I see lamps as Children. When they are put off by wind, I bring them back to life

Sairam friends,

There’s no rule in Sai devotion. There’s no specific ritual to worship Shirdi Saibaba. One of the best things about Sai is that he will only see if your intention behind doing any work is good or not. If your intention is good, Sai will certainly favour you.

I love lighting lamps so much and have been doing it for years. Usually, lighting lamps is seen as a girlish act. However, I consider lighting lamps as one of the most important way of showing devotion.

The meaning of “Guru” is the one who wards off darkness (Ignorance) and brings light ( Wisdom) in our life.

So the more lamps you light with devotion, the better your life will be. Please don’t do it ritualistically. Do it if you like to light lamps as an offering to Shirdi Saibaba or any God or Goddess you like. Just make sure you take all safety measures when you light lamps at home. This is because, many people who write me ask me about lighting lamps. So its my responsibility to take care of them especially in homes where there are kids.

This weekend was hectic as I took my parents to Shopping mall to purchase some stuff for our U.S trip. My Mom is so weak that the sweater we got seems to be too heavy for her and she wants a lighter one. I told her that will find one by next week. This evening, I had been to Saibaba temple. My weekend walking friend Sathyam saw me and asked if we can start. he he.

We started walking in Saibaba colony speaking about so many issues.

When I was purchasing medicine for my Mom to take with us to U.S, this guy was doing something. I turned back and saw they had kept a model of a human with band on his hand for some POS advertising.  Sathyam touched the hand and immidiately the hand piece came out and he fractically screwed it back to it. He felt relaxed as he could fix the hand piece of the human model. After that, he joined his palm looking at the human model as in thanking God for helping him fix it. I saw it and laughed so much. He told me that he feared they must have kept CCTV camera in the pharmacy and might ask him for money if he can’t fix it back.

Anyway, we reached Saibaba temple by the time Shej Aarti began. Now a days, its windy in Coimbatore and hence most of the lamps Sai devotees keep on the tray gets put off by wind. I feel little upset to see the lamps with ghee in it being thrown in the dust bin. So when ever I find time, I stand near the tray and light them.

Here comes the reason why I mentioned there’s no rule in Sai devotion. Many Sai friends of mine had adviced me not to light lamps before few years. I listen to them and I respect them. For few years, I really stopped lighting lamps put off by wind. Recently, I saw almost all the lamps lit by Sai devotees were put off. So I can’t control and light them back.

When I light lamp, I tell baba that I see these lamps as Children. Its like their life is off and they are expecting someone to bring them back to life. People usually don’t light lamps kept by others but to me, they are like children. We must not throw them back in dust bin when there’s so much Ghee and it still can bring divine light of Sai to this world.

I wanted to make a video of this as a memory. So I ran into my Car and spoke fastly before the night aarti gets over. By the time, I finished recording, the Aarti got over. So I ran to Dwaraikami, took the prasad kept near Sai’s holy feet and distributed to devotees.

Then, I took the video of how I light lamps which are put off. Most of the lamps you see in this video were put off by wind and I felt really happy to bring them back to life. I feel Sai lives in these lamps.

My am not speaking fluently as I din’t prepare to speak.

Anyway, Just a memory of what I have been doing for several years.

Hope you like it.

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Keep lighting lamps and chant Sai’s holy name in your mind.

Your life will be good


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