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Sairam friends,

My Father was busy once in a while going to the Colony Siddhi Vinayaka temple as they were arranging for tomorrow’s Hanuman Jayanthi Pooja. I gave some devotional songs to my Dad and he had played in temple. He told me, everyone liked the songs.

hanuman pooja

Hanuman during pooja we did before few month

I love Hanuman because he  is very affectionate and powerful. When I was worried that I don’t like to be in Mumbai and wish to come back to Coimbatore, Hanuman came in my dream and it seems he has carried me here irrespective of various hurdles I faced.

I drank lots of Coffee than the stars you can see on Sky. I love Coffee. I live for Coffee. He he…

I was home most of the day and watched some videos on Photography. Then, I was looking at some beautiful Wedding Photography and worked on a project. I wanted to do something that benefits everyone and analyzing few issues.

I slept off hugging a little Saibaba statue and had a strange dream. I saw a horse which was not so healthy laid down near me and I am patting it. Then, I saw a Dog being friendly with the horse. I woke up and asked Saibaba “You are showing these Horse and Dogs in dream and what am I going to do with that?” . Anyway, I know Sai has some plans and I did interview with a wedding photographer in Europe who had shot beautiful photo of bride and groom with Horse on a landscape.

I could still remember the Horse. It was skinny and pitiful. I am not sure what Baba means by that. Horse was so affectionate.

Just now I remember that in 2012, Ram Navami, Horses came to Saibaba temple. Click below link to see me with a horse.

Happy for a Beautiful dream blessed by Sai Baba on Holy Ram Navami Day

It was a month since I fell down and got hurt on my cheeks and had to go through stitch in Hospital. ( Feb 2012). I cried a lot to my Ma saying my face has a mark now because of this. My Ma tells me that I must thank God for nothing happened to my eye and I must not worry about it.

My Mom asked me to go to Bhadrakaali temple as its Ammavasya – No moon day. I told her, I can’t be at home any longer and must go Nagasai mandir. Only then, I will feel relaxed. I did go to Bhadrakali temple in Saibaba colony and felt good and peaceful there. Goddess was graceful.

I was searching for Human helping Animal’s and found this interesting photography published in Time Magazine –

Horse Rescue

Horse Rescue in Jalandar, India – Courtesy of AP

May Sai bless these animals. We must do little we can to care for animals and pets.

I came to Nagasai Mandir and sat in Dwarakamai looking at holy Dhuni. Felt really blissful remembering Saibaba. While getting lamps, I take a chit of paper so that ghee won’t stick to my palm. I read an article about the burden faced by Banks since they are asked by politicians to give Education loans but later, they are facing lots of delay in repayment.

Education loan portfolio of nationalized banks as Dec 31, 2013, stands around Rs 57,700 crore in 2,570,254 accounts. Tamilnadu has lots of Educational institutions and they make use of these advantages given by government in the form of bank loan to make money and most colleges charges more than the prescribed fee.

Let us not deal with the finances but my concern is the standard of Education in most institutions. I have interviewed B.Tech’s and MCA’s from various colleges and shocked to see how these students spend lots of money but they don’t get what they deserve.

Do we have some standards to measure quality of Education other than exam? Have we enabled students with a deeper understanding of what they learn? Like the U.S, India too is fast becoming a country which gives burden of Education Loan and I wish these Universities at least enhances their quality. Further, it also depends on student attitude to learn.

Anyway. I will be working on a project related to it in future. Its just in my mind as of now.

About today’s Theme.

Its Hanuman Jayanthi on Monday and in some places its celebrated today itself. Its 11.30 at night and my Father had gone to temple as priest is doing decoration for Hanuman. I called him now to asked what happened and could hear the Shirdi Sai bhajan being played in temple. He said “Hanuman is beautiful”.

I shall go tomorrow to have darshan of Hanuman. Mean while, I wanted to write about “Hanuman in You.”

Hanuman is honestly not just in the temple or statue. Hanuman is very much in you. Every time you try to keep yourself and the place near you clean, you become a part of Hanuman’s soul. When ever you keep your mind pure with good thoughts, you become a part of Hanuman’s soul. Hanuman lives in us but we just see him externally.

I have seen Hanuman in dream several times. He is such a sweet heart.

I shall list few links I wrote in past about Sri Hanuman.

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Hanuman leela

108 Vada Mala – Pearl Necklace offering for Lord Hanuman

Jai Hanuman


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