Are you happy when you do your work?

Sairam friends,

Last night, I had been to Nagasai Mandir and came around dhuni for almost 2 hours. My friend was wiping ashes from Dhuni tank. I helped him in his work. Wiping hot ashes which comes from Dhuni is one of my favorite work but these days, I am not doing it. Wish I could start again.

I came home and slept off remembering Sai.

I had various dreams.

One of the dream was as below.

I go into a shop. This was something like a clothing shop with sarees arranged in almara. The guy who works there manages customers showing them sarees and also comes back to billing section and takes care of billing. While doing so, he gets frustrated and expresses his anger on the other boy who works in the shop.

Sometimes, he shows anger on customers too.

I stare at the boy for a while. He looks back at me. I tell him, you take care of everything in this shop. So please be happy also. Do your work happily.

That’s it.

I woke up and felt Sai tells this message to me. I get stressed at work sometimes. May be, Sai wants me to do it happily.

If you are reading this, the message is for you too. What ever stress or problems you have at work, please do it happily. Accept that its your life.

Sai’s grace is always on you.

Om Sai Ram


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