Fed up when Saibaba doesn’t answer your prayers

Sairam friends,

Yes i have been through this feeling of being dejected by our own Mother Sai. At times i ask Saibaba, i pray you so much and you never bother to help me . Its been years and you never show your grace on me.

Saibaba Answers your prayers by his love and care on you
Saibaba Answers your prayers by his love and care on you

The irritating feeling when your prayers are not answered by Shirdi Saibaba is worst possible that it might lead you to stop worshiping sai maharaj. Trust me , if there’s something Sai is very much pained its when his devotees are purposely ignoring him just because he has not fulfilled their wishes.

How to Love Saibaba of Shirdi even when prayers are not answered :

Do this simple test on yourself.

Can you live with out Shirdi Saibaba. If you fine .Do it.

Even then can you ignore your mother just because she was not able to fulfill your hearts desires. In some family,there might be a sad incident because of which they avoid doing pooja for Saibaba and going to temples etc.

What ever may be the reason, Its natural tendency to get upset when we don’t get what we want. The feeling is OK but how strongly you take it to your heart is what that matters .

Please say Saibaba your worries and that you are disappointed. At the same time never ignore your devotion. Its not the artificial rituals light lighting lamps etc that you physically do that reaches Saibaba . What reaches Saibaba is your unconditional love on him .

My desire to have my own Camera :

It was 1997 when i was in first year of college and i desired so much to have my own Professional camera. I was not able to get it as it was not affordable for my father. One of my aunt promised to get it from U.S but she also “cheated me” if the right word was used. Ofcourse if you give words to some one , especially for kids , you have to fulfill their wish .

All my Photography dedicated for Sai children  :

Later in 2001 after 5 years my father got me a professional camera. In 2006 my sister got me a digital camera . Trust me until now i have used my camera more for taking Saibaba statue in my house rather than anything. I have never used it commercially though i was into photography.

Probably Saibaba wants me to serve him alone and make millions of his devotees happy by taking beautiful photography with Shirdi Saibaba statue in my house.

I was really upset for years when Saibaba dint got me a camera. All my college life was spent without  a camera of my own and i had to beg to others to practice photography.

I used to go to Saibaba temple in my place and cry to Saibaba why he cant get me a professional camera for years . Now that i got my camera and take pictures of saibaba , sai made me a instrument to spread his beautiful leela and glory.

It took 10 years for me to give up the desire to become commercial photographer. Sai did gave me what i want but he made me go through so much failures in my career and pulled me to his service that now i don’t feel like photographing any thing else other than Our sweet Saibaba.

Saibaba answers your prayers for sure :

Hope you realized from my experience the great assurance of shirdi saibaba

“There will be no wants in the house of my devotees ”

Saibaba did gave me what i prayed for – A camera at the same time sai has decided before 10 years itself that my passion for photography must be diverted to his service and not any other artistic or commercial motive. Probably theres still more to what i might do with the camera and my little photographic and film-making skills.

As of now i am happy because when you offer all that you know and learnt for the service of Sai devotion, Then your life gets meaningful.

Similarly, what ever your prayers are, sai will surely answer it. May be at present Saibaba cannot as your planetary situation is not good or probably Saibaba wants to give you the best in the days, month or years to come.

I waited 10 years

Count your days from this moment. Keep chanting Sai Sai Sai, offer flowers to sai all these are only external expression of your love on Saibaba…deep inside TRUST



your Saibaba.

Have faith that the moment you gave yourself to Saibaba, then Sai will take care of you.

Om Sainathaya Namaha

C.Venkat Raman

168 thoughts on “Fed up when Saibaba doesn’t answer your prayers”

  1. dear baba,

    pls help me out from taking the right decision in my carrer..it is very important to me,but i dunno y i cant set my mind to take a decision,and i also dunno whether the decisions which i take will end up correctly..pls baba, i trust u dat ul help me in taking the decision..plse give me the will power to tackle the family problems and also i shud take a right decision..i trust u baba..pls let me know a solution..

    om sai ram…

  2. Om sai ram, hey sai nath please cure my cancer she is suffering a lot. Please sai listen to our prayers becuase you are only our hope we know there is nothing impossible for you sai nath so please please please listen to us and cure my mum cancer we know you are the only one who can cure my mum.

  3. My son is a doctor ,he apply for a residency in Obstetric. and gyneacolgy in Canada , he is among the best candidates , h e has not receive the residency ,Sai baba I need your help you always listen to my prayers , To day is the 9th day of the result , please please , please, nothing is impossible for you , give him the residency , h e has so many good references,, he will be a very , very good doctor , Sai baba I am waiting for your answer , Help my son , answer my prayers

  4. I respect your strength to continue having faith even when you are ignored. I’ve begged and pleaded and cried to Sai Baba to help me. To me, a relationship has to be 2-way. If I don’t get an answer or help, it’s clearly a 1-way relationship and time to move on. I have decided to move on and away from Sai Baba.

  5. I really wish BABA listen to my prayer. From last 1 year he makes us suffer lot.I really wish to be his blessing are true

  6. saibaba
    naa babu ni kaapadu. vaadiki edo disorder undi antunnaru. nenu nine nammukunnanu. baba kapadu. vadumondiga na mata vinakunda untunnadu. nanni maavarini kapadu. maapilldni mamulu ga cheyyi. matladelaga cheyyi. monditanam taggi chaduvu baga vachela cheyyi. vadu manchiga undela chudu. ade maaku pedda samasya ga tayarindi. nee daya valla naaku udyogam prasadinchavu. kasta santosham ga undam anukune lope veedu ila tayarayyadu. nee daya prasadinchu swami. vaadu manchiga maa mata vini arupulu taggi prasatam ga undela cheyyi. nenu oka 6 months coffee manestanu. vadilo marpu chupinchu.naaku. kaapadu swami. neneu eeroju nunde aa marpu feel ayyela cheyyi. nannu na kutumbanni kapadu.

  7. Sai Baba
    Om Sai Ram babaji apke charno me Mera aur mere pure pariwaar ki aur se apke charno me sadar pranam. Baba kripa karo aap sabkuch jante ho hamse jo v galtiya Ya paap huye honge savi ke liye hame chamma kare. O mere Sai Baba madat karo aap to sabke man ko pad lete hai apne bacho ke dukho ko dur karo daya karo madat karokripa karo plz Bohot hi bade mushibat me hai hum. Mere mummy papa ki sehat sahi rakhna babaji.Meri Didi ki Suni god bhar do aur mere bade bhaiya ko har mushibat se bachao. Mere dono bhaiya ko sahi jivan sathi do. Mere Mahi ki sehat sahi kar do unki tuti Kamar ke dard ko dur karo aur jo v manokamna hai pur karo. Apke Dar pe aai hu baba bhik mangne khali hath mat Jane Dena daya karo. Om sai ram

  8. Waiting for your Love and blessings Baba! Please cure Avik and bless him with healthy Long peceful Life Baba! Please save us

  9. Dear Baba
    I’ve cried so much to you for the past two years have mercy on Browny. Every time she falls sick I’m so anxious and she falls sick so often I’m also frustrated . I can’t see her suffer like this . Please Baba please hear my prayers and give Browny good health . This wish I place at your lotus feet. I know whatever karma v have to bear and suffer but please show a way can’t bear this . My only hope is you Baba hear my prayers

  10. Moving on from Baba. There is a limit to misguiding people and then ignoring them. I agree 100% with anon that any relation ship must be 2 way otherwise the sanctity is lost.

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