5 Pooja that brings you Peace and Prosperity on Ganesha Chaturthi, Vinayaka Chaturthi Festival

Aum Ganeshaya Namaha

Sairam friends,

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi

I like to start with the word “Happy” because this Ganesh Chaturthi, I wish we all are blessed with Good health, Peace and Prosperity by Lord Ganesha’s grace on us. My Father and his friends does some Seva in the near  by Siddhi Vinayakar Temple in our Colony and hence I believe Ganesha has blessed me to write many articles about him this year in StarSai

In fact, Many Children of Ganesha (Devotees) wrote me about their devotion for Lord Ganesha and also Shirdi Sai Baba. There are many Ganesha devotees who prays Ganesha to bless them with good Career and way to earn their living. Below is one of the experience from a Ganesha devotee who got a Job he expected by Ganesha’s grace.

From Sri Lanka with Love – Lord Ganesha blesses devotee to grow in his Career

While starting to write this article my friend who is very dear to me called up which made me very happy. I told her that am going to write a article for Lord Ganesha and she sung a very childish Song of Ganesha in Tamil. As I started writing this article once in a while my parents kept asking me did you find any girl to marry whom you like. I was trying to focus on spreading the Glory of Ganesha on this Auspicious Festival.  I hope Ganesha listens to my prayers and makes my parents happy.

Beautiful and Cute Ganesha Photos

Few days back while at work, I saw this beautiful and Cute Ganesha statue. I loved to see this Vinayakar over what we call in Tamil as Valampuri Sangu – Dakshinavarti Shankh 

I immediately took few Photos especially to present it to devotees as Ganesha Chaturthi was nearing. Everyone to whom I showed these Photo on my mobile smiled at it as Sri Ganesha is so cute, little and beautiful.

Sri Ganesha over Valampuri Sangu
Sri Ganesha over Valampuri Sangu – Dakshinavarti Shankh – Cute and Beautiful

I can’t stop myself from taking many Photos and even my friend wanted me to take Photos of this beautiful Vinayakar with his Mobile.

lord ganesha festival
Lets celebrate Lord Ganesha’s Festival Ganesh Chaturthi praising the glory of Divine Vinayaka

I always try to write about day to day happenings in my life which I believe make people believe I am one among them. StarSai is expression of ordinary Indian trying to explore ways to inspire people to lead a simple,peaceful life following the path of devotion.

Shopping Wedding Gift gave birth to 5 cute Ganesha Photos

It was Saturday and my friends at work had planned to go to Wedding reception of one of our colleague and I joined with them. I met them, we were chatting few minutes and then got in to a Gift Shop to buy some wedding gift for the guy getting married. I liked few Dolls kept there and really wished to take some pictures with my mobile camera.

All these 5 guys were selecting some gift items like Photo frames etc but I really didn’t liked the Photography and said why don’t we gift Ganesha or Radhe Krishna. One of the guy said, “You go away from Gods gift section.We are not going to get them” . he he…

So i came aside and was looking at other stuff. I liked a Peacock with vibrant green and blue colors glittering and suggested them to get it. They said, Who will give a peacock for wedding? I told them its beautiful and you as a designer and must have some taste for colors.

Though they disagreed with me, One of my friend liked a Radhe Krisha Statue which I also loved a lot. They asked the shop keeper to keep it reserved as we have selected it and moved to other area of shop to see if there are better gifts. They didn’t liked any Gifts and came back to the section where they selected the Radhe Krishna Statue. The shop keeper said, “Its already chosen by another customer and sent it for packing.

My friends were demanding it and said “We only selected it first”.

One of the girl who came with a guy had selected the same Radhe Krishna statue we had reserved,  smiled at these guys and said “They don’t have to quarrel for this. Its OK. Let them have the Radhe Krishna Statue”.

My friends were happy and was about to get it back. I didn’t liked getting back something a girl has desired and asked the girl

“Its for you right?” . She nodded with a smile and so I added “You keep it. We will get some other Gift” and made all my friends get away – Pongada Pesama !

Finally, my friend selected another Radhe Krishna Statue which everyone liked too. I saw 5 statues of Ganesha playing musical instruments and really wanted to take Photos so that I can present it to Ganesha devotees in StarSai for this Ganesha Chaturthi.

Now a days where ever I go, I like trying some Photos so that I can present it for you devotees. It makes you feel lively as if you were with me all through the journey where ever I go.

wedding thoranam
I liked this Thoranam Decoration and serial lights like Traditional Lamp, Kuthu Vilaku outside the wedding hall

We went to the wedding hall and I got on stage with guys from some other team thinking my friends also came with me. In India, if you go to wedding or any festival, we are supposed to stay back for being photographed which confirms our “attendance” although wedding photography has evolved a lot these days.

I stood in the stage to see all my friends sitting down and laughing at me. I folded my hands and stared at them like Mr.Bean and realized am photographed like a dumbo.

