One good deed every day by Sai grace

Sairam friends,

Today, I was calm at work. I was chanting few minutes and had some stuff to do. I was wondering which Saibaba temple to go after 8.15? Sai mandir in the city or the one near my office. If I wish to meet my friends, I go the one within the city. If I wish to be alone with Saibaba, I go to the one near my office because none will be there in Dwarakamai during night aarti. Thank God, majority of Sai devotees assume Thursday is special for Baba. Kindly keep assuming like that for the next few years. he he… So all other days, people like me can enjoy the temple all alone or with very few devotees.

As I got in the temple, the night aarti had already started. I saw the Dog – Tiger was also inside the temple. There were just 2-3 devotees. Dwarakamai was much more grand! None were there. It was just me and my Sai. We both can do what ever we wish. I spoke to Sai. I kept asking “Baba..Saaptiya?”

I always ask this to Sai if he had food?

I don’t know what makes me ask this? I feel most of the time we care for ourselves and never think about Sai. Some of us even offer prasad for Sai but we don’t ask him if he really tasted the food? Saibaba is a saint but he also needs to be taken care. So I often ask him if he had food?

After the aarti was over, I had prasad and stood outside the temple looking at the buildings and other IT companies in distance. I wanted to call some of my Sai friends and speak to them over phone. But I felt why should I disturb them and simply stood there staring at the buildings, lights and the moon.

Last night my Mom was not well and hence I was with her until 2 at night. I am getting scared but believe Sai will heal her.

I slept off and know for sure that I won’t get any dreams. As soon as I woke up I saw Sai portrait in my room and told him “Not even a dream today.”

I woke up, sweeped our house as maid is not turning back these days and now gonna start to work now.

One good deed every day by Sai grace

I have a desire to do one good deed everyday. Let it be a small work but we must do it. Even if we say good words to someone that will change their life, its a good deed. But going beyond that, we must look for opportunities to do one good deed every single day.

We can’t get such opportunities to do good everyday and hence must look for opportunities where ever we go.

Today, I wanted to touch some other topic. I shall write about it in the days ahead. Some girls write me that they saw a guy as their husband but he cheated her. Let me clarify this – Unless a Man marries you, don’t see him as your husband. You never know what’s gonna happen until the last minute. Be in relationship. Expect the best to happen but be clear about letting him go if he’s showing off too much or if situation doesn’t let him marry you. Will write more later.

Sai blessings,


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