Sometimes, people can’t get a job no matter how much they try

Sairam friends,

Something I have realized when I struggled to find the right job 3 month back is this. Its easy to say why someone can’t find a good job but you should be in their place to learn what they are really going through.

I am OK now but I continue to feel insecured. I also understood why many people struggle to find a decent job and settle down in their career.

Job market will be good atleast when you are young. As years pass by, not all will be lucky when it comes to finding the job that you love to do.

Having said that, I also agree that it always depends on one’s own skill and knowledge. You might be skillful but still, if its hard to land in a good job, hold on with patience. Sai will surely show you a way.

Why I wrote this article? It is because people often have this misconception that people who aren’t successful in their career aren’t really taking enough effort. I disagree because sometimes, no matter how hard you try, its not easy to find the job that works best for you.

I often worry about the governance in India and especially the state of Tamilnadu because I can clearly see jobs are not being created here. Most of the jobs are moving out of the state.

Saibaba can help but it also depends on the environment we live in. I wish to do something about it.

Please do little you can to anyone who’s looking for a better career opportunity. Just show them the way. Make sure you don’t go beyond your means to help them but do little you can.

Keep chanting Sai’s holy name in mind. Your life will be good

Om Sai Ram


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