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Don’t worry my child. You will clear your exam – Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends,

I have a deep fear in me because of some issues. I told Sai that irrespective of what happens around me, I should learn to keep my mind calm. Being calm and finding peace when everything is smooth in life is easy. Being at peace admist the choas is the hardest part.

Last evening, while talking to Namrata, I told her about a girl who has completed her Phd in Physics in Ohio University and am planning to interview her. This girl had wrote that Phd is stressful journey. When I asked about it, Namrata said, if she has completed Phd, then I want to touch her feet. he he…

I realized that I am just not understanding the kind of hardwork I must do for Phd. I am simply speaking about it. I can’t ignore it because this is the only thing Sai asked me to do which I did not do. I can never ignore Sai’s words. I hope Saibaba shows me a way and helps me out.

My Sister said She’s guiding a new PhD student who is starting it when he’s 38 years old. The best part is, he has 6 children. I mean SIX children. I guess he married his highschool dream girl and started having kids early on. Obviously, he will be paid during his research but I like to hear a man having 6 children is strong enough to persue his academic goals.

This is something I like about the U.S. People live their life they way they desire. No shy. No restrictions. Your life. You live it.

I keep remembering my Sister at night and at times, I have tears in my eyes. I should be living near her as I get old.

Its been a long time since I have posted devotees experiences. So here’s it.

I receieved a mail from a devotee Pranzali who passed her CS – Company Secretary exam.

Dear SaiRam Friends,

I also have so many miracles in my life. Saibaba is there for me whenever I need him. I remember my exam days, when my first exam was worst and because of which i was unable to focus on the preparation of my next exam and i was continuously crying and couldn’t sleep and then i started chanting saibaba name and fell slept.

Next day i couldn’t find any auto to go to my exam center and suddenly a men came to me and said don’t worry i will drop you to your center, i think that was baba who helped me. My exams were not good as it used to be and i was very worried for the result because result is always 1-2% but my mother keeps on telling me have faith on baba, and on my result day it was a magic i scored so well and cleared the exam and became CS.

All thnaks to BABA for guidance and support. whenever i feel sad, BABA show me the right path. Even when my result was awaited, I remember a day when i was so tensed for result, I opened my Insta and noone would believe what i saw, there was a pic of SAIBABA with caption,


Now days i think i lost my focus but i hope soon everything will be on track by grace of BABA.

JAI SAI NATH – Pranzali

Hope you liked this experience.

Om Sai Ram


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  • I just finished phd application at an Australian university. After that, I browsed your site and saw this. I am not hoping anything, but it’s a nice coincidence.

    Om Sai Ram

  • Sairam venkat garu,
    My elder sister when she was in degree, wrote her exam very well but when the result was out, to her surprise she was failed in her exam. Everyone in our relatives made fun of sister didnt give up..she kept for one had any hope on her..everyone asked her to prepare for supplementary..but my sister prayed herself to sai that he is the only one who knew how sincerely she prepared for exam..and wrote it..and by babas grace as soon as she finished her pooja she got her result..she was passed by adding 13 additional marks.
    Baba will always be there with us.
    World may not.believe our hardwork but sai sure will.

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