Lord Ganesha Leela in dream – Saibaba blessings

Lord Ganesha leela in a dream

We kept the Lord Ganesha statue and Shirdi Saibaba side by side. I did something in photoshop really dunno what i did and it came out like this.. The first avatar of Lord Dattatreya Shree paadha shree vallabha is born on Ganesha Chaturthi in the 13th century. Hence I felt Lord Ganesha himself is a Guru like our Sai Dattatreya. So the 3 faces of Ganesha. Lets Bow to Ganesha and accepts him as a Guru.

Lets worship Lord Ganesha also as Guru Dattatreya.
Let’s worship Lord Ganesha also as Guru Dattatreya.

About the Beautiful dream i got asking me to light 12 lamps :

Sairam friends,

In August 2009, I got a dream as if Lord Ganesha has our Shirdi Saibaba’s drawing in his heart. We have seen Lord Hanuman with Rama and Sita Devi on his chest. Similarly in the dream, I saw Lord Ganesha having our Saibaba in his heart and below that a drawing of Lord Venkateswara.

In the dream, a lady also said to my mother “Light 12 lamps”.Actually we have many lamps in our prayer room but since the oil price increased my father just lights 2 lamps. After this dream, I try to light all the 12 lamps whenever I have the memory of this beautiful dream.

During this dream my father and his friends were making efforts to do kumbabishekam to Lord Ganesha temple in our colony. The kumbabishekam also Went well.

Below is Lord Ganesha drawing during Kumbabishekam of Vinayakar temple in our colony

Vinayakar drawing during Kumbabishekam with Holy fire

Lord Ganesha temple Kumbabishekam :

My father along with his friends was taking lord of efforts for a month to do Kumbabishekam ( they do once every 12 years to temple ) to Ganesha temple in our colony. No one came forward for his holy effort in beginning. Then i got a book about Ganesha and his greatness to my father. He read the book and gradually temple works started. On the kumbabishekam day, they create such holy fires – Haawan and i loved to photograph Ganesha drawing

Hope the Ganesha dream makes you feel like Blessings of Lord Ganesha and Shirdi Saibaba blessings

Om sai nathaya namaha


4 thoughts on “Lord Ganesha Leela in dream – Saibaba blessings”

  1. Baba, you are everything to me. You are my father&,mother.i am very grateful to you baba because you talk with me whenever i am in trouble &make me free from my trouble

  2. lord ganapati bestow ur blessings on everybody.remove the obstacle from my friends life whenever there is any trouble u save us and show us the correct path lord ganesh help her remove the obstacle from her life and bless her u are the one for us and all.sai baba u show the correct path whoever prays to u his wish is completed baba i wish my friend pass and the results come soon bless her baba.jai sai baba

  3. people used to go to the saibaba temple n do workship ,and when u enter in the temple, people automatically create their a nice heart for few min or till they are in the temple that’s it.and as soon as they come out from temple they forget their saibaba so I want to say this is not a bhakti at all..baba always read purity of thoughts. your thoughts is ur karm . nothing is big in world than ur thought whether its good or bad, its up to you.so pure by heart, don’t play double role in life. bcoz baba is listen u all the time.if u sit in the dark room without lite, baba can see everywhere.

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