Do your work sincerely and leave the result to Saibaba

Sairam friends,

I had never worried much about what I earn as long as I have job. I do speak to Saibaba about my desires and how I am going to earn my living in future. But I don’t like to bother Saibaba much when he can’t bless me with what I desire.

One of the best dreams Saibaba has shown me is this. Once, Sai made me hear this voice.

In my family, having lunch is a success

Last night, I told this to my Amma. She asked me for its meaning. I told her the below meaning.

Saibaba means to say that I should not worry about how much I earn or what increment I got in salary this year or any year for that matter. That’s because in Sai’s perception, if we are having lunch peacefully in our home and if we have enough money to have food, that itself is success.

Do your work. Just do it and leave the rest to Sai. Sometimes, we worry so much about what others talk about us or what they do. Little did we know that no matter how close we are to someone, the most important thing for them is their own life. So do not bother what others speak or do and focus on what you do.

After you did your work sincerely, do not worry much about the result. Offer it in the holy feet of your Guru.

Initially, its OK to fail and get disappointing results. Eventually, Saibaba will bless you to be successful in life.

Shirdi Sai Baba chanting video

These days, I am regularly doing live chanting on our YouTube channel. I do it just to inspire Sai devotees to chant regularly in their mind. Hope you like it.

Om Sai Ram


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