Sai Mahalakshmi pooja to get married and peaceful married life

sairam friends,

Om sri Ganeshaya namaha

Om sri sainathaya namaha

Om sri mahalakshmi namaha

( This is more a divine article expressing my love for Sai , Dattatreya and Mahalakshmi than a pooja procedure..No rules for sai. to me what ever we do with love is accepted )

shirdi saibaba mahalakshmi pooja
Sai Mahalakshmi pooja to bless StarSai family friends for peaceful married life

Goddess Mahalakshmi who came to my house as my gift on my Amma’s birthday on march 23rd 2009. I have been worshiping her for over a year now. I also consider her as the consort of Lord Dattatreya “Anagha devi’ . I kept other Gods near this Mahalakshmi while doing kumkum archana.

Reason to do Sai Mahalakshmi pooja to get married :

Getting married, being in love and taking it farward towards marriage , finding the suitable life partner , solving the financial and personal problems in marriage issues and finally leading a peaceful married life is all that many Shirdi Sai Baba devotees need.

Marriages in India is associated with education , financial status and looks of the bride and bride groom. It could be the same any where in the world but in India, if you are born , you are supposed to get married “on time” . “On time” can be 23 years old in some families and in some 30’s. Parents consider it as their biggest responsibility to choose the right life for their son and daughter. Gradually due to matrimonial websites, men and women search their life partners with few clicks and imagine this is what i need.

If at all someone escapes from falling in love , they end up liking someone when they search their life partners and feel the pain when things doesn’t work out.

At times Sai friends write me saying their parents don’t like their soul mate as he/she doesn’t have a good job, not secured financially and yes from a different caste . For years i used to be close to these friends and i have realized i didn’t do anything for my dear friends irrespective of them speaking to me with affection asking if Sai will do “something’.

The Gods living in my house :

I love Lord Surya a lot,many times i have mentally felt his presence in my life his grace and my mother has taught me the importance of bowing to sun god every morning . I have a beautiful face of sun god – Surya Deva, Mahalakshmi in bronze whom i got for my mom’s birthday on march 23rd 2009 and a marble Goddess Saraswathi who came to our house on a holy akshaya tritiya day.

I also have a shiv lingam with nagam who came as my gift for my parents wedding day.

Expressing love towards Sai Datta :

I light lamps to all my gods along with the Sai and Big Dattatreya who came all the way from Shirdi to live in our house . Sometimes when i realize how much Datta tolerates a impure man like me , i take him in my hand , keep on my lap and hug him tight. I kiss him and keep him back on the wooden platform which is my pooja place.My mother scolds me if she saw me carrying statues in hand. She says if you consider them as god give respect and don’t touch often. Hope i will realize the need to let Sai Datta remain pure with out my selfish human expression of devotion.

With my Shirdi Sai baba, i am much more close. I ask him ‘ Sai , did you had food” . I give him naivaidya of food in little plate or not but i always ask him “sai baba , saaptiya ” . Its my sai who gives food for me and all lives on planet but then he needs my love too. Like my mom i ask him ‘ Sai, did you have food ”

Blessings for peaceful married life :

I wanted to do something for all my Sai friends whom i call as “StarSai family children ‘ . Some loves someone and waiting for his/her parents permission for years, some wait for their partner to settle down in career and some searching for right soul mate. They keep writing to me , i reply..they write..i reply..they do pooja , go Shirdi, one girl went even to Gokarna, papanasam and many sacred pilgrimage just to make sure she gets the right husband.

Sai Mahalakshmi Pooja and Kumkum archana to all Gods :

Its my 61st week of Mahalakshmi pooja day . i DID abishekam to Sai baba, Dattatreya, Ganesha, shiva lingam , Lord Surya and Goddess saraswathi. Then placed Mahalakshmi over a ever silver plate which i used only for kumkum archana. Then i arranged the Ganesha, shiv ling, Meenakshi Amman , Lord Surya’s face – Surya deva and goddess Saraswathi .

I offered white flowers beautifully over mahalakshmi and started chanting

“Sai Mahalakshmi

Sai Mahalakshmi

Sai mahalakshmi”

.. I take a pinch of Kumkum in my finger and chant in mind 9 times , then offer over the beautiful Mahalakshmi, the Kumkum falls over all other Gods, Ganesha, Surya, Saraswathi, Shiv Ling and Meenakshmi Amman.

