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Sairam friends,

Hope you don’t get exited thinking I am writing about my Life. I am still in waiting list ..he he..I woke up today expecting to write about Health Care issues but first I want to write a article that helps Shirdi Sai Baba devotees to share their experiences in which Sai has fulfilled their wishes.

I have seen Sai devotees really interested in writing their experiences after reading below two articles…

I love Shirdi Saibaba because


How you first learnt about Shirdi Saibaba

I realized we need a place where Devotees can Share their positive experiences through Shirdi Sai Baba. You are most welcome to share your long experiences, I mean those that deserve special attention to my mail id found in Contact page of

This morning, I found a Devotee very beautifully listing what all Sai did for her…So i felt may be many Devotees can share what all Sai did for them. My most humble request to devotees who are worries is never think Sai is helping others but not you.  Sai himself has answered in his own way.

shirdi saibaba
Shirdi Saibaba photography I did with Sai statue in my house – I love this smile friends.

Does every Sai Devotee’s desires and Wishes come true?

In Sai Satcharitra, we can learn about the conversation between Shirdi Saibaba and Hamadpant. Once, Hamadpant asked Sai baba

“Sai, So many people come to you, Does all of them get benefited?”

Sai showed a Mango tree near by and told Hamadpant

“Look at the Mango tree filled with flowers, Does all of them become fruit? Many flowers get carried away by wind, Some wither and fall down and only few remain with the tree to become fruit

Similarly not all devotees stick to me heart and soul during their worst times, They get carried away by their desires and other difficulties. Only those who believed in me faithfully were benefited by the fruits of their devotion.”

Hamadpant was convinced with above answer from Sai.

I have seen Sai devotees of various kinds.

Some devotees are so lucky, they are blessed with everything in life. Its not that Sai has been too kind to them. Once when a devotee came to dwarakamai and requested Sai to be his Guru, Sai has said

“You never need a Guru, What you Sow. You reap. Watch your action”

Sai means to say, We are leading a peaceful, happy life in this birth based on the good and bad we do in previous birth and also what we do in this birth. We may suffer for the sins we did in past several births but we can always try to do good deeds in this birth.

Some devotees get angry or upset with Sai for few days but they can’t avoid Sai as they truly love saibaba. On the other hand, Some devotees keep hurting Sai saying “Sai has millions to care but he doesn’t care for me”.

There are few devotees who keeps Sai separately as a Guru apart from their difficulties. They never complain that Saibaba is not showing his grace. They keep loving Sai no matter what happens in life.

I believe its important for Sai devotees to realize, Your devotion, Faith and Belief on Sai will surely be rewarded someday.

Have Shradha and Saburi..

Please Share your Positive experiences in which Sai helped you and ferried you in the ocean of wordly life…

You can mail me good experiences to mail ID found in contact page of or You can also choose to write as comment to this post ( If you don’t have a website to fill in url space, simply enter that’s it)

When you Share your experiences, It will be a inspiration and motivation to other devotees to realize the greatness of Shirdi Saibaba.

Sai Blessings


always in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba

24 thoughts on “My Wishes Came True by Grace of Shirdi Sai Baba – Share your Experiences”

  1. I shall myself post a devotee Divya chevurui’s Positive experience here..

    I am the one devotee of sri shiridi sai baba.I known baba from my 3rd standard ,when I went to my Grandmother’s place ADDANKI,Prakasam District,India,Andhrapradesh.

    From that day onwards in my heart and mind I trust and ask him for every work I do.After coming to Torrance,California,I did so many readings of Baba Parayanam and Sai Vrat written by Nisha Jani.All my wishes became true.Very big wish was to settle in gud job and free from tensions in the family life.
    My wishes became true are:
    1.Blessed with a baby girl after 5yrs had 1st kid
    2.MY father was suffering due to his health,he was cured.
    3.Coming back to U.S again.
    4.My sister-in-law blessed with a baby boy.
    5.Went to shiridi after 6 years.

    Very happy to know sai baba and love him .

