Don’t loose your drive

Sairam friends, Though I am OK to have pain in my foot and palm for more than a month after my fever, my parents are really worried about me. The good part is, its bearable pain. So I feel its OK to go through this. Sometimes, we have to go through some pain without complains. … Read more

Being Pure

Sairam friends, Its hard to be pure these days. In the age of cloud message apps, complicated and spontaneous relationships, I wonder how many youngsters can actually remain pure. Few month back, One of my friend was telling me that she was chatting with a guy romantically though she already had a boyfriend who trusts … Read more

I am not using my time productively

Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends, I had been to Bangalore during weekend to attend a workshop. I will write about my experience in Bangalore later. I just made this video about a Ola driver who comes from a village 25 Kms from his village in outskits of Bangalore and drives Ola for 24 hours, every alternative day. I … Read more