Fed up when Saibaba doesn’t answer your prayers

Sairam friends,

Yes i have been through this feeling of being dejected by our own Mother Sai. At times i ask Saibaba, i pray you so much and you never bother to help me . Its been years and you never show your grace on me.

Saibaba Answers your prayers by his love and care on you
Saibaba Answers your prayers by his love and care on you

The irritating feeling when your prayers are not answered by Shirdi Saibaba is worst possible that it might lead you to stop worshiping sai maharaj. Trust me , if there’s something Sai is very much pained its when his devotees are purposely ignoring him just because he has not fulfilled their wishes.

How to Love Saibaba of Shirdi even when prayers are not answered :

Do this simple test on yourself.

Can you live with out Shirdi Saibaba. If you fine .Do it.

Even then can you ignore your mother just because she was not able to fulfill your hearts desires. In some family,there might be a sad incident because of which they avoid doing pooja for Saibaba and going to temples etc.

What ever may be the reason, Its natural tendency to get upset when we don’t get what we want. The feeling is OK but how strongly you take it to your heart is what that matters .

Please say Saibaba your worries and that you are disappointed. At the same time never ignore your devotion. Its not the artificial rituals light lighting lamps etc that you physically do that reaches Saibaba . What reaches Saibaba is your unconditional love on him .

My desire to have my own Camera :

It was 1997 when i was in first year of college and i desired so much to have my own Professional camera. I was not able to get it as it was not affordable for my father. One of my aunt promised to get it from U.S but she also “cheated me” if the right word was used. Ofcourse if you give words to some one , especially for kids , you have to fulfill their wish .

All my Photography dedicated for Sai children  :

Later in 2001 after 5 years my father got me a professional camera. In 2006 my sister got me a digital camera . Trust me until now i have used my camera more for taking Saibaba statue in my house rather than anything. I have never used it commercially though i was into photography.

Probably Saibaba wants me to serve him alone and make millions of his devotees happy by taking beautiful photography with Shirdi Saibaba statue in my house.

I was really upset for years when Saibaba dint got me a camera. All my college life was spent without  a camera of my own and i had to beg to others to practice photography.

I used to go to Saibaba temple in my place and cry to Saibaba why he cant get me a professional camera for years . Now that i got my camera and take pictures of saibaba , sai made me a instrument to spread his beautiful leela and glory.

It took 10 years for me to give up the desire to become commercial photographer. Sai did gave me what i want but he made me go through so much failures in my career and pulled me to his service that now i don’t feel like photographing any thing else other than Our sweet Saibaba.

Saibaba answers your prayers for sure :

Hope you realized from my experience the great assurance of shirdi saibaba

“There will be no wants in the house of my devotees ”

Saibaba did gave me what i prayed for – A camera at the same time sai has decided before 10 years itself that my passion for photography must be diverted to his service and not any other artistic or commercial motive. Probably theres still more to what i might do with the camera and my little photographic and film-making skills.

As of now i am happy because when you offer all that you know and learnt for the service of Sai devotion, Then your life gets meaningful.

Similarly, what ever your prayers are, sai will surely answer it. May be at present Saibaba cannot as your planetary situation is not good or probably Saibaba wants to give you the best in the days, month or years to come.

I waited 10 years

Count your days from this moment. Keep chanting Sai Sai Sai, offer flowers to sai all these are only external expression of your love on Saibaba…deep inside TRUST



your Saibaba.

Have faith that the moment you gave yourself to Saibaba, then Sai will take care of you.

Om Sainathaya Namaha

C.Venkat Raman

168 thoughts on “Fed up when Saibaba doesn’t answer your prayers”

  1. I believe dat sai chahte ki hum thoda sabar rakhe aur unpr shradha banaye rakhe vishwas ko tode nai aur fir hume to vo sb b mil jata h jo hum shayd kabi unke bina deserve b ni krte ho so pray ki sb aur main b unpr hamesha shradha banaye rakhu n hume sirf unki kripa chahie aur kuch ni….
    Om sai ram

  2. i trust u blindly my sai baba…..bt i find it diffilcult to wait nw….plz help me out….
    om sai ram……<3

  3. good morning saibaba, how i will increase my typing speed in computer keyboard,how i will increase my csat scores pls help me baba i need ur blessings without u i can’t achieve anything.

