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Fed up when Saibaba doesn’t answer your prayers

Sairam friends,

Yes i have been through this feeling of being dejected by our own Mother Sai. At times i ask saibaba, i pray you so much and you never bother to help me . Its been years and you never show your grace on me.

Saibaba Answers your prayers by his love and care on you

Saibaba Answers your prayers by his love and care on you

The irritating feeling when your prayers are not answered by Shirdi Saibaba is worst possible that it might lead you to stop worshipping sai maharaj. Trust me , if theres something sai is very much pained its when his devotees are purposely ignoring him just because he has not fulfilled their wishes.

How to Love Saibaba of shirdi even when prayers are not answered :

Do this simple test on yourself.

Can you live with out shirdi saibaba. If you fine .Do it.

Even then can you ignore your mother just because she was not able to fulfill your hearts desires. In some family,there might be a sad incident because of which they avoid doing pooja for saibaba and going to temples etc.

What ever may be the reason, Its natural tendency to get upset when we don’t get what we want. The feeling is ok but how strongly you take it to your heart is what that matters .

Please say saibaba your worries and that you are disappointed. At the same time never ignore your devotion. Its not the artificial rituals light lighting lamps etc that you physically do that reaches saibaba . What reaches saibaba is your unconditional love on him .

My desire to have my own Camera :

It was 1997 when i was in first year of college and i desired so much to have my own Professional camera. I was not able to get it as it was not affordable for my father. One of my aunt promised to get it from U.S but she also “cheated me” if the right word was used. Ofcourse if you give words to some one , especially for kids , you have to fulfill their wish .

All my Photography dedicated for Sai children  :

Later in 2001 after 5 years my father got me a professional camera. In 2006 my sister got me a digital camera . Trust me untill now i have used my camera more for taking saibaba statue in my house rather than anything. I have never used it commercially though i was into photography.

Probably saibaba wants me to serve him alone and make millions of his devotees happy by taking beautiful photography with shirdi saibaba statue in my house.

I was really upset for years when saibaba dint got me a camera. All my college life was spent without  a camera of my own and i had to beg to others to practice photography.

I used to go to Saibaba temple in my place and cry to saibaba why he cant get me a professional camera for years . Now that i got my camera and take pictures of saibaba , sai made me a instrument to spread his beautiful leela and glory.

It took 10 years for me to give up the desire to become commercial photographer. Sai did gave me what i want but he made me go through so much failures in my career and pulled me to his service that now i don’t feel like photographing any thing else other than Our sweet Saibaba.

Saibaba answers your prayers for sure :

Hope you realized from my experience the great assurance of shirdi saibaba

“There will be no wants in the house of my devotees ”

Saibaba did gave me what i prayed for – A camera at the same time sai has decided before 10 years itself that my passion for photography must be diverted to his service and not any other artistic or commercial motive. Probably theres still more to what i might do with the camera and my little photographic and filmmaking skills.

As of now i am happy because when you offer all that you know and learnt for the service of Sai devotion, Then your life gets meaningful.

Similarly, what ever your prayers are, sai will surely answer it. May be at present saibaba cannot as your planetary situation is not good or probably saibaba wants to give you the best in the days, month or years to come.

I waited 10 years

Count your days from this moment. Keep chanting sai sai sai, offer flowers to sai all these are only external expression of your love on saibaba…deep inside TRUST



your saibaba.

Have faith that the moment you gave yourself to saibaba, then sai will take care of you.

Om sainathaya namaha

C.Venkat Raman

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  • Baba you have given me a lot more then i required these things you have given me without asking you but baba i am asking you something which i am in need of it your asking me to wait wait wait wait ………
    now i am in need of you baba i don’t have patience i have waited for 12 long years i got really very frustrated and i don’t have patience to lose my self respect again and again each n every time i don’t know what all the sins i have done in the past but i trust you a lot please baba please shower your blessings on me at the earliest my dear baba.

    I am eagerly waiting for your blessings. please bless me baba.

  • bow to shri saibaba of shiridi . oh saibaba the god the of poor and helpless people please baba bless us with children very soon .i beg your holy feet baba your are my last hope your are my baba my god please baba bless us with children very soon.i will be everthankfull and gratefull to you baba. i waited for 6 years baba but no patience deva please answer my prayers and make my life meaningfull .i surrender myself completely to you hear, mind, body ,soul and wealth my life is at your feet baba.

