Sai baba fulfills desire of this devotee to get job in her dream company

Sairam friends,

This Sai leela will inspire Shirdi Sai baba devotees who face problems in their Career and who desire to get a peaceful job in their dream company. In this devotee’s experience, Sneha from Goa expressed how her devotion on Saibaba and Gods she love has blessed her with a job in her dream company.

To maintain privacy, I have not directly mentioned the company name.

Here’s a video of the Sai Devotees Experience

Read on the devotees experience:

Today I want to share my experience of how Saibaba has put an end to my sufferings and blessed me with a great career. It’s truly said that Saibaba is always there with his children’s guiding them and supporting them in every phase of our life. Saibaba has always been there for me.. I owe my beautiful life to him. If he was not there for me then I wouldn’t have this beautiful journey in life.

I was working in an MNC from past 3 years. It was a good company with good facilities and good salary but as we say money is not everything in life. If you are not happy with what you are doing then you will never be able to go ahead.
Basically I was not happy where I was working because of 3 reasons.

  1. The work which I was doing was something that I couldn’t relate to my studies and if at all in future, if I want to change my job then this work experience wouldn’t have been of any help.
  2. I was surrounded with people who was always criticizing and removing faults. It was a full negative environment in which I was finding it very difficult to survive. There was a time when I used to wake up with a smile but with all this negativity around me I couldn’t wake up with a good thought.. everyday was a terrible struggle and it’s truly said you cannot grow in a negative environment.
  3. I was overburdened with work.. I always wanted to have a good work life balance but over here, I was overloaded with work and I couldn’t even raise my voice against it. There was a lot of partiality and politics going on.

My only hope was change in job and I finally saw that ray of hope when there was an advertisement for a job in a reputed Commercial Oil company.

Getting a job in the largest Oil company was the only solution to all my problems. That was my only hope and the only way to happiness and so I was desperately wanting to get into it..

Everyday, literally I was praying to God as this was my only life savior and career savior. My mind was only focused on getting a job in the Oil company. I had even asked Saibaba through YourSaibaba website. Basically this website is useful when you are having some doubts in your mind and you need an answer for it then you can type any number between 1-720 and tell your doubt to Saibaba and he will definitely guide you through a quote and it’s really true, it is definitely very much helpful. So when I entered a number in it I got the below given quote:

“The work held up for 3 years will soon be completed. After completion of auspicious function new work will start. You are planning to travel. You will gain. There will be great profit in the month of Shrawana.”

This quote assured me more that Saibaba is going to help me out.
I started praying day and night and was desperately wanting to get into it. Everyday I used to read Hanuman chalisa and apply Saibaba Udi on my forehead.

During the month of Shrawana which is considered to be an auspicious month in Hindu mythology I started doing Sai vrath.I had full faith in Saibaba that like always he will hold my hands and take me to my destiny which I could see in the Oil company. In August month, there was Ganesh pooja at our place.

My only prayer to God was to get me into the Oil company and surprisingly the next day I got a mail from the largest oil company in India stating that I have got selected for personal interview and group discussion.. I was so happy. I was feeling on the top of the world. The quote which was displayed on the website was so true. Everything was true.

My 3 years of patience had given me results. My 3 years of belief in Saibaba that he must be definitely planning for something big and wonderful had come true.

I prepared day and night for the interview and group discussion so that I shouldn’t loose this opportunity which Sai had given me. The day of Personal interview and group discussion had finally arrived I had given my best.. and due to Saibaba’s blessings I even cleared in that.

Today I am working in the oil company, that too in my hometown in Goa office. It’s true, when God doesn’t give you something, at the time that you want that means he is testing your faith in him and planning for something big. And I always had faith in him that he will never ever leave me disappointed and he did not.

I owe my wonderful life to God. We are God’s children and God has always something planned for us and we get it at the right time.It took me 3 years to get this happiness but I got this and I am really happy in this company. I enjoy each and every day of my work in the Oil Company. I am learning a lot over here and working environment is also too good and positive.

Thank you god

Always have faith in the creator. He can see you in pain and he will never ever leave you alone.. he will surely get you out of it and place you in a happy place.


Thank you Baba


Hope you like this Sai leela friends. When you are frustrated with your job and face problems, Please have patience. Try to learn and enhance your skills. Saibaba will eventually do good to you and your family.

Since this devotee is from Goa, I wish you also read about the first Saibaba temple built after Sai’s Mahasamadhi in 1918. The temple is situated few Kms from Goa.

Kudal Shirdi Saibaba temple


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