Benefits of reciting Shirdi Saibaba Ashtothram: 108 names of Sai

Sairam friends,

After writing about Shirdi Sai baba for several years from 2004, I realized one basic truth. Not just Sai devotees. Anyone who is religious these days have a basic tendency to learn the benefits of reciting a specific mantra.

For example: Some would like to know the benefits of reciting Vishnu Sahasranamam. Devotees of Goddess Lalithambigai would like to know benefits of reciting Lalitha Sahasranamam.

Learning about benefits of reciting any mantra is really good habit as it motivates us to recite these mantras even when we are depressed or upset with what’s happening in our life.

Saint Shirdi Sai Baba never desired or encouraged any kind of formal pooja done to him during most of his lifetime in Shirdi. It is only after 1890, that devotees realized that he is a God incarnation and started worshiping him applying chandan( sandalwood paste) and Kumkum etc.

Gradually, Saibaba’s Aarti was sung by devotees sitting in Dwarakamai. Even these Aarti’s are about other ancient saints like Tukaram, Jnanadev etc and not directed on Saibaba. Sai seemed to love it when any ancient Guru or Saint is praised.

Benefits of reciting Shirdi Sai Baba Ashtothram: 108 holy names of Sai

During my early days as a Sai devotees, I used to regularly read this 108 holy names of Saibaba from a little book. These days, I am not reading it at all. Today, I suddenly remembered about Saibaba ashtothram and wanted to begin reading it again as my Amma is not well today.

Anyway, I will tell you about what happened in 2001. My Sister completed her M.S and got opportunity to go to Germany for her Ph.d. My Father spent his retirement money to get flight ticket and other stuff for my Sister to send her to Germany.

On September 23rd 2001, my Sister’s flight to Germany took off from Chennai. Those days, we did not even had a mobile phone. So we used to go to the Phone booth near my Aunts home in Chennai to call her and ask about her stay in Germany.

Ofcourse, My Sister was happy for the first 2-3 days. She emailed me few photographs that she was having a comfortable stay. After that, a shocking news waiting for us.

My Sister said that the women who is supposed to be her guide for Ph.d, seemed to have often yelled at her saying this

“You Indians are coming to Germany and taking away opportunities that a German student would have otherwise got”

Gradually, my Sister understood her language and thoughts were like racist. Instead of encouraging my Sister to start her Ph.d, this women has often hurt my Sister saying she’s not good at work etc.

Imagine the pain of parents who sent their Daughter to Germany all alone and who is facing such a situation. My Father even asked my Sister to come back to India.

My Sister is basically very strong internally. She has good will power. So she consulted her friend who went to another university in Germany a week after my Sister left.

So my Sister told this racist guide that she is leaving India and left to railway station. Some friends helped her get train to Braunschweig. My Sister stayed with her friend and gradually tried to meet professors in this new university seeking opportunity to do Ph.d.

Ofcourse, It was my Sister’s determination not to return to India without a Ph.d which made her seek opportunities from professors in the new University.

But thousands of miles away, her brother was doing something else. Those days, I used to regularly visit Shirdi Saibaba temple in Mylapore,Chennai. I still remember the day when I sat in the temple from morning until noon and repeatedly recited the 108 names of Saibaba.

The Saibaba ashtothram book and the Sai statue were the only two divine things I saw those few hours. I kept praying Sai to bless my Sister and protect her. This was just one week since my Sister left to Germany and the day after she told that her guide is treating her badly.

Thankfully, I believe it is Saibaba’s grace that my Sister got confidence to move to another city in Germany and try opportunity to do Ph.d in a university where she had never had any contacts before.

Thankfully by Sai grace, within few weeks, my Sister started her Phd in 2001 in this new University in Germany and also completed it in 2005.

Germany is actually as good place to do higher education. The fact that my Sister able to find better opportunity within few weeks is the proof. In any country, we basically face people who ruin our Education or Career.

We should be determined to do achieve what we want in life. Saints like Sai will help only when we are determined.

When I write this in 2020, I wonder if I had written it earlier in StarSai or not. I would have written about how my Mom helped my Sister to continue her education during her school days in below article

Education is the Greatest Blessing

So what did you understand from this experience?

Imagine the pain of my Amma and Appa when their Daughter just left to an alien country and is facing insult and harsh words from a person who should have helped me begin her Ph.d.

Any other girl would have come back to India as their parents would have asked her to come back. But my Parents encouraged my Sister to try in another university. Secondly, Who was with our all these time.

It is our Sai. Only this poor fakir of Shirdi gave us confidence to stay calm until my Sister found another opportunity for her Ph.d. Saibaba took care of my Sister by making her take the right decision and never give up.

These days, when I see girls who worry about their marriage when they are too young, I get irritated. Both girls and guys should be goal oriented and they should think about continuous education and Career.

You might face lots of obstacles in your education and career or any business you wanted to do but keep yourself positive and be goal oriented. Never give up.

With that message, let me tell you the power of reciting Saibaba ashtothram.

1.Saibaba’s holy names will help you get rid of ignorance.

Most of us will be ignorant when it comes to relationship issues. Sai will help us understand what’s right for our life.

2.Sai will bless your family with peace and harmony

3. Sai will will ward of untimely death.

4.Sai will bless you and your family with good health.

5.Saibaba will bless you with good education and ability to learn.

6. Sai will bless you with prosperity and good earnings.

7. Sai will bless you with a good job to earn your living.

8. Sai will teach you good habits in life.

9. Sai will bless you with good friends. ( Basically, Sai will help you learn who really are good friends)

10. Sai will help you get rid of ego, pride, lust, greed and anger.

11. For those seeking good soul mate, Sai will bless you with good husband and wife.

12. Sai will bless you with good children.

13. Sai will change your destiny.

14. Sai will bless you with opportunities to go on a pilgrimage and have a good time.

15. Sai will bless you with purity and help you do good deeds.

16. Sai will fulfill your desire.

17. Saibaba will bless you with happiness and peace.

18.Sai will make you a good person in the society and you will live with respect that you deserve.

