Sai. I told him things will be fine and not to worry. Having said that, one of my weakness is that I am not able to let go when any one is unhappy and showing faces as if the world has come to an end. Sometimes, its OK to be human but most of the times it doesn’t really match the world. Wish I could be little practical and let go of people. I want to get out of everything and be free. Its really bothering me and tried to get away from my responsibilities but one of my friend said that won’t sound too good and I must manage somehow. I will wait for a month and prayed Sai to help me take the right decision.

Anyway, I woke up and went for walking.

My Mom used to feed a black Dog near my home. He kept on following me until I crossed the road. I could not drop his biscuits since I had to go to ATM. As I reached the main road, I walked thinking about some issues. I saw a Dead Dog lying in the middle of the road. All the vehicles were slowing down and took left or right of the Dog making sure they don’t crush the body. I stood there for couple of minutes and wanted to do something about it. I took few steps and stood near the Dog.

I watched the traffic and made sure its safe to drag the Dog away. I bent down and lifted the Dog but it was too heavy that I simply had to drag it away from road. I dropped him in the corner of the road and walked away. I was looking for a shop to buy water bottle and wash my palm. As I walked ahead, I found a place with water tank. I requested the old man sitting near the gate if I can wash my palm and he agreed immediately. I took some mud in my palm, cleaned it and washed.

I took money in ATM and reached home.

My Father asked me to go for walk every morning as it will make me feel fresh all the day. I told him shall do it because I was too lazy all this summer.

As I got ready to office, neighbor aunty called me to show me a baby bird sitting in corner of her house steps. I immediately took my mobile and jumped into their house. It was really scared and her parents were chirping sitting over the Bannana tree.

Look at her…”Her”

scared bird
Cute Scared bird sitting in corner

When I tried to take photo, she jumped and sat on my leg.

Birdie is looking at me curiously

My Animal care website was inspired by Sai’s guidance but I don’t really did anything for Animals and birds specifically. I hope writing these small stories will make all of you do little you can for the life around us.

I am no different than the dead Dog lying on the road with none to attend. After all it’s one small life and we can make a difference by sparing time to take care of others including Animals and Birds.

There’s a place for Dogs,Birds and me in the big big world

I am going to do Photography for in my friends house for his wife’s baby shower ceremony. He requested me and I could not say NO.

Doing photography too is good karma. he he…

I am in hurry.



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