List of things which Sai instructed me to do and I have not done yet

Sairam friends,

There’s a Dog in the campus I work which I named Snowy as its White in color. My friends tell me but its not white. Anyway, to me, its a very affectionate Dog and he goes behind everyone. I did not see him for over 15 days. Last night,  Snowy identified me but I was shocked to see he was beaten with stone on his eyes. He always enters the campus and the securities drive him away. I fed him 2 packets of biscuits and came home. At night, while sleeping, I asked Sai to heal the Dog’s eyes soon and give him a better place to stay safe. A Dog’s life is worthy too.

Anyway, today’s theme is about how bad I am as a Sai devotee as I don’t do all that Sai asks me to do.

Many Sai devotees who read StarSai regularly assume that I am a staunch devotee of Saibaba. There might be some truth in that but I am not that good. There are few stuff which Saibaba instructed me to do and I haven’t done anything about it.

One of my friend used to hurt me saying “Will your Saibaba only show you dream about this girl. Won’t he ask you to do something innovative?”

Well..As a matter of fact, Sai cares about so many other things beyond my own life. Sai even has showed me dream about Climate Change and how some islands are fastly disappearing. Sai shows me dream about some guys and girls in our office with whom I have not even talked once. After few days, I will come to know they are going through tough time and pray for them. I have even seen growth in their career within 6 month after they appeared in my dream. One of this dream was about a girl at work whom Sai asked to read a Mahalakshmi Mantra to be blessed with a Baby. Couple of weeks back, I saw her with her child and felt “Oh God, She’s a blessing from my Sai.”

So basically, Sai cares for everyone and the whole universe.

Most of these instructions from Sai came through his dream.

1. Wake up at 5.30 A.M – Even when I wake up early, I drink water, if I got any dream, I write it down on my mobile so that I won’t forget and lay down again asking Sai to come in dream again…he he

2. Your life will be good if you do Ph.d – I heared the exact words on May 18th 2016 and wrote article about it. I haven’t even bothered about this yet. I don’t know the process to do Phd in Management. Hopefully I will be working on it soon. Only thing I have done is some girls had read that article, got inspired and are doing their Ph.d now.

3. Do something for India – I was blessed with “Sare Jahan Se Acha” in dream atleast thrice. Most of the web projects I did was benefiting businesses and Entrepreneurs in other Countries. Sai wants me to something for the my own Nation and especially to the City I belong to.

I do have a project running now for Indian businesses. The problem is, I work in a very conservative organization and they may not like me working for other Startups or Businesses. So I have to either do it secretly or never do it. Can you keep an online business as a secret? That’s the problem. Sai always instructs me to continue with the same job though I don’t contribute much there. There’s sea change which must happen there which I can’t bring about. Wish I could do something better.

Once Saibaba blessed me with a dream that I forgot to take care of my Mom. So when ever I see my Mom sick, I get scared and ask her what should we do? Thankfully, we got good Doctors whom we visit every month. I do little I can to help her at home. I don’t know what Saibaba meant? May be, I am not taking care of my Mom. My parents always complain, I come home, eat and sit infront of Computer. These days, I try to be near my Mom for few minutes every night.

So that’s the small list of what Saibaba instructed me to do but I am ignoring due to various reasons.

I am getting late for work now.

These days, I am going with my friend in his Bike. This helps me walk a lot at night.I often mention this in StarSai because I don’t like it when you are addicted to your vehicle no matter where you wanna go.

OK Tata

Sai blessings,


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