Wake up early ! Vinayaka Suprabatham – Green Grass offering for Lord Ganesha

Sairam friends,

I am in hurry to go airport to drop my friend from Odissa about whose arrival to coimbatore I wrote in below article.

You are the best Guru to make your life better – Human trafficking and Spiritual Trafficking

He is doing business and something Good i learnt from him is waking up early. At 2 o clock night he was speaking to someone in phone. I woke up and slept again. At 4 he was still speaking over phone and I asked him are you not sleeping? He said No I usually wake up at 3 A.M.

I felt iiii Jolly namma thoogalaam and slept again..Every time, I hear a sound I thought baba is speaking something in dream and woke up to see him speaking over phone to some one in U.S about his stay in Coimbatore, Nagasai mandhir or other business stuff.

At 5 A.M I finally woke up and he said “5 o clock only” I smiled to him and got ready..

Now I go airport

Tata My amma is scolding me what am I doing now

Just felt like telling this lesson I learnt.. .baba don’t let me be lazy.I also wish to wake up early

he told me if you want to be an Entrepreneur you can be soft but speak where you have to and be strong when ever necessary.
There are lots of issues if one has to get into independent business but this friend of mine was very relaxed. He did good work and a company owe him few lakhs which they are not giving. I told him be careful with such people as they have political influence. He told me something I liked

“I have so much faith on Shirdi Sai Baba that I don’t fear for any one”

lord ganesha chamunda temple

Lord Ganesha in Chamunda Temple Mysore – Photo courtesy of flickr user Curt Smith

Green Grass offering for Lord Ganesha

I requested him to offer Green Grass to Lord Ganesha statue or Photo regularly in his home and near by temple. I have read in Vinayakar Puranam that Green grass which we call as Arugam Pul in tamil is so auspicious that its value can’t match all the 33 crore Gods. So when you face any obstacle or problems in life, Offer Green grass to Lord Ganesha regularly and recite any small mantra you like.

Keep yourself relaxed and ever be strong internally.

Ok sairam

Amma standing and watching with anger as its getting late.

Vinayaka Suprabatham – Ganesha Suprabatham

I also found a very beautiful complete version of Vigneswara Suprapatham courtesy of Spiritual Mantra in Youtube

Shree Vighneshwara Suprabhat

Buy this Audio when you visit any temples as it encourages the Music producers and Singer.

USA – Buy Shri Vighneshwara Suprabhatam

Sanskrit : Bhargavi, Doorwa, Granthi, Sveta
Hindi : Doorva, Durva Grass
Tamil : Arugam pull

To help you realize what I mean by Green grace see Wikipedia – Cynodon dactylon – Durva grass



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