Gokulashtami Pooja for Sri Krishna, Shirdi Sai Baba and Dattatreya

Sairam friends,

I was not able to sleep last night and kept waking up. I woke up at 6 and found there’s power cut. So felt Saibaba wanted me to focus on doing Pooja for Sri Krishna as its Gokulashtami – Krishna Janmashtami

I did abishekam ( holy bath) for two little Krishna statue we have, Shirdi Sai Baba and Dattatreya along with other Gods and Goddess. I kept chanting “Jai Sri Krishna, Sai Krishna”. Then kept kumkum to Krishna, the Cow of Dattatreya, Sai and all the Gods.

After this, I went out to pluck the flowers, offered them to Gods and felt beautiful. I wanted to light all the lamps which we keep in front of Gods. So I light all the 8 lamps and felt really divine.

Its already late for me to go to work but wanted to write few words quickly. I am really Sad from yesterday and kept thinking if I should really write because it doesn’t matter to Sai and Krishna if I write or not. They have millions of devotees and people who serve them. I am just a little servant and may not be a big loss if I missed to write few words on Gokulashtami.

Somehow I thought of sharing a story I read yesterday while going to Saibaba temple. Thanks to the Wikipedia Author for this story about the devotee Pundalik.

vithoba rukhmai
Sri Krishna in the form of divine Vithoba and Rukhmai

Vithoba Temple, Pandharpur

Vithoba temple, Pandharpur is the main centre of worship for the Hindu deity Vithoba, believed to be a local form of god Krishna or Vishnu and his consort Rakhumai. It is the most visited temple in Maharastra. The Warkaris start marching from their homes to the temple of Pandharpur in groups called Dindi to reach on Aashadhi ekadashi and Kartiki ekadashi. A dip in the holy river Chandrabhaga on whose banks Pandharpur resides, is believed to have power to wash all sins.

Many of my friends who take devotees to Shirdi for their first trip also used to take them to Pandharpur. I believe these devotees are really lucky as they can have darshan of Vittal-Rukhumai and also their Guru Shirdi Saibaba.

When Sai lived also many of his devotees used to come to Shirdi and request Baba to have peaceful Darshan in Pandharpur. Sai used to give udi and bless them for good Darshan.

svayambhu vithoba
Svayambhu Vithoba in the Pandharpur Vithoba temple

Taking care of your parents with love is all that Krishna wants from his devotees

How Vithoba came to Pandharpur – Story of Devotee Pundalik

The saga of Pundalik is one of the most important Mahima legends about Vithoba. How Vithoba came to Pandharpur is a story in which Pundalik is vital. Pundalik is a devoted son to his parents Janudev and Satyavati, who lived in a forest called Dandirvan. But after his wedding, Pundalik begins ill-treating his parents.

Tired with their son’s misbehavior and ill treatment, the elderly couple decide to leave for Kashi. Legend holds that people who die in the city of Kashi attain salvation and emancipation from the cycle of birth and death; so, many pious Hindus in the bygone era would relocate to Kashi as their end drew near.

Sufferings of Parents on the way to Kashi

However, the elderly couple are not destined to escape their suffering so easily. Upon hearing his parents’ plans, Pundalik and his wife decide to join them on pilgrimage. The ill treatment continues. While the youthful son and his wife ride on horseback, the frail old couple walk in bad weather. Pundalik even makes his old parents work to make his own journey comfortable. Every evening, when the party camps for the night, the son forces his parents to groom the horses and do other jobs.

On the way to Kashi, the group reaches the ashram (hermitage) of a pious and venerable sage, Kukkutswami. Exhausted, the family decides to spend a few days there. That night, when all were asleep, Pundalik by chance is awake and sees a remarkable vision. Just before dawn, a group of beautiful young women, dressed in soiled clothes, enter the ashram; they clean the floor, fetch water and wash the venerable sage’s clothes. After finishing their chores, they go to the prayer-room. When they reappear after prayer, their clothes are spotlessly clean. Then, they vanish as inexplicably as they had appeared.

Pundalik is not moved to raise an alarm, but feels a deep sense of peace witnessing the scene. It remains on his mind the whole day and he resolves to remain awake the next night, and confirm it was not merely a dream. This time, however, Pundalik is very curious. He approaches the beautiful women and asks details.

They reply, they are the Ganga (Ganges), Yamuna and other holy rivers of India—revered for their holiness. Pilgrims wish to take a dip in their holy waters to wash away their sins, which in fact are soiling their clothes.

Then, the women say: “But O Pundalik, you, with your ill-treatment of your parents, are the greatest sinner of them all!”

Pundalik is utterly shocked and his consciousness transforms. He realizes his misdeeds, becomes entirely devoted to his parents and ensures their comfort, even risking his own.

Devotion in any form reaches God swiftly. Impressed by Pundalik’s devotion to his parents, Lord Visnu plans to bless Pundalik immediately. So, He leaves Vaikuntha (His abode) for Pundalik’s ashram.

Vishnu knocks at Pundalik’s door, when he is busy serving his parents food. Pundalik does realize God is at his door. But such was his devotion to his parents, he wants to complete his duties and only then attend the visitor. Then, Pundalik does something strange but out of real devotion. He throws a brick outside for God to stand on and wait for him until he finishes attending to his parents.

Seeing this act, Vishnu is extremely impressed and the ever-loving God waits for his devotee. When Pundalik comes out, he begs for pardon but far from being displeased, Vishnu is taken over by Pundalik’s love for his parents and grants a boon.

Pundalik requests Vishnu to stay back on Earth and bless all his true devotees.

He agrees to take the form of Vithoba, or God who stood upon a brick, and a temple comes up there. Along with Vithoba, Rakhumai (Mother Rukmini, the consort of Krishna, one of avatars of Visnu) is also worshiped here.

I really feel happy to present this story courtesy of Wikipedia author especially because there’s a message in the coming of Sri Krishna to Pandharpur temple.

1. Sri Krishna is pleased the most when you serve your parents with love. Do little you can to show them you are there for them.

2. Doing Pooja to Gods and ignoring your responsibilities and treading others harshly hurts Gods and saints the most. So try to be good to everyone to the maximum.

3. Sri Krishna forgives ones sins if they wholeheartedly serve their parents, keeps doing good deeds all their life.

radhe krishna
Gokulashtami blessings from Radhe Krishna

Radhe Krishna is the most beautiful of all and I love this painting so much. It enriches my mind and soul. There is no other love so divine on earth than the Love Radhe has on Krishna. When Krishna plays flute Radhe, goes in search of her beloved in the woods. This love emerges from her soul and not any external influences of Maya. The Love radhe has on Krishna is inborn.

That’s why I love her so much.

Radha krishna came by Sai Leela – Surprised how a vision in wake up state can materialize

I did abishekam to above statue of Radhe krishna who came as Sai’s gift to our house. I felt they are happy today.

Ok friends, Coming back to our Topic of the day,

Few days back, I created StarSai Mom and Dad  and today this story of Pundalik expresses the same feeling.

There are many Shirdi Sai Baba devotees who go to temple regularly, proudly say that they go Shirdi regularly but very easily ignore their responsibilities they have towards their parents, wife/husband and children. Remember, Sai wants you to live your life and serve him only as an second option. Sai’s path is Karma Marga – Path of works. One is born to do his duties and responsibilities and only when he finds time, go to Temple or serve Gods/Saints.

My writing may not suit every devotee but it suits vast majority of us.

Ok friends

Keep doing Chantings of Sri Krishna always in mind

Your life will be good

Happy Gokulashtami

Jai Sri Krishna


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