Sometimes i chant “Mahalakshmi Ashtakam”

Then i chant

Sai datta

sai datta

sai datta

Then i chant…

“Sri Sai ganesha, Sai paadha lingam ,

“Om sai namo namaha

sri sayee namo namaha,

jai jai sayee namo namaha ,

sadguru saayee namo namaha”

Then i chant Sai surya, Sai Surya …Sai Surya…

as i keep on chanting , My mind dwells in the divinity , purity and holiness of Gods. I could feel Mahalakshmi in beautiful mountain ..I can see the Gods. I feel their presence and that they show darshan to me.

I pray for all sai children who wish to get married, solve all the problems, guide them showing the right path and lead them towards peaceful married life.

I prayed for my parents , sister , brother in law and their baby Katya. Then to all my starsai family children who ever are close to me, who ever mailed me in past and who are going to mail me in future.

When you read this believe that Sai Baba and Goddess Mahalakshmi will surely show the right path for a peaceful married life. Make sure you don’t be stubborn that i only what to marry this person, i only need this personality , this aspects etc. Try to see beyond your desires.

Say Sai baba ” I keep myself and my desires in your holy feet, Sai you do whats good for me and bless me with a peaceful married life. Let me be a devoted Husband/Wife and lead a life of righteousness”

This is not a typical pooja which is ritualistic. This is something that came from bottom of my heart to see my sai children happy . When they write to me that they are peacefully married with good health, peace and prosperity.It makes me and Sai happy.

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Om sri sainathaya namaha

Sai baba and Goddess Mahalakshmi are powerful..When you keep remembering them , light lamps with love and do good deeds your life will be filled with peace, good health and prosperity

C.Venkat raman

Always in the holy feets of shirdi sai baba

21st may 2010

37 thoughts on “Sai Mahalakshmi pooja to get married and peaceful married life”

  1. I shall ask my daughter Nityashri to do this Sai Mahalakshmi pooja.We have been looking out for alliance for our daughter,but are unable to find a suitable match for her.Pray Lord Sai and Mahalakshmi Devi should help her settle well.

    Thank u Shri.Venkatraman.


  2. SaiBaba please bless us: Vinod Nihalchand Matani, Mrs. Kiran Vinod Matani, Miss. Neha Vinod Matani & Miss. Payal Vinod Matani. Let us lead a peacefull and a good life. Om Sai Ram.

  3. dear sai baba

    you know what is going in my life and what are the problems i faced and i am facing,it is very hard to erase someone from our memories once we deeply love tht person,i request to answer my prayers and unite me with my lover again if you think tht she wil be best match for me,i know you always give me the best things,but i pray for my satisfaction

  4. Om sairam, baba u knw evrythng wats goin in my life. Bless me nd i vl accept watevr u gv m as ur most precious gift. Om saitnathay naham

  5. Sai baba please bless my daughter archana to get married we are unable to find suitable alliance for her please bless us Thank u sai baba om sairam

  6. Om sai naathaya Namah.

    Sai baba bless my sister for getting married soon. show her a life partner of her wish and choice.
    thank you
    Om sai ram

  7. Sairam,
    I would like to come shirdi.

    OM SAI RAM… u know all my needs thats sure. I know you always blessing me,

    Kindly direct me to be a material master piece in the world.

    Bless me for a meaning full life.

  8. Om Sairam,

    Saibaba Bless me, i want to settle in my life and get married, last 2 years i was in a deep problem, baba bless me, only u r the saviour. baba please show me the right path.

    and i also want to visit Shirdi, please give me a chance to visit shirdi.

    jai gurudatta.
    om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai.

  9. pranaam

    sai ram

    hello freinds and all the devotees iam also a devotee of shirdi sai baba and tomorrow is dattareya jayanti so was surfing to get some information how to observe the puja but instead found this website thanks for all the information i could get i am an indian hindu from mumbai but now residing in newzealand with my family (husband, and 1 daughter) i am 51 years old got married to my husband in 1983 but now i am in more spiritual time always chanting gods name and always engrosed in doing puja whole heartedly

    thanks for reading my email


  10. om sai sri sai jayajaya sai. baba bless my daughter who is married to have good and happy married life who have a kid of 5 months


  12. Hi,
    Sai Ram to all…
    My friend who as crossed 28 yrs, not married yet… and no matches are sueting her, her health is also a concern.
    Hope Sai Baba grace her.

    Also any devote helps her to find a way to get seetled in her life.

