Wish to inspire devotees to light lamps

Sairam friends,

One of the best things about StarSai is that, it has inspired many Sai devotees to light lamps. I had always wrote about lighting lamps for years. In 2005, very few devotees used to light lamps in the Saibaba temple I visit regularly. So I used to request few to light lamps in temple.

The content structure in StarSai isn’t distributed properly. So I wish to take you to some of the articles which might inspire you to light lamps at home and in any good temple you visit.

Here are few articles on lighting lamps

I see lamps as Children. When they are put off by wind, I bring them back to life

108 lamps pooja for Shirdi Saibaba in a Medical College

Auspicious 108 lamps pooja for Sai Baba

Beautiful 108 lamps pooja for Shirdi Saibaba with mother-in-law

Shirdi Saibaba photo in Coconut lamps Pooja

108 Lamps Divine Pooja for Shridi Sai Baba and Goddess Bhuvaneswari

Chanting Sai’s beautiful name, I lit many lamps on someone’s birthday


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