Understand people in labour market and if possible do something to lift them

There are people in Knowledge economy and there are millions of people in labour economy. Sometimes, the best thing that can happen in life is having friends from different walks of life.

I learn a lot from my weekend walking friend Sathyam. He tells me stories about how some owners who keep him for labour work for per day salary suddenly terminate him and also speak harsh to him.

A month back, he was working in a famous furniture manufacturer in Coimbatore. An old lady there was treading him badly though she was also a labour worker. He managed and once, asked for 100 Rs more per day. He was getting Rs.300 -400 per day.

All the other people doing jobs like his gathered, raised some complaint against him and the owner asked him not to come to work from the next day.

Later the owner spoke harshly and said ‘Now that you lost your job, what will you do in your life”

Sathyam got irritated and told him, “If I don’t like someone, I won’t be in that place” and moved away.

He told me the owner spoke as if he was doing a high profile job for him to worry as he lost it. he he..

He was laughing a lot and said the owner was speaking as if I have taken 5000 crores like Nirav modi and ran out of the country.

I told him that he will suffer if he remains doing such odd jobs and must learn a specific work.

ICICI along with National skill development organization runs a 2 month programme to help people learn a skill but Sathyam never gets interested in such stuff.

I asked him to learn photography and be a photographer as that is skill oriented.

Somehow, I like photography not just because its creative, its labour intensive. Its good for health than sitting in one place and looking into a monitor though now a days, most commercial photographers digitally enhance their work.

My project to organize photographers in India is going on and I work for it until 2 at night. Its not easy to rank well on Google. But my friends tell me that I should do photography myself or teach photography basics for people to start their career in photography.

My interest is in doing it to ordinary guys who are in labour market and make them photographers.This way, I will be able to change lifestyle of ordinary people.

Secondly, I was inspired to write to by a dream I had this morning.

It was like I am walking in a road and a young guy was sitting on a vehicle and giving some handouts of printed notice for a job opportunity. He ties a very simple watch in my palm but I deny saying “Give it to someone who don’t have a good watch”

Then, I actually get scared of him and walk fast.

I see my Mom and myself sitting in a coffee shop where this guy does cleaning vessels job. I again get scared of him..I mean, I don’t want him to know me personally.

I come out and see how these people doing labour job fear for police men. I again get into see my Sister says this guy is her schoolmate. Then, I smile to him and touch his palm.

Earlier, I assumed he’s like rowdy but his palm was feeble and he was simple.

I also notice some guys having tripod inside the hotel.

I realized 2 things from this dream

1.People who do labour job looks rough and behave rude at times but that’s because they are not well learned and are into such environment. We should respect them.

2.I should do something for ordinary Indians.

Hey and I also believe my Sister will surely visit India by Sai grace. She has no plans as of now as she’s writing for 2 grants and too busy but Sai keeps showing her in dream as if she’s in India.

Sai makes me understand life better through dreams.

I don’t wanna lead a self-centered life. What I do should impact others life and make them lead a better life.

I am getting late now



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