Lessons from the 12 boys and their coach – Thailand cave rescue

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Sairam friends,

The past 2-3 days, I kept tracking Thailand cave rescue operation. The most important reason could be my own phobia of making sure I never get locked any where. Few years back, my Mom simply locked the door to buy some stuff from the shop as I was sleeping. I woke up, found my room’s door locked and immediately knocked the door with my palm and even kicked it with my legs as if I have gone mad. Even at work, at times, I fear what if the lift gets stuck and all of us might have to remain inside for few minutes?

I was wondering how could these little boys between age 11 and 16 silently listen to their coach and remain in the cave for 9 days when none found them. Imagine the first sign of human face emerging from the water. Vow. They must have seen light for the first time in 9 days. When the British diver asked them “How many of you?”, the only Boy who is good in English answers “13”. The diver says that they had been there for over 9 days and adds “You are strong”.

Comparing my own phobia of not being able to be locked in a room for more than 10 minutes, I was surprised how could these children remain with hope for 9 whole days. It took another 8 days for all of them to come out safe.

The first lesson we should learn is from the retired Thai seal diver who sacrificed his life for the mission to save these kids. He has supplied few Oxygen cylinders inside the cave but lost his life as his own oxygen tank dried up before he could make it to the chamber.

True leaders sacrifice themselves for a good cause.

The second lesson we should learn is from the way the Thai government handled the situation. The Prime Minister, the governor, health minister, Army men, medical team, other engineers and rescue workers honestly worked in harmony.

India also has good force to safeguard us but we lack good leaders. This is the reason, we don’t work in harmony during crisis situation.

Working in harmony and everyone in the tribe having a focused goal will help us succeed in our mission

What does saints like Shirdi Saibaba desire? Sai wants us to work with unity for a good cause. Thailand cave rescue united experts and skillful people from every corner of the world. The people of Thailand too did several volunteering actitivies like serving food, washing clothes of the rescue workers etc.

The third lesson I personally like is the ability to live with hope when no sign of life was found during the first 9 days.

How did these children and the coach even managed to stay calm. What if one of them tried to swim? What if the coach felt guilty and tried to find another ways which would have been dangerous.

Even if your life seems to be in darkness for months or years, believe in human spirit and believe in yourself. Someday, you are going to shine.

The name of the football team is Wild boar. So several people made cartoons of little boar (pigs) signifying the little boys. I was remembering Goddess Varahi as she has boar face and did chanting of 1000 holy names of Goddess Varahi. I even tweeted this message which few people from Thailand liked.


Goddess Varahi has a boar face. It symbolizes the ability to lift someone with the nose. A goddess who motivates her devotees to do great things in life

Here are some cartoons courtesy of respective artists

(Note – This morning, last night, I kept tracking rescue mission until 1 at night and slept off. I was praying Sai to help all the boys and their coach come out safe. I had a dream in which I heard the words in Tamil

“Oru meen velila vandruchu”

Which translates to “One fish has come out”

I was little upset because until yesterday, 8 boys were rescued and remaining 5 were trapped. I asked Baba will only one Boy come out today. Thankfully, everyone were out today. Later, I happen to see below cartoon and realized every scooba diver is considered as a Fish bringing out the wild boar team little boys out. So its a personal effort of 2 divers per boy and a team work of over 19 prominent divers and several 100 rescue workers.

Thai cave rescue cartoon

Thai cave rescue – Divers as fish and taking the Wild boar team boys

The way the boys were rescued – 2 divers per boy

Several experts from around the world along with Thai Army, Thai Seal and engineers accomplished the task. Here’s a cartoon portraying the operation.

Thai Cave rescue operation

Thai Cave rescue operation

I had told you that I make stupid cartoons near my place at work. Today, they said we won’t be in the same building from tomorrow. So I told everyone and drew the above cartoon. Its funny because I only know to make stick drawings. You can see that in the featured photo of this article.

I went to Saibaba temple this evening, light lamp and thanked Saibaba for saving all the kids, the coach and the divers in their final phase of operation.

Om Sai Ram


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  • Thanks for writing on the Thai rescue, Venkat.
    I was so fascinated by the whole event. These kids and their coach are shining examples how human spirit is indomitable.
    At first I was so angry at the coach for putting someone’s kids in this place. I couldn’t imagine how he could be so irresponsible to take them there? but then I read how he kept them calm by teaching meditation and shared whatever little he had with them. I couldn’t stop admiring what a fine person he is, true leader. God bless him.

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