All through that evening, My friends teased me saying, I tried to impress the girl in shop and hook her to myself by doing good to her…he he… but to me, its very cultural.

If a girl likes something and took it for herself, one must not get it back from her.

Now lets come back to Ganesha Chaturthi Festival.

About Ganesha Chaturthi Festival – Birthday of Lord Ganesha

Ganesha Chaturthi is one of the greatest festival for Hindus celebrating birthday of Lord Ganesha also called as Vinayakar or Pillayar in South India. Hence the festival is also known as  Vinayakar Chaturthi. Its celebrated in most part of India and very auspicious in the states of Maharastra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhra pradesh. The festival is observed during the Hindu month of Bhadra (August – September).

Ganesh Puran – Vinayakar Puranam

I remember various Leela played by Lord Ganesha even during his childhood in Vinayakar Puranam which I read a year back. For devotees who are interested in reading, I humbly request you to read Ganesh Puran as a Parayan – Sacred Reading of holy Books. Try to get it in near by Shops or shops in the Temples you visit.

Lord Ganesha is favorite God to many people and hence I wish to write some simple Pooja ( Puja) you can do to be blessed with Good health, Peace and Prosperity on holy Ganesha Chaturthi day.

5 Pooja that brings you Peace and Prosperity on Ganesha Chaturthi Festival

Note that you are blessed by Ganesha no matter what way you worship him. So its OK if you don’t do any of the below Pooja I mentioned. I simply try to inspire devotees and make them feel divine by reading about the greatness of Shri Ganesha.

Ganesh chaturthi Photos
Sri Ganesha Playing Tabala seems to play music as much as we like praising him with Bhajans and Mantra

 1. Offer Green Grass for Shri Ganesha

Ganesh Puran has a chapter in which a Sage offers thousands of Green Grass to Ganesha statue and does pooja every morning. Once his wife asked him why he offers only this Durva Grass for Vinayaka though many beautiful flowers were available. The Saint tells her a story which portrays the greatness of offering Green Grass for Lord Ganesha.

It seems once there was a issue over realizing the greatness of green grass. So the the Saint asked to keep a single Green grass over one side of the ancient Weighing Scale and keep any other offerings on the other side to know if it equals the weight of grass. The king kept lots of Gold and diamonds in his kingdom but still the weight of Green grass was more. Finally he himself stood on the other side with his family. Then too the grass was weighing more.

Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma also came and stood with their consorts. All the 33 Crore devar, Saints and Gods also stood on the other side of the weighing scale but still the plate over which Durva Grass was kept was weighing high.

This Ganesha Leela is for us to understand the greatness of offering Green Grass to Ganesha – Its also called  Dūrvā grass, Dhoob, Indian doab, Arugampul – and its scientific name is Cynodon dactylon

I already wrote a article about offering Durva Grass to Ganesha

Wake up early ! Vinayaka Suprabatham – Green Grass offering for Lord Ganesha

So which ever country you live, try to pluck some grass outside your home, wash it clean and offer it to Ganesha Photo or statue in your house. Listen to any Mantra of Ganesha or keep chanting “Aum Ganeshaya Namaha” for 108 times every morning. Your life will be good.

Ganesh chaturthi
Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi listening to divine Music

2. Do Abisheka – Holy Bath to Ganesha Statue in your house

Ganesha devotees who has Statues of Ganesha in stone, Marble or wood can take a tub, Keep Ganesha Statue over a plat and do abishekam – holy bath to Ganesha. You can offer little Milk and then water to do holy bath and then keep Sacred Ash, Chandan – Sandal wood paste and Kumkum. This will bring all the auspiciousness in your life.

When ever I do abisheka for Ganesha, I feel my mind blossoms with divine and fresh feelings and emotions of devotion and I keep the same feeling for rest of the day.

One of the reasons we do holy Bath for Gods statues is that it is said God observes all our bad karma to their statue when we show devotion on them. So when we do holy bath, we are cleaning away the dirt and making the Gods more divine and vibrant.

Shri Ganesha playing Veena like Goddess Saraswathi blessing you with knowledge

3. Light Lamps for Shri Ganesha

During Ganesha Chaturthi, its very auspicious to light Ghee Lamps. As you all know, I love lighting lamps and wish this Ganesha Chaturthi too, I will be lighting lamps at home and in Temple. Make sure you stay back at home when the lamps glow and also lamp is kept in a safe place.

If you have enough time and can get many lamps, Please light 108 lamps or 27 lamps in a safe place in Temple or home. If you can light 2 lamps also its fine. Make sure you bring Shri Ganesha in your life in the form of light by lighting divine lamps.

