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Little acts of human generosity is all Saibaba wants to see in us

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

When was the last time you did something good to others. Something very very simple or easy to do but it would have made them smile? One of my habit is to pray for someone and tell them “I prayed for you”. Once, my Mom noticed me saying this to my Sister and said in Tamil “If you pray for someone, you don’t necessarily have to tell them”.

My Mom meant that its a kind of ego in us which makes us say we are praying for them while we must naturally do it without any expectations. This includes not even mentioning them that we prayed for them.

Somehow, I still have this habit of praying for someone and telling them “Look. I prayed for you”…he he..

I like telling because only when you say, you make them feel good. You make them feel special. You make them feel that Sai and myself does care for their welbeing.

Apart from all this, its an act of human generosity when you forget your worries,your own wants and pray for others happiness.

Don’t stop with prayers

Its good to pray for others but please don’t stop with prayers. Have presence of mind where ever you go and what ever you do. You will certainly get some way to help others. It could even be a stranger. Trust me. When you do little good to others, something happens to you internally that you feel good too.

Helping an old lady reach her home

This incident happened 6 years back. It was a Sunday morning and I simply went near our home gate. I found an old women sitting with her legs folded and drawing something with her finger in the mud. I was wondering what she wants and enquired. She had a bag which had some medicines. She told me name of a locality where her house is situated. I know the area but not the exact location. She told me its some where near the Ganesha temple. I lifted her and thought of making her get into the bus and coming back home.

A bus came and I made her get it. The conductor found that she could not see properly. She told me that she is returning from Eye hospital and had eye drops in her eyes. The conductor don’t wanna take risk taking her and hence asked me to get it. I got in the bus and once the bus stopped, i lifted her and helped her get down the bus.

I walked with her trying to find her home. After 10 minutes of walk, we reached her home. Her relatives were anxiously waiting for her and felt so happy that I took her home. I asked them why did they leave her alone? They wanted to give me some water which I drank.

I came home with some feeling. You can’t describe it.

This little act of human generosity is all Shirdi Saibaba wants to see in us.

I love taking care of someone. Being there for someone. And doing little I can where ever I go and what ever I do.

Many devotees call it a miracle when they see an old man in CCTV or suddenly there’s a Flash new on TV that Baba appeared in real in Dwarakamai or Baba opened his eyes in a local Sai temple.

Is that what Baba is? Is that a miracle.

Miracle is in what you do and what you do to make others happy.

 “Sai is in you. Sai is very much in you. When ever you do good, its Sai’s soul doing the work in your form”

Now a days, I make people happy by making them feel special.

Here’s today’s interview. My first feature from an Employee in Corporate India – Vodafone!

Responsible networking is essential for career growth

I request for interviews to feature employees in several companies and I equally reach men and women. For some reason, Men don’t have enough time to respond. Apart from this project, Many of my friends used to tell me.

“You are always working for girls..You only comment if a girl posted a message online.You only promote girls as if you are a big feminist etc”

Its not me dear? Its them. They are kind enough to help me out.

Though I don’t know whom I would marry, I am surrounded by super cool and smart girls who live far from me but have always been kind to me and made the person I am today

Anyway! Hold on…Many men too agreed to tell their story in my new site!

I wanted to do more friends.

Sai must give me lots of opportunities to do little good to others.

You too must ask Sai for ways to exhibit little acts of generosity

Sai is Love

When you take care of someone, Sai feels happy


The featured photo is taken by my friend who was in Saibaba temple near my office when I told him that I am planning another new site for Creative professionals. Coming Soon!

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