Sai Satcharitra parayan for your children’s better education

Sairam friends,

Over the years many parents especially Mother’s have wrote me about the issues in their children’s education. I request them do worship Goddess Saraswathi and also to worshiping Shirdi Saibaba to bless their son/daughter. There are students who write me directly too about problems in their education. All they need is some one to say everything will be fine and Sai will do good to them.

There are mother’s who worry about their children’s education especially since they are distracted and doesn’t have interest to learn and there are situations where these children really study well but doesn’t do well in exams.

Sai Satcharitra parayan for children’s better education

A mother wrote how Sai helped her Son for better education after she read the holy life of Shirdi Saibaba – Sri Sai Satcharitra.

Here’s the devotees experience.

I m so happy that I could write my personal experience with Sai.

Sai has blessed me with two sons. Although my younger son (Tanu) is good in studies but my elder son (Ganu) is at an average in studies. Last year when he was in 6th class, I got a warning from his school that if he will not perform in finals he will not be promoted in next class. I was very much tensed. I got personally involved in his studies. But in the month of Feb, my mother came to my house and asked for sai sacharitra which was already with me but i was not reading it.

I myself dont know how i have started worshipping Sai and me and my son got involved in worship Sai. Although I was devotee of Baba since 1998, but now i completely surrendered myself to Sai. I prayed Baba for my son. Every time when he went for exam, I used to start pray Baba to help him.

Unbelievable, he has performed good in his exams. Although he has promoted to the next class conditionally but I thank Baba for helping him and me also.

Now I always pray Baba that he has to be with us on each and every step of life.

Thanks Baba

Om Sai Ram

Anju Kapoor

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  • he saibaba………. please solve my problem because whenever study any theory paper i don’t uderstand and remmember anything.but still now helped me.i had all papers clear in i am very happy.

    Now i wil always pray saibaba that he has to with us every step of my life.

    thanks saibaba

    om sairam……..

    raushan kumar

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