I really wish at least few of you who reads this can light 108 lamps for Ganesha in your home. If you missed to go it on Ganesha Chaturthi, Do it on any Sankashti Chaturthi  also known as Sankata Hara Chaturthi.

lord Ganesha
Lord Ganesha playing Festival music – happily waiting for your Modak or sweet offerings

4. Offer Modak or any Naivadya to Vinayaka

One of my sisters friend from Germany who came India years before said “You people in India offer Banana and Coins for God and ask for Gold and Riches. I told him…

In Hinduism Offerings are made as a sign of being detached from materialistic things and also to please the Gods. Its not that we offer food and Coins to God to fulfill our desires alone but also to show Gods that we have a good heart to share our materialistic possessions like Money with the poor and needy.

Ganesha is fond of Modak – Modhakam as we call in Tamil

A modak is a sweet dumpling popular in Western and Southern India. It is called modak in Marathi and Konkani and Gujarati language, modhaka in Kannada, modhakam or kozhakkattai in Tamil, and kudumu in Telugu.

If you don’t know to make Modak or don’t have opportunity to offer Modak, please offer any good sweets you like for Vinayaka.

Ganesha Pooja
Everyday do Ganesha Pooja listening and reciting Ganesha Mantra you like

5. Ganesha Pooja with 108 Coins

When I started writing this article, I wondered what I am going to write. I am simply going to repeat the same old things to devotees like lighting lamps etc. My Mom came near me and said, She will give 108 one rupee coins to me. I must offer each coin near the statue of Ganesha chanting

“Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha”

“Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha”

“Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha”

I don’t know if I will be doing this Pooja but I realized Sai and Lord Ganesha motivated me to write this article by this small incident of my Amma suddenly asking me to do this Pooja.

Mom said she read in a Book that this Pooja will bless one with peace and prosperity by blessings of Shri Ganesha.

I hope you liked all the Simple Ganesha Pooja I tried to write for you friends. Please don’t take them too serious and feel free to worship Ganesha as you wish. You can go to Ganesha Temple or any temple near by and simply remember Ganesha, Meditate few minutes remembering Ganesha and also offer Annadhan – Food offering to devotees or the needy.

May be any good priests can suggest a better Pooja which you can follow too.

Inspiring people to have devotion on Hindu Gods and especially Lord Ganesha has been one of the work I have done over the years in StarSai family.

It all started with a dream of Ganesha appears with my friends dream and telling her with anger that Venkat is writing about all Gods but not about me.

I created a mini website dedicated to Shri Ganesha – Sri Sai Ganesha

I tried to search for other articles I wrote in StarSai holy feet Network about Ganesha devotion an surprised there were quite a few of them. Click on the links below to read more articles on Lord Ganesha

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Hope you liked this effort I took to make Children of God take the path of devotion to be blessed with peaceful life friends. You are most welcome to share your experiences about how Ganesha helped you and also send some photos too.

The Ganesha Pooja I mentioned are very simple and can be done on any day you consider auspicious. If you missed to do it on Ganesha Chaturthi, please try to do it on Sacred day of  Sankata Hara Chaturthi every month.

May Shirdi Sai Baba and Lord Ganesha bless us with good health, peace and prosperity.

Keep your mind pure with good thoughts and surely Shri Ganesha will live in your own heart making it his Temple.

Aum Ganeshaya Namaha



Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba.

Note – StarSai Network of Sites has Database connection issue and also it can’t withstand the traffic that’s coming in. Its time to move to a Dedicated Server but I really can’t afford it and don’t want to ask my Sister for a Monthly fee of around 150 to 200$. Now she pays the yearly fee. If you face such issue, kindly refresh once in a while. I have to depend on either contribution from devotees or have to sell Sai Photos to collect money so that I can afford it. It really worries me when StarSai doesn’t show up as its my treasure. Sai and Lord Ganesha has to show me a way. After I wrote this I learned that its due to server migration. So far so good. Lets see.


Today is Vinayagar Chaturthi.  My Father went early to Siddhi Vinayagar Temple in our colony for some Pooja. My Mom had prayed she will make 108 Modhakam for Pillayar. So she and my Father were making it. I did Pooja peacefully chanting holy mantra of Ganesha and light many lamps. I feel happy as we offered many flowers and Arugampul for Vinayagar.

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  1. dear sai venkatji

    with ur kind permission I reproduce words from ur email on Guru poornima day: This applies for tomorrow too.

    “‘sairam Rajkumar

    simply worship sai from bottom of your heart
    light lamps if possible and keep doing naam smaran sairam sairam sairam in mind or any chantings you like

    may sainath bless you with peace.”‘

    let SAI GANESHA bless us all. I used to call sai as VIGNESHWAR SAI.


  2. I am a christian, but I give respect to hindu/muslim god. I love krishna,ganapathy………this is a very good informations……thanks

  3. dear venkat,

    you have spoken about 108 coin puja for ganesha. but also tells us that what shall we do with this 108 coins after puja ? shall we keep it with ourselves or give it in temple or spend it ? kindly clarify.

    Edit – Obviously you must keep it safe in a place and re-use next time you do pooja..never spend – Venkat

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