  • Ananta Koti Brahmanda Nayaka, Rajadhiraja, Yogiraja, Parabrahma, Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Sai, I am in need of you, Your blessings are always with us. We are really greatful to you for what You have given us a peaceful life, but Sai one of my very important task of my life is not accomplished and that is my own house. Considering the present boom in land price people like me with a small salary cannot even afford for a house. Sai please bless me so that I can able to locate an house within my budget. Sai please make my dream come true.
    Please bless my family
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

  • Om sai ram……. Lord Sai Please help me so that I can get admission in Phd Programme at IIT bbsr with fellowship.

  • dear sai,

    you know very well i have been going through a torrid time for the last 10yrs suffering from severe depression,no job for the last 2yrs ,they say due to my karma (nagadosha),which gets over this november,ps remove my misery and resolve all my issues,what is karma in front of you,i see u as god ,ps save me


  • Dear sai u r my guru u r my freiend u r my guider,first of all my heartiest namaskars to you
    baba sometimes my behaviour is very bad why i dont know i prey and i read yur books but again i dont know why i do such a mistakes.,please baba please guide me and give me yur blessing to change my behaviour.baba please fulfill my wish.whold day i want to enchant yur name and each and every day i wans to read devotional books which is written by the name of you.please baba please forgive my sins,.please change my attitude and always guide me what is good and what is wrong.i am always dependent on you.jai sai ram.

  • Om Sai……I dont know what am in need of , I think I have all the things to lead the goodlife, but still my life is full of miseries & unhappiness .I mind is always disturbed with unhappines, my mind wandering here & there ,I prayed so much to you & all gods, Made pujas,Jap,Tap & vrth, bt still there is no peace in my life……..
    I did all things to remove my all past karmasa,sins etc….Lighted lamps in my house & in temple but stil……..
    I dont know what is right & what is wrong I am doing my karma ,doing things as per your instruction …………….
    OH SAI……………………. Pleasee pleasee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee give me peace peace peace………
    & fulfilall desires of my family members…………………………………………………………………….

  • Om Sai Ram… Dear Lord, Thank you for giving me all the things i required till now. You know what i am suffering from ,Hey lord it is very painful to bear this disease. My strength is my eyes and they are affected. My lord i humbly request you to forgive me if i have done anything wrong, Please make me happy by curing the disease . I know you ll cure it but only request is to cure it right now. Dear lord fulfill my wish and make me and my family members happy. I

  • Trust baba,really in my life many miracles happend,happening still going to happen.
    Shrada & Saburi will plays miracles in life.Be patience.




    don’t give up,definetly baba will shower blessings,keep trusting 🙂

  • i have got whatever i desired ..its only the blessing of my almighty sai baba…at times..he doesnt answers the prayers but it doesnt mean that he is not looking after us…if hez nt giving watever we have asked it certainly means…he has some other better plans for us…:)

  • i believe baba but my promblems is not solved i wamt saibaba to solve my problem that is my husband should get job inpune within 20days i want peace that iam not getting i want baba give ggod health to mykids

  • Lord Saibaba ..

    I have strong faith in u.But am really very depressed.What is happening with me is really not good.I’m suffering.
    I know u can’t see pain of your devotees.Then why doing so with me.God help me.My life is for you.Help me.What i want most at this moment is that i want to be placed in a very good company with a good package.Give me that God.Don’t test my patience any more .. 🙁 🙁

  • Baba please be with me always . apart from my all tensions and worries , my only hope is you. i just ignore all my worries thinking you baba .

    please make me perfect in my life.

    Sairam .

  • Baba
    You know that I have been praying you since my childhood.
    you gave me whatever i needed
    but from past few days am in deep troubles
    please baba help me to avoid them





  • Sai,

    You are the miracle in my life.. Till now I have asked so many things and you made me wait and given more than what I want. I know, now also im still asking you to answer my prayers, again you are making me wait. I’m sure again you will do the best for me,, I’m waiting for that baba. Please ..

    Love you so much baba.

