I don’t know if I have real devotion but I have come to you Sai

shirdi saibaba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I always wondered if I am really devoted to Saibaba or simply showing devotion on him for sake of it. Many times, you will realize that your devotion and faith on Sai is controlled by your mood. If something goes wrong, we immediately don’t feel like showing real devotion on Baba.

Here’s the sentence from Sai Aarti

2.Aso naso bhaava aalo tujziyaa ttaayaa
Kripaa drishtee paahe majzakade Sadgururaayaa

I have come to you with willy-nilly devotion – ( I don’t know if I have real devotion on you)

But please show your grace (Drishtree is Sai looking at his devotee with grace) on me, O Sadgururaayaa.

We understand from this lyrics in Kakad Aarti, how truthfully a devotees behavior is described. We never know that we have real devotion on this Guru but we have come to him. So we are requesting him, Baba please do not judge me based on my devotion. I might have not been really devoted to you but who else I have on this Earth Baba. I have come to you. So please show your grace on me as you are a true guru.


I have experienced this myself.

Many times, I will be showing devotion on Saibaba mechanically and I my mind will doubt if Sai will really do good to me. Irrespective of all this, I will continue to do little things which expresses my devotion on him. Sai will have just handful of devotees who truly show him devotion the way it should be. People like us, simply show devotion with ignorance. We have lots of distraction.

Imagine, how sweet must be Sai for he accepts all our short-comings and still accept our devotion.

This is the greatness of Shirdi Saibaba.

We really don’t have to take much efforts. Even when you are not in good mood or upset with the way your life goes, do little you can to show devotion on Baba. You can read Sai Satcharitra or simply sing Sai Aarti offering flowers and lighting lamps. You can simply remember Sai. Sai accepts this devotion and blesses you immensely.

In today’s Sai’s nature collection,I have expressed about the about lyrics in Saibaba’s Kakad Aarti

shirdi saibaba

Sai, look into my eyes with your grace because it will change my life

If Sai looks in to your eyes with all his grace, it will change your life for good.

So ever request Sai to be with you and show devotion on him.

Aum Sai Ram


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