  4. baba i love you so much . i think about you before i speak , cos of all your teachings . i am lonely , not without you but a life partner. i want a baby swami , i love children. i would perform my duty and take care of my mum.
    i stand for truth > i want my degree so much swami , 5 subjects left . i only seem to fail them. please may i find a job at UNILEVER Swami. please help me swami your child . take all my pain and headaches away . i want to do your work. swami thank you for everything you given me with so much love my flat and the many other things.

    i love and miss you swami

  5. om sai ram.

    mai aap ke charno me patni aur putra ke saathsamarpan karta hu.

    baba aap hi hamare rakshak ho,sahayata karo,

  6. Recently We lost our very close friend in train accident chennai express on july 30 2012 we dint find his body to recognize ,I felt very bad started scolding baba why did he do these kind of things .

    Now I realise that this is karma and no one can escape from karma.
    I pray to baba to give strength to his parents and help them to get out of this situation by making his brother to get good job and support his parents.

    Please baba help them and help me to reduce this pain .I unble to forget him ans accept that my friend is no more.Please also help my friends to reduce their pain and go on with their life.Our cry cannot bring back him but we can suppot his parents and make them strong.
    Om sai Ram

  7. Baba,

    Baba, Second time, i ask u wholeheartedly, Please give me confidence, Patience , success and happiness. Yes. Don leave me. Please.

    My synopsis i submitted in March 22, It was processed only in May, dispatched in June21. submitted thesis on June. It is august, but i dunno what is my status….

    Almighty, u know what is happening at university, ….. lokamadha, unaku theriyatha? yen enna epadi pulamba veikara… enaku unna thita manasu illa baba, because i dunno i love u deeply somewhere at heart. Yes, u had saved, taught me many Principles in life.

    But im also a common girl na baba, repeatedly if i get obstacles, will i have trust on lord? (or) am i such a sinner?

    Dear Baba, u know, i don have any support, except begging to you,

    if u feel, i jus need to wait, i jus need to undergo all hurdles and accept the timeline/ fate, … God, i don have words, yeah ill accept. eppo kuda nee enaku seiviya ? seiyamataya, sattiyama enaku nambikai illa baba, nee enaku karunai kaata maata nu taan en manasula thonuthu….. because am so much depressed.

    I cry at your feet, i know, only one thing i had asked u in life wholeheartedly. JTO job. After that till date, i had small small prayers, but no nothing deep or so strong. Yes, i had failure in JTO, so i cant , my mind didn expect anything else from u.

    Baba, I fall at your feet, Please, Process my thesis and synopsis. I offer only my sincere tears and love at your feet. I don have anything else except fuming with tears, and depression. Please Process my thesis and synopsis ASAP with Positive results.

  8. sai baba help me in every step of lif plz sai BABA I wish to go foreign for my studies in this year plz baba fulfil my this wish love u lot sai baba

  9. Baba, I Prayed with tears on 15th August….

    thank You…. Baba, really its by your divine grace, my theis and synopsis has got Processed. Thanks for showering your love on this girl. Thank You Baba.

  10. Aum Sreesailam Sayeeswara!
    You brought us together. Keep us united and bring about great happiness to all involved here and there. You will bring about this miracle. You have promised me. Let that be. She calls me tonight. So is your will. I believe!
    This The Truth! Sreesailam Sai Vouches! Aum

  11. Since the marriage of my son and daughter has not yet been able to settle so far, I have no peace of mind and it has affected my normal sleep and normal appetite.I beg to Saibaba to bless my son and daughter to get married soon.I have full trust in your holiness,Sai Baba.Om Sairam.

  12. i faced so many difficulties and go through much pain and struggles in my life..financial problem,family problem always let me down baba..i cant concentrate in anythg due to some problems with my boyfriend.
    I give up baba..I trust you..Im doing vrat pooja now..I hope you will bless me..Give me courage and patience to face anything my life..I depends on you..Om Sai Ram.

