Hanuman Jayanthi Pooja and Shirdi Saibaba’s Love for Hanuman – Anjaneyar

Sairam friends,

A week before i was walking by Sakthi dham temple in saibaba colony and wished to go into the Mandhir. I saw the priest of Hanuman Mandhir who is close to me. I offered 51 Rupees as Dakshina to Hanuman. The priest said with a smile

” Hanuman wont accept this,you must give 500 Rs to buy sweets because his birthday is coming”.

(The Photography of Lord Ganesha,Shirdi saibaba and Hanuman is of the Small saibaba mandhir in my house.Not Sakthi dham temple i mentioned above)

Hanuman temple in Shirdi Sai baba mandhir
Hanuman came to my Shirdi sai baba mandhir making it also a Hanuman Temple

Offering Dakshina to get Sweets for Hanuman – Anjaneya Jayanthi:

I simply laughed and offered 51 Rs. I sat and felt may be Hanuman really wanted me to Offer sweets for Hanuman Jayanthi, looked into my shirt pocket which fortunately had 500Rs. I took it and gave the priest. A Old man sitting near the Hanuman priest was saying, give it next week a day before Hanuman jayanthi , other wise, he will get sweets for himself and eat.The priest said no no , surely i will use it to get sweets for Hanuman.

hanuman jayanthi pooja Anjaneyar
Hanuman Jayanthi Pooja in my house lighting 11 lamps and doing abishekam with Milk and water

I Din’t liked what the old man commented and wanted to indirectly say whats offered to God must belongs to God and even if the priest is going to have it, i think its right.

I told the hanuman priest

” Its Dakshina, so even if you get sweets for your little son, i will be happy”.

The priest replied” You come on Hanuman Jayanthi next saturday (24th december 2011).Your sweets will be offered to Hanuman”

I felt happy and directly went to Nagasai mandhir(shirdi  saibaba temple in coimbatore) and did some seva near holy Dhuni (sacred fire of Shirdi Sai baba)

lord hanuman
My father made this Little Saibaba temple, after few month i kept Lord Ganesha and later Hanuman came

How Hanuman came into my little Sai mandhir:

Four month back,One of my friend Udayakumar invited me for birthday of his one year old son. I wanted to gift him something divine and got a Hanuman statue made in brass. I called up my Mother and told her am going to Udayakumars home and that i got a Hanuman statue as gift. My Amma said Hanuman has to be kept in a very sacred place and if you give as gift to kids, they might play and even if its kept in your friends home, it must be kept in pure place.

So i kept Hanuman with myself and got it home. Amma din’t wanted me to keep Hanuman inside the house as she said we have to be very clean and pure (i always keep my book self very dirty…he he and arrange it every 3-4 month).So i said is it ok to keep Hanuman near Saibaba in our temple. Amma and Appa approved this idea and thats how Hanuman came to my “Worlds smallest Saibaba temple”

hanuman jayanthi
Hanuman Jayanthi Pooja - Love the way the lamp glows as if it is thankful for being offered to Hanuman - Lets chant " Sri RamaJayam"

Waking up and cleaning on Holy Day of Hanuman Jayanthi:

I woke up at around 6.40 and decided to clean my room with water and also the Sai mandhir. Once i did that, the old man who cleans vessels in our house got me the milk pocket. I took it in a vessel and did Abishekam for Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman and our shirdi saibaba. We have Beetle plant in our house itself. So i plucked few beetle leaves, washed them and arranged infront of Sai.

Hanuman and the holy lamp - If our thoughts and actions are pure Hanuman will live in ourself as "Light"

I decided to light “11 LAMPS” keeping them over sacred Beetle leaves.

Soon the temple turned divine with 11 holy lamps lit to glorify and celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi. I was really happy for this friends. I had to make coffee for old dhottapa. so kept the milk in Gas stove and came running with my Camera. In between i used the change the song being played in my P.C ..Sai aarti, Hanuman Chalisa, Vishnu sahasranamam etc.

Saibaba’s Respect and Love for Lord Hanuman (Maruti is also called Anjaneyar in Tamilnadu)

Once it was raining in shirdi. Sai used to stay in the Hanuman mandhir near by dwarakamai . Rain water kept falling from the roof to platform (floor) where sai used to sit but saibaba continued to be there. A man asked him to go to the upper platform where Hanuman was also there. Sai told him

“We must not be in equal position of Maruti.”

