Falling in love with graceful Mahalakshmi

Sairam friends,

Devotion is expression of Love on God, Goddess and Shirdi Saibaba according to me. I had always felt that I am in love with Mahalakshmi because she has been very kind to me.

Today, being Varalakshmi Vrata, I request you to worship Mahalakshmi and remember her deeply in your heart. The best way to do it is by chanting her holy name repeatedly in your heart. You can do Mahalakshmi pooja by following this link – Varalakshmi Vratam

Vara Lakshmi
My sweet heart!

I usually chant “Sai Mahalakshmi” few minutes when ever I feel like but you can also recite, chant or listen to any good Mantra on Mahalakshmi.

One of the most read article in StarSai is – Prasanna Vaibhava Lakshmi vrata

Its our ignorance that we shrink her simply as Goddess of wealth. She is truly a Goddess of protection and such a sweet heart. She protects her devotees like black clouds and hug them.

She’s also a Goddess who blesses her devotee with Good health, happy married life and Child birth.

Its my long time desire to have darshan of Kolhapur Mahalakshmi and wish Shirdi Saibaba fulfills my desire.

OK friends. I am already late today. I did not do pooja as I desired but I lit 7 lamps did abishekam for Sai and Mahalakshmi. I will try to chant her holy name.

I slept very late last night at 3 AM due to some issues in the neighborhood. Sai Baba has warned me before a week that something is really dangerous about the guys who use a open space near our home and drink and do all nonsense. I am not able to do anything about it as my Mom don’t want me to involve with these guys. She fears they will trouble me when am traveling alone.

My Mom gets stomach ache even if such incidents happen and police doesn’t consider these as big issues. I just decided to buy cctv camera though it incurs unnecessary expenses for me. I want my parents to be safe when I am away.

I still believe its Sai and Mahalakshmi who is protecting our house and my parents.

Keep remembering Mahalakshmi and trust me, you will realize her powers.

Fall in love with this beautiful Lakshmi!

Om Sai Ram


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