Sai, India is good but Indians should change

Sairam friends,

Right from the day I went to the U.S, I started writing about how good it is and compared it to India. I am certainly not influenced by the luxury that U.S offers but I am deeply hurt by the way we people in India peceive stuff, treat others and live our life.

Saibaba keeps showing me dreams that India is good. Probably, Sai is trying to take away my negativity on my beloved Nation.

I got several dreams in which Sai tried to convey that India is good in its own way

1.Once in my Sister’s home in U.S, I wasn’t able to sleep at night. I felt something in the bed isn’t good. Infact the bed cover was just washed. I found few little white dots. I somehow slept and had a dream as if one of this girl wearing a very small shots was walking by. (Girls were wearing such dress while I was in my Sister’s place as it was summer.)That’s it.

The next day, I told my parents that I think there’s something in the bed that I wasn’t able to sleep. My Father immdiately commented, “Yeah..People say its America but there’s this small insect which might have been in bed cover.” He added “Here also we have everything good and bad”

(I did not liked my Dad’s comments)

Later, after the bed cover was washed, I slept peacefully.

There are 2 things Sai achieved in this dream

  1. Saying that every country both developed or under developed has both comforts and discomforts.
  2. I got some friends in the U.S and felt its better to marry them because they treated me 1000 times better than few girls I had come across in India. Probably Sai means to convey your life will be good with an Indian girl.

Having said that, I lost any hope that I would get married. My Sister told me, marry if any girl likes you, else find a different purpose in life.

Now, will see the second dream

2. Actually, when we were going to Blackhills, I saw few Men and Women coming as a pair in Bikes. It was cool to see them. While passing by in Car, I saw a Man in his 50s with a girl in her late 20s. I just saw them for few seconds. They seemed to be good friends.

I got a dream after I came here to India. It was like an old man convincing a young girl to be in relationship with them.

Later, that afternoon, some of my friends were discussing about which culture is good. American or Indian. I was arguing that we people in India are doing all mistakes in the name of culture. Atleast, in the U.S you are free to do what you wish to do.

He immidiately said “Yeah. Even old men will go behind a young girl and no one bothers about it”

This really shocked me as it matched my dream.

In India, when society has few norms, in a way, it hurts a girls freedom. At the same time, it also protects a girl. So its good that we have some cultural restrictions.

(I never agreed to my friend though. I told him, there are good family men in the U.S too. There are wonderful couples having 3 children and bringing them up with hardwork.)

Love is same in every part of the world. There’s love in every people.

3. Recently, a Rat has been cooly coming into our house and my Mom is getting annoyed with it. On Friday, we did pooja and broke a Coconut. On Saturday morning, my Mom was laughing as the Rat has stolen half of the Coconut and ran away..he he..We did all we can to catch the Rat but in vain. I also worship Karni Mata of famous Rat temple in Rajasthan. So I told her that I don’t like killing the Rat and she should herself send the Rat outside.

That night, I got a dream as if a girl in a small town in the U.S. She’s sitting outside her home. She says “Earlier, there were 2-3 Rats. The City did not try to clean up and hence now there are 100-200 Rats around the house”.

I woke up and wondered why Saibaba showed such dreams?

I never said America is completely clean. They have a huge recycling problem because they use several stuff onetime and throw it away. They use lots of plastic. I keep telling my Brother in law that the only thing I don’t like about America is the way they use plastic and use and throw stuff.

The last dream really irritated me.

I told Baba

“You want me to accept India is good. Fine. I will do it. India is good but Indians should change a lot”

I will give you an example.

In the place I work, they recently started giving Free Coffee/Tea and also Lunch to employees. The problem is they made the College Bus drivers to serve food and take care of the Cafeteria.

I usually have habit of speaking to these kind of people. I speak to securities and learn about their life. I speak to ordinary Indians as I love them.

I asked this men in Cafeteria about his work? He said, he drives the College Bus but they are forcing them to take care of Coffee machine.

Some of my Colleagues spill the Coffee. Some of them keeps the Coffee cups down near the Chair and walk away. Last week, I saw a Coffee cup kept near Chair and dropped it in the Dustbin. I could have walked away as its not mine. Honestly, it hurts me when some facilities Manager comes and asks this Bus driver to pick the Coffee cup.

It just happened as some guy or girl would have forgotten to drop the Coffee cup in dustbin but who’s job is to clean your trash? Is it a job of a Bus driver?

In India, we never treat people with dignity. We have hurt and humiliated millions of Ordinary Indians.

This certainly would never ever happen in United States.

For a Nation to grow, we must have self discipline. We must give respect to people and help them lead a life of dignity even if they do ordinary jobs.

Anyway, Saibaba doesn’t have to convince me so much with dreams that India is good. I know it is. I still respect the U.S for what it is. We should learn good stuff from a country and bring those culture here.

One of the reason my Sister wants me to move to U.S after few years is that, she told me, “Here, no one will question why you aren’t married in such harsh way. You can live your life and focus on what you want to do”.

So tell me what India does emotionally to people who aren’t married on time?

India is certainly good.

But Indians should change a lot.

Our thought process.

Our attitude

Our work culture and the way we treat people.

Everything should change.

Please respect ordinary people who are also doing their part in building the Nation.

I am getting late for work now.

Sai blessings


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  1. Sai Ram Venkat, very well written, I also feel the same way about we Indians, actually it’s really hurts to see people interfering in others life instead of taking care of their own lives, you are right we should change our attitude, in India we are living with two faces, when we talk about other cultures and compared our culture with others we forget to implement the same in our lives, we can start with little little things, I can write and talk about it so much, so good tend here

    Take care and all the best for your career


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