  • Om Sai Baba, my daughter is looking for a room in overseas, with your blessing she must get it with affordable price. Please answer my prayers … Baba. I am so worried. Please help me ..Baba.
    Love you so much.

  • Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

    Baba I am not asking for me.I want to help my husband and raise his kids waiting for my visa since one year we are separated lots and lots of hurdles somehow moved away by your blessings and waiting patiently all these days but still it is very painful .I cannot hear his sufferings me crying daily I cannot answer my kids they are asking Mummy when are you coming? what will I answer BaBa?Nowadays I feel like dying I cannot bear the pain.why me suffering like this? If I have commited any mistakes please forgive me and please join me with my family very sooner I lost my patiency my lord.My husband is helpless I want to help him .please hear my prayers my lord.Baba I have noone even if you leave me I will be sitting at your feet begging for help.please baba answer my prayer.

  • saiDeva

    with utmost pain at heart, i ask u….

    All my works are getting rejected. I feel depressed. I dunno, what to do.

    yeah i should work harder n hardest. its true baba. but my final work shouldn be rejected baba.

    on any grounds, i beg u deva, it shouldn be rejected, or made to rework. please give me confidence when i lose in life. please be as a moral guru as n now alwy.

  • Om sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Saiye.

    Baba , please help me get financial help for my daughter who is studying medicine abroad. Baba I have sacrifice every thing for my daughter to achive her dreams but baba how am I going to go on like this. I want to go back to my house baba. Will I be in my house? How long do I have to wait? Every thing that I owned is not with me baba. I feel frustated baba. I pray and think about you everyday but where are you when I need want something. Dont you hear my prayers? Baba take good care of my daughter who is abroad and make her wishes come true . Give her all the good luck she needs. Om Sai Ram.

  • sai parandhama,

    na job kosam eduruchustunna tandri

    please bless me

    om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam

  • all the sai devotees pls pray for me to get select in the interview which is going to be held on saturday. because i got rejected in so many companies. this is my final one. i luv sai baba.pls pls pray for me. babaji pls help me

  • OM SAI RAM!! BABA I AM VERY SORRY FOR IGNORING you form 2 days as i felt what i asked was not fulfilled
    and as it was leading to more worst situation i am reaaly sorry BABA.. hope all my sins will get washed away and give me the happiness for what i asked and please give happiness to everyone BABA.. hope i will be blessed as soon as possible … i am waiting from 1 year BABA for your blessings!

  • Om Sai Ram

    Baba,all i ask is a sign that you are listening to my prayer request! i speak my heart out to you daily and i jus need re assurance. Please grnat me with this as my doubts are growing and this is not me. i do trust in u and all i pray for it a sign to show me that you are working on my problem and you will answer my prayers.

    there is no when/how/why here baba, all i ask for is a sign and the rest i will leave in ur hands.

    PLEASE! i dont know wat else to do now.

  • baba in my office my sir data used troble me lot for that only i have done 9 varth. Now i got fed up that job now i am i the house. moveover i lost my three earrings i dont know i have kept it. we dont have children til now. i want to die. my life is so miserable. should i plan for pregnent or should go for the job. Please be with me and my husband.

  • Pls baba setright my daughter life i beg uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu bless her baba

  • Om Shri Sai ram.. Dear lord.. Thank you for everything you have done for me in life so far.. But there’s still something that I really really need from you.. And I’m very sure you know what that is.. I have full faith in you and am sure I will one day get what I have asked for.. It’s jus that if it doesn’t happen soon then someone else will come which I don’t want… Please Sai baba my whole life depends on this one person.. Please forgive me for anything I have done wrong and accept my fasts I do.. Om shri Sai ram.

  • baba please help nishit … vo toot chuka hai baba please uski problems ko end kar dijeye. app chahe to uske hisse ki problem mujhe de dijeye par please uski problems ka the end kar dijeya. mein apse apni problem ke liye kabhi koi complain nahi karoongi , promise,,,,,,, par please usse khush kar dijeye. please baba meri madad kijeye….infact uski mada kar dijeye..

  • HI sai baba….firstly i say namaskar to u…….i love u sai….don’t leave ur hands from my heads…..plz blessed me always.what ever is there in my life is bcz of ur blessings…sai plz give my husband a nice project & manager & gud job.plzzzzzzzzzzzz help us sai.