  13. Om Sai Ram
    Baba you hold me at the time when i lost my 6 years old relationship nd i was about to break apart..thank you so much Baba for your love and care for me. I have put my life at your holy lotus feet. Please now you choose a right life partner for me and bless me with a happy and peaceful married life…
    Always at your HOLLY FEET
    Your little servant

  14. please give the blessing that i get married as i have crossed 28 n my parents are also worried. everyday people around ask for when will i get married. please sai baba bless me please

  15. Om Sairam.
    I think it is his wish to make me read this page. I was searching something else, but got into this page. I still hope Sai and Mahalakshmi love me. Many times I feel all Gods are away from me.

    I am 31 years. Bless me to get married to a lovable, right soul mate of good characters and good attitudes.

    I feel like drowning in ocean. Feel like suffering breathless. Life is like the greatest trouble for me. All relations appear to move away from me. I do not feel my own strengths. Feel like crying all the time. I do not know why this happens. I am educated,employed, with all sorts of skills. But still I miss many things.

    I want a true soul mate to love me. I lost hope in many things. Hey Sai Mahalakshmi make me free from all illusions and enlighten me. I like to live my life to the fullest with all my great energies and powers. Guide me in the path of light and love.

    Hey Sai family, pray for me. Bless me. Make me prosper with your blessings.

  16. Om sai ,Shri sai , jai jai sai Namo Namah
    Shri sai mahalaxmi Namoh Namah
    Please grant my daughter Priya a boon so that she may meet a suitable and sincere match for happy marriage and fulfilling life, she will complete 29 yrs age this month.
    My koti koti pramans at shri sai’s lotus feet and Shri mahalaxmi’s divine feet.

  17. Om Sai Ram
    Sai baba please help me find my soul that i lead my life with fullest power and greatest energy and with me, please bless every girl and boy to find a suitable match..

  18. “om sai ram”.
    sai baba please you only select and give me good boy for parents are waiting for your response.
    please baba bless me

  19. will pray for all who are looking for mate like my child love and understand your pain-sai we trust u to help us-our father never fails us

  20. I love a boy.But lost him due to family problems..I want ot get him back in my again for foever.please help me please

  21. Om sri Sai baba
    Please bless that my 33 year old daughter Meera gets married at he earliest.

  22. Thanks Sairam!

    Felt good after reading this. I shall completely surrender to Sai. Pls pray for my marriage.


    I shall post again happily after I get married with Sai’s Blessing! 🙂

  23. Sai baba u know everything very well.please please bless me with a good herated guy,loyal, loving and caring.sai ram.


    many years im praying to get good person who suits for my family.. Me & my family suffering for arranging a marriage for me… Still i have hope on you baba. Please bless me to get right person soon into my life..

  25. Om Sri Sairam
    It is really a blessing that i could go through this strengthening me and showing rays of hope for the peaceful married life for my son sathyanarayanan and daughter srividhya and for all those awaiting to find their soulmate as per our sai’s wish. praying for His blessings to concentate while chanting slokas, to come out of the confusions, to cross the hurdles, to walk in the path he decides happily, i do not understand should i ask or not even the very genuine needs baba you know everything, please make them feel happy. if we are not to your satisfaction please change us. mould us to be your loving children.

  26. Om Sai..

    We are looking for my daughter’s match since a very long time.Many matches are coming very close and finally it fails. Could you please suggest some remedy for it.

  27. Jai sai baba please help my daughter get married very soon, to the one we are at present talking to, he is a nice boy we want them to get married fast n be happy , also let her health be good. I am thankful to you my sai baba and mahalaxmi ji. Sai baba I will surely come to shirdi. Please grant my wishes. koti koti pranam.

  28. Jai sai ram. Sai please help my daughter get married to the person we r at present talking to. Please sai baba help me. Jai sai ram.

  29. Jai sai baba for many years my parents are searching for suitable guy for me to get married but nothing is happening, please sai baba help me and suggest me some remedy or pooja to done where i can settle in life and relieve tension causing to my parents. Om sai namo namaha

    Edit: Sairam Bhagya, I am sure Sai will bless you to get married. Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi and also keep chanting Sai’s holy name in mind. Everyday read Sai Satcharitra – One chapter or few pages based on the time you find for Sai devotion. Sai blessings – Venkat

  30. Please help me to find a suitable life partner for my daughter soon. Please bless her with matrimony soon and bless us all with peace good health and happiness.

  31. Hey Sairam,
    Please remove the obstacles I am facing to get married to the one whom I like….I want to live as Deerga sumangali to the one whom I like…Jai Sai Ram….help me BABA so that naturally by Your blessings I get that person as I cannot speak to my parents regarding this as it would create problem bw me and my parents…I cannot forget him..BABA you know everything….Bless me…Jai Sai Ram…!!!!

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