Prayers for your better Career

Sairam friends, Though I had to leave my previous company in Feb 2019, on March 16th 2019, Sai blessed me with a strange dream. It was as if I am in the 5th floor of the building in previous company. One of my friend Soma was happy to see me and asks me how come … Read more

Are you happy when you do your work?

Sairam friends, Last night, I had been to Nagasai Mandir and came around dhuni for almost 2 hours. My friend was wiping ashes from Dhuni tank. I helped him in his work. Wiping hot ashes which comes from Dhuni is one of my favorite work but these days, I am not doing it. Wish I … Read more

I am thankful for this job Sai


Sairam friends, My Mom has prayed in few temples for me to be blessed with a good job. Yesterday, I took Mom and Dad to few temples and thanked the Gods there for blessing me with a job. The best part was I was stubborn that I should only work in Coimbatore. Being a tier … Read more

Sai should help me take the right decision

Lord Murugan

Sairam friends, I realized something while I was on the way to Meenkulathi Amman temple. I suddenly got ill and thankfully, I reached there and worshiped the Mother Goddess peacefully. After I came back home, I kept remembering her. I am not someone who randomly applies for jobs even when I am struggling. I think … Read more

Sometimes, we have to bear it all


Sairam friends, I am really not in a good state. I really felt upset today as one of the job which I desperately expected isn’t for me. I don’t know what to say about it. Well, none has to give me a job because I have so much to do for my Startup but I … Read more