19. Sai will certainly bless you to live with confidence and never fear anyone or any situation in life. Sai has assured that as long as you remember him, you need nor fear.

20.Sai will teach you life. It’s not that you will never face any difficulties or obstacles but when you remember Sai, he will make you feel his presence. So obviously, you will be able to get rid of the problems gradually and lead a peaceful life.

21.Remembering baba n chanting his name removes all the negative karma and opens the gate for new transition in your life.

As of now, this is all I could think of.

Kindly recite the below mantra or try to find a book of Shirdi Sai Baba Ashtothram.

Shirdi Sai Baba Ashtothram – 108 names of Saibaba

aum shree saaye naadhaaya nama
aum shree laxmi naaraayanaaya nama
aum shree krishna raama shiva maaruthyaadhi rupaaya nama

aum shesha shaayene nama
aum godhavari thadashiradi vaasine namah
aum baktha shrudhaalayaaya namah
aum sarva shruthvaasine namah

aum boodhaa vaasaaya namah
aum boodha bavisyath paava varji dhaaya namah
aum kaalaa dheedhaaya namah
aum kaalaaya namah
aum kaala kaalaaya namah

aum kaala dhar badha manaaya namah
aum mruth yunjayaaya namah
aum amarthyaaya namah
aum marthyaa bayapradhaaya nama
aum jeevaa dhaaraaya namah
aum sarvaa dhaaraaya namah

aum bakthaavana samarthaaya namah
aum bakthaavana pradhik gnaaya namah
aum anna vasthra dhaaaya nama
aum aarokya sheshama dhaaya namah

aum dhana maangalya pradhaaya namah
aum ruthi sithi dhaaya namah
aum puthra mithra kalathra bandhu dhaaya namah

aum yooga shesha mava haaya namah
aum aabath baandha vaaya namah
aum maarga bandhavee namah
aum bukthi mukthi svargaa bavarga dhaaya namah

aum priyaaya nama
aum preethi vardha naaya namah
aum andhar yaamine namah
aum sachi dhaathmane namah

aum aanan dhaaya namah
aum aanandha dhaaya namah
aum paramesh varaaya namah
aum para brahmanee namah

aum para maathmanee namah
aum gnana svarubinee namah
aum jagadhaa pithre namah
aum bakthaanaam maathru thaathru pidhaa mahaaya namah

aum baktha baya pradhaaya namah
aum baktha paraa dheenaaya namah
aum bakthaa nukraha kaadha raaya namah

aum saranaa kadha vathsalaaya namah
aum bakthi sakthi pradhaaya namah
aum gnana vairaakya dhaaya namah
aum prema pradhaaya namah
aum samsaya srudhaya thelar balya paabakarma vaasanaa shaya karaaya namah

aum hrudhaya krandhi bedha kaaya namah
aum karmath vamsine namah
aum sutha sath vasthi dhaaya namah

aum gunaa dheedha gunaath manee namah
aum anandha kalyaana gunaaya namah
aum amidha paraakra maaya namah
aum jayinee namah

aum dhoo dharshaa shesap yaaya namah
aum abaraaji dhaaya namah
aum thriloo kesu askandhitha kadhaye namah
aum asakyarahi dhaaya namah

aum sarva sakthi murthaye namah
aum suruba sundha raaya namah
aum sulosanaaya namah

aum bahurooba vishva murthaye namah
aum arubaavyak dhaaya namah
aum asindhaaya namah
aum soosha maaya namah
aum svaandhar yaaminee namah

aum manovaaga dhidhaaya namah
aum prema murthaye namah
aum soola badhurla baaya namah
aum asahaaya sahaayaaya namah

aum anaadha naadha dheena bandhave namah
aum sarva baarap rudhe namah
aum agarmaanega karma soogarmine namah

aum punya sravana keethanaaya namah
aum theerthaaya namah
aum vaasu dhevaaya namah
aum sadhaam gadhaye namah

aum sath paraaya naaya namah
aum loga naadhaaya namah
aum bavanaa nagaaya namah

aum amrudhaam savee namah
aum baaskara prabaaya namah
aum brumha sarya thapas saryaadhe suvradhaaya namah

aum sathya dharma paraaya naaya namah
aum sithes svaraaya namah
aum sitha sangal paaya namah
aum yoogesh svaraaya namah

aum bagavadhe namah
aum baktha vathsalaaya namah
aum sath purushaaya namah
aum purushotha maaya namah
aum sathya thathva podhagaaya namah

aum kaamaadhi sarva akgnana thvam sine namah
aum abedha nandhaanu bavapra dhaaya namah
aum shama sarvamadha samma dhaaya namah

aum dhashinaa murthaye namah
aum vengadesra manaaya namah
aum athpudhaa nandha saryaaya namah

aum prapannaar thee haraaya namah
aum samsaara sarva dhukka sayaka raaya namah
aum sarvavith sarva dhaumu kaaya namah

aum sarvaandhar bahisthe dhaaya namah
aum sarva mangala garaaya namah
aum sarvaa peesta pradhaaya namah
aum samarasa sanmaarga sthaapa naaya namah

Aum Sree Sachidhanandha Sadguru Sainathaya Namah

Hope you will reach Sai Ashtothram regularly and be blessed with good health, peace and prosperity.

I welcome you to listen to my Saibaba chanting experience. I am regularly trying to do Sai chanting on YouTube live these days.

Om Sai Ram


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