108 Vada Mala – Pearl Necklace offering for Lord Hanuman

Sairam friends,

My Mom wanted to offer 108 Vada Mala for Lord Hanuman in near by Siddhi Vinayaka Temple. My Amma started cooking Vada from evening 5 o clock and I was writing a article about Value of Education. Lakshmi aunty came home to help Amma and they both were cooking.

Lakshmi aunty came to my room and asked “Help pandraya. Late aaiduchu”. It was such a sweet request to deny as they are getting late to go Temple. They want me to insert the Vada in the cloth thread. They asked me to count each Vadai and insert it in the thread. I felt we must remember Gods name when we do his work.

So kept chanting “Sai Hanuman, Sai Hanuman, Sai Hanuman” in mind.

After few minutes Lakshmi aunty asked “How many Vada has come so far?”

I laughed and said “Now only I am going to count”

I counted…Onnu,rendu,moonu,naalu,anju……after sometime counting in Tamil was not easy for me.So I changed to Twenty four,Twenty five….Totally there was 72 and I told them. I kept aside few Vadai in which the hole was small. I wanted to make a video and also photos so that I can present to Sai Children and also Hanuman devotees. So took pictures of “The Making of Vada mala and Garland for you”.

vada garland

I inserted each Vadai in the thread while Mom cooked it.

Vada or Vadai as they call in Tamil is a south Indian delicacy made of urud dal (Black gram dal – Vigna mungo). I wish you learn to make Vada on your own in your kitchen since offering to Hanuman by cooking ourself is really a blessing. Now a days people get it done from shop and offer Hanuman. If you are good in cooking, search online for Vada making recipe and cook it yourself. Make sure you are safe while cooking Vada.

Why offer 108 Vada Mala for Lord Hanuman?

Lord Hanuman’s pearl Necklace

During the coronation Ceremony of Lord Rama, Sita wanted to thank Hanuman for his good heart and Seva. So she gave him a gift – A very beautiful necklace of pearls made of rarest quality. Hanuman got the gift from Sita eagerly but he started to break each pearl.  Rama,Sita and all the people who were in the Palace were wondering why Hanuman is breaking the pearl which was presented as Gift.

Sita asked “Hanuma, why do you break the pearls?

Hanuman replied ” Mother, I feel happy for getting this gift from your holy hand. So I wanted to see if the pearls has the holy name of “Ram” written in it or any other aspect of Rama in it. I do not keep anything without Rama but I could not find him in any of the pearls.

Sita asked “If you have Lord Rama in everything, is Rama within you also?”

To the surprised of everyone, Hanuman opened his heart and showed it to Sri Rama, Sita and people present in the palace. What an amazing darshan was it. Lord Rama along with Sita was there in the heart of Sri Hanuman.

Devotees are offering Vada Mala to Hanuman like how Sita gave Pearl Necklace to him. This way, we believe Hanuman will bite  the Vada happily to find if Rama is there in it. I believe Rama will surely be in the Vada mala because its offered with devotion by Hanuman Devotees.

108 Vada Mala – Pearl Necklace offering for Lord Hanuman

vada mala hanuman

Hanuman happily accepted my Mom’s 108 Vada Mala offering like pearl necklace

Finally, My Mom and Lakshmi aunty cooked all the Vadai and I inserted it in to the Garland. They went to Temple  while I was watching a Video of a girl speaking about “Value of Education” in United Nations Youth summit. Then I went to Temple to have Darshan of Hanuman and took some photos to present to you friends.

Hanuman was decorated beautifully . The Hanuman in this temple is called “Ashtamsha Varadha Anjaneyar” which means he has 8 qualities in him. The Statue of Hanuman is made of 8 divine nature in Hanuman. The priest did good pooja. While distributing the Vada to devotees, a women disturbed my Mom and said “She only will give Vada and my Mom is supposed to break it into pieces as there are more devotees”.

At times, I avoid the near by Temple as some people are so mean and since my Father also does seva there we try to adjust and remain calm. My Mom was hurt but I told her ‘Its OK. Hanuman accepted your offering happily. So be satisfied for it.


Anjaneyar – Hanuman blessing with smile

So what’s the use of writing this article in StarSai? Why I write all our personal devotion and prayers to Gods? Shirdi Sai baba has encouraged people to spread anything divine and spiritual. There are thousands of Hanuman devotees who might feel inspired looking at this and might try to do some offering for Hanuman.

You must know any kind of offering done for Gods/Goddess is auspicious and Hanuman blesses us with Good health, Education, Peace, Harmony in family and prosperity. Hanuman is sign of purity and where ever there is purity, Hanuman lives there.

I told my Mom that I am going to write about how we offered Vada Mala to Lord Hanuman. She said “One must not taste the Vada while cooking to see if salt is enouch etc”. This is because offerings done to God must be first tasted by God and then given to devotees as it becomes prasad – Sacred offering.

Few years back, Sai inspired me to create – SaiHanuman. com

I also wrote about Hanuman in below article

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Hanuman Chalisa

I went to Nagasai Mandhir and bought a Book called “Hanuman Puranam” and started reading it sitting in Dwarakamai.While going in the bus, I read a Thirukural sticker pasted over the foot board. The meaning of the Thirukural goes like this

“Having friendship with a person who speaks one thing and does something else will bring sorrow even in dream”.

I realized what ever happened to me in the past couple of years has really taught me a lesson in life and asked Baba why people being your devotee easily say something to me but actually do something else? They can hide anything from me but not from the almighty Sai. I felt really pained but thought I myself don’t keep my words at times. So we all must realize how important it is to keep our words and promises to our best knowledge.

Hanuman loves speaking truth, being pure and doing good deeds.

Speaking truth, being good, kind and polite is the most precious pearl necklace we can offer to Hanuman.

I was blessed with a very divine dream last night and felt its by grace of Hanuman.



Little Servant of Shirdi Sai Baba

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    Let us pray for ur father’s recovery and happiness.

    Sree Anjaneyar also likes vetrilai maalai and lots of vennai.


  • Venkat

    I feel your writing has inspired many. Your website is reaching many people nowadays. True!
    A request/Opinion —- Why dont you pen your writings into a good book? It will reach many devotees.



    Happy New Year Dhivya

    Yes. Writing a Book is in my mind for long time now. Somehow, Its getting late. Hope Sai Saraswathi shows me a way.

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