  • Hello baba ,

    I am looking for some answers for some of my questions I have from baba regarding my daughter who is 3 years. She is been sick lately and We want Baba’s blessings on us. Can you pls help us?


  • Hey sai baba i am a very ordinary working lady from kolkata i had lots of struggles passed in my life everytime i had fought back whatever problem is there but now i have lost all faith on myself and extremely upset rather feeling like to end up [for which i am sorry] you know everything U R ALMIGHTY i feel like distorted as well have no one apart from my mom who is my only source of inspiration as well as living but i feel due to me she is extremely hurt my mom is the best mom in this earth thank you baba very much for giving her as my mother but even if i want to give her peace i cant because she is worried abt my marriage and career and both are in the hopeless length Please help me this time any more conspiracy i cannot bear i will go completely insane please help me to get out of this problem

  • Please Sai baba my life and my future is in your hands……..please reform Deepak to be more humble,leave his pride…and take me back by understanding that i have to bear lot of pain due to the seperation….please baba bless my life that we should be bak together.get some kids………..and enjoy the rest of our life together with yours and only yours grace………..

    Please Sai baba……………i am following shraddha and Saburi………….please bless me and my husband to realise our mistakes and get back together and bounce on a wonderful,satisfyign married life………..Bless us Sai baba……need your grace……….Let deepak realise his own mistakes….improve into a fabulous person and approach me with a proposal………….bless him Sai baba to realise his own mistakes and negligence towards me…and let him not care for anybody but my feelings and reunite with me…………..need your special blessings and care Sai baba…………

  • Jai Sai ram, baba i know u r listining to me,i need u like anything baba,i speak to u daily but u never answer to my prayers but still i have faith in you i lost my love please reunite us baba please make him to come back for me he got engaged to another girl only you can solve this problem baba i need your blessings please shower your blessings on me baba.

  • Jai Shri Sai Baba,
    Pl cure my father’s eyes, his ailments and my mother’s limbs and her mind.
    I need your blessings and pl answer my prayers

  • Babaji, thank u, with ur utmost grace i had submitted my synopsis, as on ur day, on my day too.
    22, thursday.

    baba, people are trying to pull me down or trap me unnecessarily. i don have fear or power. i have only u, to fight for me, save me, lead me, guide me and give me peace.

    thanku deva!

    Let my thesis also be guided by u, n plz shower me the date of submission.

  • Sai ram
    Baba, as i am praying to you from quite some time, Baba, i want to connect to my guide and finish my phd as early as possible. Baba, please give me strength, concentration and one pointed ness for this, Can I meet my guide quite often, what opinion he has about me, he is the only person who can finish it for me,
    baba, will you please push him to complete the work for me, my job, i dont know, baba, what you have store for me, Baba, please help my Guide to finish the work as early as possible, i dont have anybody except you to do the job for me, what pariharams i have to do to finish my work:
    Sai ram.
    your love andGrace is most essential

  • even i get fedup with the situations coming on my way i do some laziness in pooja i never lost faith in our sai.. i love sai so much he knows what i want.. he will never let me down.. love u sai baba by true heart…

  • sairam


    My synopsis Procession is getting delayed. I had submitted in march. it has become nearly 49 days. a mandalam is over.

    Deva, Please make my procession as u determined. I feel bit worried when things and persons do favour in name of money, persons…. rights all died in this decade ah?

    Ok baba ji, give me confidence to write my thesis properly and submit at time.

    It has become months, since i came to your temple, but i can feel, a lot of confidence in me than before . its truely by you, am crystal clear in that.

    Guide me sai….. Give me serenity, and success.


    Baba we are looking into you, my prayers are unconditional yet what i am asking from you is my LIFE …
    Though i have set no conditions on my Prayers yet its my Plead to you Baba HUMARI MANOKAAMNA POORN KAR DO SAII RAM

    HELP US ….v Need u Badly ….We Want to follow ur Path of Non violence & Love….I dont Wanna Fight Sai Baba…V want Things to Happen Peacefully….

    Don’t allow External Forces to worsen things…..

    Mada Karo Sai…
    Humari Mada Karo……

    It’s Thursday Today baba it’s ur Day ….We are One make Us ONE…
    Bless us Sai….

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