Krishna comes to wipe your tears and bring happiness – Oothukkadu Kalinganarthana Perumal Temple

Sairam friends,

Oothukkadu Kalinganarthana Perumal Temple is one of the small but truly most sacred Temples of Sri Krishna.

When I went there, with my parents, we saw the Krishna Statue as if Krishna is standing over head of Snake Kalinga, his one hand holding its tail and the divine dance he performed while winning over the Poisonous Snake Kalinga. The beauty of this Krishna is that Krishna’s feet is not actually touching the Snake’s head. There’s a small space in the thickness of a paper.

The whole weight of Krishna is actually attached to the tail of the Snake which he holds.

After having darshan of Sri Krishna and Mahalakshmi, the priest told us the following Story of the Temple

oothukadu Kalinganarthana perumal temple
oothukadu Kalinganarthana perumal temple – Photo courtesy of Temple website

Divine Story Oothukkadu Kalinganarthana Perumal

Before many hundred years, Oothukkadu was a Village where around 200 Brahmins lived. Two Cows called Nandini and Patti took life on Earth due to some sins they did.  The Brahmins had Satsang of divine stories once in a while which the two Cows used to listen with deep devotion.

One day, no body was talking Divine Stories. The two cows Nandini and Patti roamed all over the place as they love to hear divine stories of Gods. Sage Naradha watched the eagerness of the Divine Cows, took the form of Brahmin and started to tell them Story of Little Sri Krishna.

krishna kalinganarthana
Sri Krishna performing divine dance kalinganarthana for the cows Nandini and Patti and makes them happy – Photo courtesy of Temple website

Story of how Sri Krishna as a 5 year old child had to win over the Snake Kalinga

Naradha told the Story of a very dangerous and poisonous Snake Kalia who lived in the Yamuna River and was harming the people and children who took bath or used to play in the River. Krishan was a small boy of 5 years then. Many people of the Village believed Sri Krishna can’t do much but he boldly went into the River.

Krishna’s Mother Yashodha could not bear the fact that her little kid has gone inside the river for long but never seem to come back, his friends and other people were wondering what happened to Sweet and Soft Sri Krishna. Every one were anxious and some where about to shed tears.

With in moments, Krishna emerged standing on the Hood of the Snake Kalinga. Everyone were astonished and wondered how can little Krishna control the dangerous Snake Kalia ( Kalinga).

Naradha told the two cows about how little Krishna had to suffer to kill the harmful snake Kalia. When Krishna controlled the snake by holding its tail, it was beating his back with its tail. Krishna being born for welfare of people had to bear all this.

Sri Krishna played  a Divine Dance while standing on its hood “Kalinganarthana” – The divine Dance performed over Kalinga

Finally, Naradha told the cows Nandini and Patti that Krishna killed the snake Kalia and thus had to undergo sufferings even as a child for the welfare of his devotees.

The Cows Nandini and Patti can’t bear the fact the Krishna as a little 5 year old child had to face such sufferings and started crying. Naradha tried his best to convince them but no use. So Naradha prayed Maha Vishnu to come again to Earth and play his divine dance – Kalinganarthana so that the Cow will realize Krishna can do it and he doesn’t really have the pain of Snakes beating any more.

Krishna Came to wipe the tears of Cows and Bring Happiness:

Krishna too watched the devotion and love of Nandini and Patti and came down to Earth which is now the Village of Oothukkadu. He created a Pond near the Temple , called Kalinga back and again did the similar child’s play.

The Cow’s were really happy to see Sri Krishna happily dancing over the Snake Kalia and the beatings of Kalia were nothing for the divine Sri Krishna’s holy power though he was a little child. Not only the Cows and the village people, All the Devas and Gods came down to watch this divine Dance of Sri Krishna in Oothukkadu.

When me and my parents went to this Temple, I wanted to write an article about it but missed it. Now after many years I am writing. Tommorow is Gokulashtami and I wanted to make Sri Krishna devotees realize the greatness of Krishna by this divine story.

What I understood from this story

1. God is Merciful and always wanted to help his devotees and comes down for their Call

2. Krishna came down to play the divine dance especially because he can’t bear the Two Cows shedding tears. So he gave darshan, played the Kalinganarthana and made it tears of Joy.

Friends, If Krishna can’t bear even the tears of two Cows, how can he bear the tears of his ardent devotees with pure heart and always doing good deeds?

Sri Krishna comes down to wipe your tears and bring joy and happiness in you. All you need is true devotion on the almighty.

When I started writing this article, I did it simply referring to official website of Oothukkadu Krishna Temple and other stories. I thought, i will simply copy and present here as am in hurry to go office. Somehow, I wanted to write it in my own words. I feel divine when words emerges in my heart and Its the gift Sai gave me.

All the Photos courtesy of official site of the Temple and the Photographer had done a truly good work. Thanks

May Sri Krishna bless all who reads this with Peace and Happiness

Krishna is coming

He’s on the way
To wipe your tears…To heal you…to make you someone you always wanted to be.

To bring Happiness in your family.

Sri Krishna is coming tomorrow as its Gokulashtami.

May be he already came and we didn’t really see him.

Krishna came !

We simply need love and Devotion to know his presence.

He lives in your heart as a 5 year old child.

Everyone has a innocent Child in them, pure, ego less and harmless  but we grow beyond that and become worse. If we realize the Krishna living in us, we will be a better person and can realize that Sri Krishna’s Dwaraka is our heart and Soul.

Jai Sri Krishna



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3 thoughts on “Krishna comes to wipe your tears and bring happiness – Oothukkadu Kalinganarthana Perumal Temple”

  1. Hari om.
    dear venkat, only yesterday, I happened to see the oothukadu temple web site, by the grace of lord Krishna.
    today, Good lord, has shown me this article.When , I read the story behind this holy temple and the devotion of the sacred cows, on hearing the discourses of Brahmins about the miracles of lord Krishna,for the sake of humanity.

    You have rightly said that lord hari has been waiting to lift us from the bondage of our birth and willing to give us the permanent bliss , if only, we have true devotion and faith in Him.
    once again, thanks for this article. I have decided to visit the temple soon and get the blessings of lord

    oothukadu kalinganarthana perumal .

  2. Hari Om.

    Dear Devotees of Lord Krishna,
    Only on nov;6th 2014, I happened to see the web site of oothukadu temple. But, Kalinganarthana perumal has blessed me to visit his temple yesterday 19th dec;2014. When I saw
    the idol of 5 yr. old lovely Krishna in the kalinganarthana pose, I felt a strange feeling of
    inner peace and happiness and a longing to visit this holy temple again. Lord Krishna is ever present in this holy
    place oothukadu, always willing to redress the problems of devotees. If one is of pure heart;
    with true bhakthi towards Krishna, it is a truth that all their problems will disappear by the grace of lord.
    Hence, I make an appeal to sincere devotees to visit this temple and seek solutions for all your
    problems. If you start praying even from your home, kalinganarthana perumal will surely call you to offer his blessings. Only true bakthi is needed. Your tears ;longing to fall at the feet of Krishna,as a gesture of
    “Saranagathi” ; your “Sretha”-faith in lord and his teachings; are the paths to reach him.

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