Happy Diwali to all my Sai friends

Shirdi Saibaba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Sai friends are people who wrote me, know me or probably, people who silently read StarSai regularly. Sai friends can also be people who are pure at heart, never had come to StarSai but are devoted to Sai. I don’t know why I call them “Sai friends”. If I do something commendable in my life and my name is on Wikipedia, then, I wish to be known to have coined the word “Sai friends”….he he…and that’s just a joke.

My other big achievement is creating a cartoon character called “Chottu and Tuttu”. These are twin girls going around the world doing naughty things but also annoying people with their silly behavior. He he…I keep telling my friends that I will make “Chottu and Tuttu” the next big thing for kids across the globe.

When I start to write this article, I am not sure what to write. There are so many Sai Leela’s which will fill devotees heart with bliss but I mostly choose to write about the issues faced by people because it helps devotees to relate to what they are going through and how they can show devotion on Saibaba with faith and patience.

Dream of Lord Ganesha Statue with a Snake over his head

This morning, I was blessed with a very divine dream of Lord Ganesha. It was like a statue of Ganesha with 5 headed snake over his head and a tail of snake below his holy feet. I realized, Shirdi Saibaba shows the value of worshiping Sri Ganesh.  I felt like Sai is telling me, Sri Ganesha has all the powers to ward off the ill effects of  Rahu and Ketu. Few years back, I wrote this article

Worship Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesha – Remedy for Lord Rahu and Ketu effects in life

(Note – Kindly, do not mail me regarding such issues. My duty is to guide people to show devotion on Guru, Gods and Goddess and you choose how you can do it.)

To know what pooja you can do for Lord Ganesha, please read below article

5 Ganesh Pooja that brings you peace and prosperity

Few ways of showing devotion –

  • You can go to temple of Shirdi Saibaba or Sri Ganesha
  • You can light lamps
  • You can offer Green grass and flowers
  • You can also buy few packets of food and give it to someone really in hunger. Trust me, its hard to give food to someone who’s really in need of it. Everyone needs money today and when you give food, they just ignore you but there are few who would like to have food.

You can also celebrate Diwali doing what you like most. Simply remembering Shirdi Saibaba makes him happy.

Here’s a beautiful photo of Sai Pooja contributed by Shanthi

Shirdi Saibaba

Saibaba blessings for Diwali

Once again, Happy Diwali friends.

May Sainath bless you with good health, good education, satisfying Career and a happy life.

Om Sai Ram


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