I am not using my time productively

Sairam friends,

I had been to Bangalore during weekend to attend a workshop. I will write about my experience in Bangalore later. I just made this video about a Ola driver who comes from a village 25 Kms from his village in outskits of Bangalore and drives Ola for 24 hours, every alternative day. I was really annoyed by greedy auto drivers in Bangalore demanding lots of money and when I saw this Driver, I felt there are good people who work hard to earn their living.

Here’s the video

I have been very reckless in the way I used my time for the past several years. Now that I wanted to learn a lot and work on few projects, I am again not working on it. If I am like this Sai cannot help me much.I have to change myself to do something that will benefit me or others during every hour of the day.

Yesturday, I came home directly since my parents have kept all the Gollu statues inside the boxes by themselves. So I atleast wanted help them arrange the clean home. Later, I slept off. No book reading, No online course and did not even write article. I just slept off.

I feel bad for being so lazy as if I have already lived my life.

“Life is about what work we do during our free time”

If we assume that all our leisure hours are just to have fun,sleep and meet friends, then, we will never do much in our life.

Surprisingly, today, I saw a dream vision just for 2 seconds.

It was like a typical Time chart calendar where in we can enter what we are going to do during every hour of the day.

Its like Sai wants me to make a personal calendar for myself and write what I am going to do every hour of the day.

You can also try this if you have enough time after office hours.

I can’t be so happy and relaxed. I have to read, learn, work and really work every hour towards my goals.

I have to do my part for Sai to help me out.

The featured Saibaba photo is sent by my Sai friend –¬†Susmitha reddy

Om Sai Ram


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