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Sairam friends,

For a long time now, I wanted to do something better in StarSai than writing my life. I am fedup writing about myself and wanted to do something “Fresh and Beautiful.”

So I felt like requesting Sai devotees to send in their paintings and drawings made by their Children. I thought of first asking for Paintings and drawings of Shirdi Saibaba alone but felt it good to see Sai but also anything beautiful.

This isn’t a Painting Contest. I just want you to scan your Kids paintings and drawings and sent it to

I will be happy to see Shirdi Saibaba ( Only Sai allowed is Shirdi Sai as I believe only in Saibaba of Shirdi.)

But you can also send any other beautiful Art work or paintings your kids made.

Send along with your name, Your kids name, Where they study and what they love.

Sai blessings,


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