This incident so beautifully explains sai always considered himself as Sevant of God and his immense love and respect for Lord Hanuman.

Saibaba’s blessings for child birth and suggestion to Repire the Hanuman mandhir adjacent to Dwarakamai:

A devotee named Gopal Gund married thrice (in late 18th century, men marry again if they can’t have child with first wife) but was none of his wife had a child. He went to Shirdi and saw saibaba in dwarakamai (holy Masjid). By sai grace Gopal Gund was blessed with a son. To express his gratitude, Gund requested saibaba’s permission to repire Dwarakamai. Gund would have wished to repair masjid because the roof of dwarkamai must have leaked during rain and also the floor must not have been good.

Sai who always lived a very ordinary life with out much comforts for himself suggested Gopal to repair the Hanuman mandhir adjacent to Dwarakamai. Gund happily agreed to do it. In Sai satcharitra, we can learn that this Gopal Gund also started the Annual fair celebrating Ram Navami in Shirdi in 1896-97.

How beautiful is Saibaba’s heart and way of life that he din’t want comfort for himself but considered repiring Hanuman mandhir to be more sacred work.

I am really happy to present these beautiful divine moments through these photos

Power of Lord Hanuman – Anjaneyar:

Lord Anjaneyar is very powerful because when we were kids my sister was not feeling well. My Amma was consoling her when suddnely a letter written by one of Ammas relative fell down from the self on top. (Those days in 1986 people used to communicate by Inland letter). The letter had a Hanuman Mantra in tamil which my mother taught for us. So i believe Hanuman will bless us with purity of thoughts, actions and will power.

Light lamps at home or in temple for Hanuman regularly and keep chanting any mantra of Hanuman you can learn to recite especially Hanuman Chalisa.

People who dont know Hindi can easily learn other mantras.

God will fulfill earnest wishes of devotees:

Myfather has habit to write Sri Ramajayam in a note book everyday which also pleases Hanuman. Last year my father and a friend of his tried much to build a Hanuman temple inside our colony Ganesha mandhir campus. There was some men who were not interested in it ( including the priest) and it was stopped.

I felt happy Hanuman came to live happily in our Sai mandhir at home itself making it a Hanuman mandhir too. My humble request is when people try to spoil any good efforts you do, try to be calm. Gradually you will realize God will fulfill your wishes.

Why two Hanuman Jayanthi in tamilnadu(south india):

I went to Sakthi dham temple this evening to collect the prasad. The priest was happy to see me and Gave me sweets which i shared with my friends in Nagasai mandhir. A lady was asking how come there are 2 Hanuman jayanthi. The priest said North indians celebrate during april/may Chitra naksatra on full moon day and based on tamil scriptures, its celebrated on Moola nakshatra. Since its North indian temple in tamilnadu, They celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi on both the Nakshatra.

Lord Hanuman bless you and all sai children

Aum sri sainathaya namaha



Note- Hanuman Jayanti comes in a different day in North india. In Tamilnadu we mostly call Hanuman as Lord Anjaneya or Anjaneyar.

Hanuman Devotees have a look at exclusive website for Lord Hanuman  Saihanuman.com

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  1. i am sugumar from Puducherry 160 kms from Chennai to reach puducherry. in kalapet there is tallest hanuman statue. i am stronger beleiver of Sri Shridi Saibab. i went to shridi during 2008 and i get blessing from shridi saibaba. i bought one marble statue for me and i kept it in my pooja room. i did poojas reqularly on thursday and the meanwhile in our area we did poojas on every thursdays and bhajans. after completed four years i am very much impressed by lord hanuman, one person told me to put lord hanuman statue at your home did poojas for every tuesday and i searched every where for the lord hanuman statue. one of my friend said you went auroville there is one person professionaly doing the statue of gods. immediately i went to auroville and met that person to make statue of lord hanuman. that person told me to get lord hanuman and lord ganesa to do pooja at home, after one week both the statue are getting ready for pooja. i kept the lord ganesa, lord hanuman and saibaba did pooja and abishegam reqularly at my home. it gives me very happy life and pleasure. after that i read article of saibaba books, lord hanuman. it gives me very happy.

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