Surprise ! Sai inspired me to create a Indian Matrimony and Wedding Planning site

Sairam friends,

What will you do if you are not able to Meet the right girl and you know for sure that You need lots of Punya – Blessing gained by doing a good deed?

I honestly believe in the Law of Karma. If you don’t get something in life, Sai and Gods are not convinced with your thoughts or action. Either you think Good or do Good. Keep doing lots of good deeds that Sai can’t stop himself giving you what you desire.

Over the years, when ever a devotee writes me about problems in their relationship and getting married or issues in Married life, i request them to do this.

1. Get two – three affordable sarees or any good women’s clothing

2. Keep flowers, Sacred Kumkum and Sweets in it

and give it to any women well wisher in your family, among relatives, very close friends or any poor women you come across if you go on a pilgrimage to temples in India.

3. Touch their feet and request them to Bless you.

4. Along with this, If you live in India, Give for Abishekam (holy bath given for Gods) in any Goddess temple, light 2, 27 or 108 lamps , give food- Annadhan or sweets to devotees and pray for a good life.

This simple Ashirwad of women will be a blessing for life time.

I also used to request them to read this article. You don’t have to do it but realize the greatness of women’s blessing and how good it is to be Kind to women in your life

Sumangali Pooja in ancient Lord Shiva and Pachai Naayagi РGoddess Parvathi temple  The Power and Greatness of a Good Womens blessing

There are devotees who mail me, I did what you said but still my life is same. Well. Where will I go to find an answer. These days girls write me so smart as below.

“I know you will say its my past bad deed – Karma that am suffering but still why shouldn’t Sai answer my prayers for the devotion I show on him”

I believe Sai is taking time and we (Including me) don’t have patience. I keep saying Saibaba, I waited for years. Believed in you heart and soul and still why do i Suffer. Why can’t you make my parents happy.

Anyway, My duty as a Sai’s humble sevak is simply to show you a way and rest is between your Guru and You.

Surprise ! Sai inspired me to create a Indian Matrimony and Wedding Planning site:

A week back I was walking in Shirdi Sai Baba temple in my hometown and was thinking about the site I created to inspire people to GiveFood

While walking around the main Hall, I found a small visiting card of a Wedding Catering service – Some devotee has started this food service offering for weddings in our city and had kept the card in Saibaba temple to gain blessings of Sai. I felt may be Sai wants me to do something that really helps people find their Soul Mate and get married and also include listing of services offered in India during Wedding – They call it Wedding Planning Services as far as I understand.

I also wanted to make StarSai self sustainable, With a small Job in hand, i can’t be using my earnings for the Service I wish to do for Saibaba and Sai devotees but sometimes, I have to and I do it happily. So having network of websites always helps.

I honestly, believe you can’t find a good girl or guy simply by looking at few ads posted on the site I created but this is little I could do. I humbly request you to use other professional Matrimonial services as they do other basic verification or member etc for you. So that’s more secured.


As of now, I believe having a simple site where devotees and people can post Ads can be considered as a Good Deed. Wonder what Sai thinks about me or women what people who come regularly to StarSai does. I feel embarrassed for doing things like this and telling the world what I believe in.

May be Sai in me is doing it and I am just an instrument.

I will feel good if small business offering Wedding Services like Catering, Stage Decoration, Photographers etc gets some business by listing their services in the site.

I will feel really blessed if at least few people once in a while happen to meet someone good through the site.


I know the little work I did is not user friendly. I can’t afford professional site. I made it especially for helping people read other beautiful articles I might write about leading a peaceful married life. My knowledge in web design/coding is too less. So forgive me for any errors. Even to do this I had to spend hours and Sai helped me learn.

Lord Ganesha and Shirdi Saibaba blessing for a Peaceful Happy Married life

ganesha wedding
I love this painting of Lord Ganesha getting married.I had a dream and searched to find exactly what I saw in dream

I love the above Painting of Lord Ganesha getting married and see how cute the Rat is celebrating it..he he…

Prayers for all of you who wish to get married and I pray Saibaba to show me the right girl who will make me lead a meaningful, peaceful life.

Edit – I deleted the matrimony site I created as I wanted to focus on StarSai.

Sai Ki Jai

Wish you a Happy Married Life


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