  13. Jai Sai Ram,

    Please show me your grace. I have to complete my Phd. I was waiting, waiting and keep on waiting. Please show me a good guide from whom I can take a good lesson for my successful compeletion. Please end my wait!!. Jai Sai Ram!!!!

  14. Om Sai Ram,

    Sai aap to sab ke Mai baap ho, aapne sabka bala chaha, Baba aap ke charno mein Koti Koti Pranam
    Om sai ram, om sai ram

  15. Sai baba Plz Give me my pf Amt in this week really I’m getting scared about pf amt … Everything your giving baba .. Plz Help me …


    Baba, thum antharyami. You know very well what is troubling me. Pl help my son and his family. We need your anugraham. Give him a job at the earliest, pl don’t delay., he has a child, wife to take care of. We do not have anything, we seek your presence and kadaksham always. Enough of troubles, i have complete trust and faith in you that my sincere prayers that i do every day will be answered soon. Forgive us our mistakes both known and unknown done. You are our saviour.


  17. Om Sai Ram

    Sai Baba, I have had 2 miscarriages in a row. Lost my dear angels. Please give me another baby soon.

  18. sairam I love u like anything but sometimes I feel like something pls whatever take me to the correct and peaceful way at least in fore coming years, I don’t know I’m yours, take care of me love u sainayh love u…<3

  19. Baba i need u in making evrything very good i dont know what’s happening……..?but need u hold my hand tightly, dont leave me ,i am alone u know everything what i need i need sucess for those things what i asked for.
    Please listen to me please i cant do anything without you.Please help me make everything very good & in my favour…i luv u Baba…..Help everyone & me also.
    Bless me with you blessings.Help me ,listen to my pain ,my tears…….please solve my problems,please make me happy….please reconcile everything.
    Please….favour me in getting a very good job & my relation too.
    Please make us together forever ,for the whole life make him for me.Baba i need u for this without you it cant happen i know please do it.

  20. Baba I’m dying baba pls help me I beg u sairam I’m helpless u are my only hope I the is no meaning for my love and affection,daily I’m crying for some reason I don’t know what is happening around me,pls give me the strength to bear the pain and help me to over come it.,I just love u sainath pls don’t leave me a lone pls be with me love u baba alwaz be with me, pls reduce the pain sairam what is right which gives peace to my heart and in my life plz help me to do that…I love you sairam love u..<3

  21. Dear Saibaba,
    Thank you so much for your caring and for your prayers for the healing of my ailments and also for deliverance from financial hardships.
    Now I place another prayer request for my son George and daughter Priya,who are already matured for marriage,but could not settle life as yet.Meanwhile a marriage proposal came recently from the parents of the girl named Neenu Elizabeth Paul for our son George Varghese and discussion between the parents are going on.We pray that Almighty unite our son George with the foresaid Neenu Elzabeth in matrimony shortly,by overcoming all hurdles on the way.I beg you to pray for the fulfillment of our wish in this case and also for enabling our daughter Priya to get a suitable life partner.I hope that you will place the new prayer request in the next prayer meeting.Take care.

  22. jai sai ram,
    pls baba accept my prayers and virudas and give my result as pass.plz baba do a favour for me this is the most important point in my life u want to bless me iam trusting u babaplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………i love baba

  23. Baba I started to write a lot of things. But I stopped, because, why should I write? Don’t you know all these things? Yes, you know everything. Baba u know what kind of problems I faced in the past life ( From the birth to now). Actually I don’t wish to talk to any boy in the school and college days also. But, why do you make me to fall in love with inter religious person deeply? Off course he is good in all aspects except religious issues. I am avoided by my friends in the child hood ( I don’t know why ?), I was struggled by the aunt ( Peddamma) in the teenage, also struggled by attaiah at the same age like anything. She used to decrease the value of my parents in their economical status. I bared silently. I suffered with grand parents on the same issue. I too fight with them I agree for that. I just want peace in the life. I did not ask you to send me foreign, i did not ask you to create Geeta as my mother in law. All things were done by you. Only I myself crying. I did not aks you give crores, but stop my tears. But you forgot about me baba. This is more pain full for me. Why do you forget me baba? Don’t you love me? Don’t you like me? Every body thinking that I am a fool, vaste fellow. All are insulting me baba. I don’t have good personality, good education, lot of money. Nothing I have baba. Please do anything to fill my eyes with happiness but not with water, because I just tired to push out my tears. Make some change baba. Make some miracle baba. You know how I worship you. I need not to tell you again. What I am asking you to give me is the only solution to solve my all problems. I think you are reading baba. Please help me. If you really want to help me, it is not st all a matter. Any one person should be in that position. Why should I not take place by your grace? Kindly help me baba.

