Girls, if you trust a man, go ahead and hangout with him but don’t bring problems to people in society

Sairam friends,

Something strange about India is that every thing that happens in westerns countries happens here too but we speak often about culture. Secondly, when a girl gets into problem, only the men involved are blamed but none speaks about why the girl trusts such a guy?

The law is also on the side of women. So guys beware.

Last night, I had been to Saibaba temple I regularly visit in Coimbatore. I called up my friends so that we can go to Marudhamalai Murugan temple but he was sleeping.

So I came around the holy Dhuni of Saibaba for almost an hour. Then, I was walking around the temple. I walked out of temple for couple of minutes when I saw the following.

3 guys were in a SUV along with 4 girls. 2 guys and all the 4 girls got down the vehicle. They walked in front of me. Initially, I saw the 2 guys walking with their helmet. The moment they turned towards Saibaba temple, I realized what has been happening all day.

These guys have parked their bike all day long inside the Saibaba temple, rented the SUV and went out taking the girls.

The temple has some policies. They are not supposed to have any devotees vehicles inside parking space once temple is closed. Earlier, the people taking care of parking faced several problems of vehicles getting stolen etc.

The guys came near their bikes when the men taking care of parking asked them where they have gone leaving their bikes for the whole day. They did not gave proper answer. Suddenly, one guy said there was an emergency and hence they parked in temple and went out.

I caught them immediately. I said, just now, I saw you were coming out of a rented car. You guys and girls have left bike here and gone places. Now, is that an emergency.

He apologized but the parking guy asked to give their License photo copy if they want to take their bike back home. One of this guy started shouting. I shouted at them back saying if something goes wrong, the poor securities in temple will be questioned and he has no rights to shout at us.

The people in temple asked me not to shout but to me, its something basically wrong happening in the society.

These days, girls and guys wants to have fun – Go out. Well, no one is stopping you but do not bring problems to people in the society. If something happens to these girls, who’s answerable?

It’s easy to saw India is unsafe for girls but in some issues, these girls invite problems to themselves trusting men blindly. Well, if you trust men, go ahead and hangout with him on your own risk.

For years, I have received mails from several girls about similar issue.

When a girl and her boy friend goes to Shirdi when they are single, no one is going to stop them. Well, go ahead and do what you wish but remember, you are doing something wrong in the name of Sai.

Are you sure that this guy will marry you eventually? And in the end, my Sai is being blamed.

These girls ask me how can Baba let us come to Shirdi and now we are facing breakup.

Well, Sai never asked you to come to Shirdi with your boyfriend. That was your own decision.

I am not too traditional that a girl shouldn’t hangout with a man before getting married. Well, if you do so, please do it on your own risk. Don’t involve Sai, Saibaba temples or any other innocent people in the society.

Secondly, I am concerned about guys these days? How can they be so irresponsible? It’s their bike and they should know how to keep it safe? Don’t they have common sense that a temple will be closed in the afternoon?

Eventually, they do everything for these girls. In the end, who got into problem? So guys beware. When you take out girls, whatever happens to them, its your responsibility. If something goes wrong, the law is on the side of women. These girls will be happily going out with you but do their parents know this is what their daughter is doing? Not all Indian families are broadminded. So better be careful.

I went to my car and made this video about this experience.

I am getting late for work now.

Coimbatore has very few places where tourists can visit. For Sai devotees, Nagasai mandir is a place they can visit especially because it has good parking space. When some of my friends come from other places, I wonder where to take them because there are hardly 2-3 malls and some ancient temples.

So please do not ruin the purity of temples and cleanliness of public places by messing around. Already the City has no good infrastructure. The Airport is called “Coimbatore International Airport” which sounds like a joke to me because flights to Singapore and Dubai doesn’t mean anything to me.

Be responsible for the city you live in. Let us not bring problems to people in society because of our deeds.

So Tata


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