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Sairam friends,

Saibaba has asked me to work on few projects and I am doing it with lots of excitement. Just that, I get too tired when I work at night and my eyes are closing. I keep telling anyone young to focus on something productive and not worry about relationship issue and other stuff especially since I feel that I lost so many years literrally doing nothing!

I have few few years and there’s only 24 hours in a day. So if you are reading this, act soon. Learn a lot, do something good for yourself and others.

This morning, I had a dream as if my parents are starting to U.S and one of this uncle is saying the date when they will return. I have to renew my Parents U.S Visa as soon as possible by Sai grace. I too wish to travel since I wish to see Katya. Its been 6 years since we met.

I woke up and read a story relating Saibaba as Sri Krishna and his love for Gopees. It was in the book which I hugged and slept.

Flash Back article – When Krishna holds Rukmini’s palm and lifted her to him, Who could stop?

One of our neighbour aunty called up to say there’s a Peacock sitting in our home. I took my Camera, climbed up the ladder and photographed it.  I believe its a sign of Lord Murugan’s blessings as I have been remembering him a lot.

peacock murugan

Peacock on our house terrace this morning

Before I could adjust my Camera to shoot it with better exposure, it flow to the neighbours terrace.

Surprise! There were 2 peacocks.

For some of you having Peacock near home is very normal. For us, its a surprise since only Crow and other birds comes to our home. My Father fills a small vessel with water on our terrace for birds.

Beautiful Peacock twins

Beautiful Peacock twins

Then, it flow over to the Coconut tree which I freezed! That’s the featured image.

There’s only 24 hours in a day.And I have few few years to go. I always keep a sleepy face after lunch..he he..

Atleast with my personal projects, I wanted to be dedicated because Sai clearly told me to be sincere in it. I must not wait and will be working on what ever I wanna do.

You know, Sometimes, Sai used to be moody sitting in Dwarakamai but when he works, Sai has his own charm and vibrance.

When Baba waves his palm, seems it will be shaking lighting fast. Saibaba also works quickly with no sign of laziness or tiredness. Saibaba used to have a beautiful Tulsi garden in the place where his Samadhi Mandir is situated now. Imagine how quickly Sai would have watered those plants! A Saint who wanted Baba watering the plants told the people of Shirdi

“This is not an ordinary fakir. He’s a Diamond”

Anyway…Wish I could do lots of work and spread happiness to everyone through my new websites.

Couple of girls really felt happy for the work I do in 

We are planning a video project too for Women’s day. If not, certainly by end of this month, I will have a super cool video project.

Saibaba and Lord Murugan bless you.


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  • Wow so beautiful.. it’s really unusual to see peacocks like this seems like peacocks have come to ur home getting attracted to sai Krishna residing in ur heart and home 😊😊.. n most beautiful part is jus before seeing them u read baba as Krishna story.. may u be blessed always 😊😊

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