  24. Baba,

    Please listen to my prayers. Please give me job ASAP. Unknowingly, I lost one job by believing other company. I have to join in a job as soon as possible. You know all the circumstances. Forgive me for all the known and unknown mistakes. I trusted only you. I don’t know what to do without you. I am crying like anything. I did 2 times datta parayanam and Its been many days without job. Please get me a job soon. I am begging you baba. I always trusted you. Don’t make me more cry. Please give me job.

  25. Dear Saibaba,
    Please help for me to getting a new job & getting better salary for me.For my father is an heart patient.please give good health for my father &for me .Please pray for my family & all members

  26. Sai, please help me to settle in my computer job career. I don’t have stability in my job.Please baba,my parents are also about to retire,please give me a stable good paying job matching my qualifications and help me to serve my parents and also take care of sister.please don’t delay it anymore baba

  27. OM SAI RAM

    BABA is a big strength of my life.I feel anytime when i’m in problem baba is with me and i could faced the problem and solve it.Now i’m also a big problem that i lost my everything ( i mean it) but i have believe in baba a much that sai give me all the things what i want to get…so i wait with a lot of love & patience…so baba plz bless me & my family…..

    BABA plz solve my problem soon.



  28. It is not probable that Baba doesn’t know what we desire.
    It is also not probable that HE doesn’t want to grant us our desires.
    If any one of the above is true, then there would not have been the stream of endless devotees in every city.
    Between our desire and HIS granting our desire there is one and only obstacle.
    Our readiness to receive what we desire.
    When we are ready to receive what we desire – we feel the joy for HIM in our hearts. We would be kneeling before HIM and thanking HIM for the trillions of things HE has given us without our specific asking.
    What we receive from HIM is in direct proportion to our trust in HIM.
    It is not a rule that HE has made.
    It is that we must be worthy of our desire manifesting through HIM.

  29. BABA, I love you and I belive I am always devinly guided and I just belive you and only you are my HOPE…nothing other than you I can trust…I know whenever there is need for me you will give without me asking you by understaning my needs and my requirement. I have been experincing this from the time I started believing you and started coming to you..

    Baba, I want to guide me and fulfill your dream through me which you have sent in my mind, heart and soul, that is constucting your temple in one of the village/town/city where the temple is not existing. Give me that patience and help me how can I achive this…Love you Baba.

  30. Jai Sai Ram,

    I was continuously praying to succeed in my life what i expect for, but hope you are busy with all the devotees nit even hearing my prayers………….Will you save me………….. am helpless…………Only you can help me………

  31. baba what is wrong in me? why are u not hearing my prayers? you know what i really want. tell me whether my wish will be successful or not

  32. Om sai ram
    Please answer my prayers sai baba. I am expecting and my husband
    lost his job please help us to find a job at the earliest. All the problem s I face
    U r aware .kindly help me

  33. guru bhakiti is not easy, baba takes a tough exam from his devoties, for clear his heart. that’s y saibaba always says shradha saburi.

  34. Gud Morning sai baba.

    Please help me baba. I need my husband back. I luv my husband but he didnt understand my luv. i dont know how to live without my husband.I think he is planning divorce. Mother in law gave me a indirect torture.
    I dont want divorce babd. I would like to see my husband.I dont know how to solve my problem, When will he change. He hates me very much. Promise baba i luv him very much, i didnt do any mistake.
    Please baba.

  35. sai baba plz make jason give me some leafleting work plz look after mami,milu ,guddy and maa,arun and his family plz solve all my problems


  36. om sai ram,baba please give me answer on my prayer.i hope you will help with me baba .baba please solve my problem urgent .

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