  2. dear venkata,
    people nowadays want comfort and enjoyment. nobody wants to live simply, close to nature. no one today is interested in facing hardships for the sake of enlightenment.
    allah malik

  3. day before yesterday I made a small mandir in our garden ,using mud and brick.
    I decided to name it Nagasai.
    there is a small water canal behind our home.otherwise its wilderness, a few houses and some farms.
    there is a big tree near the water body and under it lives a big viper snake.
    yesterday I noticed he had shed its skin.I measured it,its six feet 2 inches. now its placed in the mandir.
    allah mallik

  4. Good Afternoon Venkat Anna,

    Om Sai Ram……………

    As i metioned earlier in my previous post that i have started Sai Vrat once again for Special 2 wishes. you kow what i was suffering from last 3 years due to some personal problem ( very personal so cant disclose) and was trying my best to get some way out but against all my efforts i was left empty handed. but you wont imagine from the time i started Sai Vrat in the first 2 weeks itself i got a best way out of the probelm which i was going thru from past 3 yrs. its as if just Imagine a complete dark thorny jungle no lights at all and i am lost my path in that jungle not finding a way and suddenly i see a lamp burning at a very close distance from where i am standing. i get my way. you know anna its soo sooooooooo very miraculous to experience baba everywhere i go nowadays. i feel as if i baba is been holding me and my family in his arms and protecting us from all evil. I feel very lucky to say that i have got a chance to interact with baba whenever i feel and you know what he replies. i have done with 4 weeks of my vrat, one of my wish is almost fulfilled and 2nd wish is also on the verge of fulfilling.

    i would like to share the entire story once i complete my 9 weeks of sai baba vrat with my complete experience. just waiting for more & more miracles in the coming weeks.

    Venkat Anna pls share this para with other sai devotees.

    All The Best, May God Bless You All & your families.


  5. Let me share my experience with you all. I was not a devotee of Sai Baba until two months before. One of my Cousin sister a devotee of Sai Baba use to tell me about his blessing miracles and all. I said I will never believe in Human God. There is a supreme power which I believe. BUT NOW , I MYSELF SAYS THAT IM A TRUE SAI DEVOTEE. Two months before some point of time I started reading Sai Satcharitra and then with in like three four days time I completed reading the whole book online. God I never felt so happy and relief in my life when I was in deep depression.

    It gave me so much of courage ,so much of positive vibes, strength . which is beyond my words. I pray for a particular wish. OK Let me be more clear. I was in love with a guy .. it was an arranged marriage proposal, when we checked horoscope first it was matching and after that we started talking. After three month parents thought of fixing the engagement and they went to another astrologer to get the time for the engagement. Seeing our horoscope he said this shouldn’t end up in marriage. It will be a danger for his life as I have some dosha. Totally unexpected. Parents became against. So we broke up. But I was not able to convinces my self the fact it was over.

    I started reaching ways to make myself busy to get away from his thoughts. By reading books. By the time just I thought of reading the Sai Satcharitra. And I use to check question and answer.. there I was asking baba whether I will be able to see him again just for one more time. The answer was to surrender to Sai Baba. Have patience and you wish will be granted in 14days. Exactly on the 14th day he called me. And we met again. Still we dnt know what to do. I am surrendering myself completely to Sai Baba.

    Praying for a positive result that we can be together and lead a long life with his blessing. If in case it is not happening then also I will not blame Baba.. It will be for my loves good future he takes such a decision. What ever happens its all his wish. But deep from my heart I will keep in my prayers and faith. Sai Ram.

  6. Anju.. ditto case! the only difference is I spoke to this guys for 1.5 years and suddenly I do not what happened things fell apart. I was really negative. But I seriously feel this is my guy for life and hence will be starting Sai Vrat from tomorrow onwards.

    Let’s hope for the best. Let BABA resolve all our problems. I realized we need to surrender and have belief.

    Belief that things will be back to normal will definitely help us achieve what we desire 🙂

    Om Sai Ram..

  7. Sai baba helped me a lot by showing me the right path….. as he knows what is best for us ….and he gets things done at the right time.hence we should not worry.even i would request all sai devotees to light lamps regularly and be happy.everything will happen at the right time and for the good reasons to make our life better.make sai baba ur best friend.

    Sai baba i need u in all my births to guide me to love me and to show me whats good for me.there is tears in my eyes when i am writing this.

    All we need is shraddha and saboori and surrender your ur mind,body and soul to him and thn see what he does for you.

    Sai baba helped me thru this site by venkat……i m really happy now.

    May sai baba fulfill all our wishes.

    Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooooo MUCH SAI BABA.SAI RAM.

    This thursday i will light 27 lamps for happy married life and also for my whole family,sai baba plz plz plz bless me with a good hearted guy,loyal loving and caring.thats the most important thing which i want in my partner,as u know me very well rest i know u will surely take care off.just make sure my sweet sai that evrything goes well when i do ur pooja.i know by your grace everything will go well.

    As venkat request every1 to light lamps.evn i will request every1 to light lamps regularly as per my own experience he made me know whats good and bad for me.with in 1 month of lighting lamps he showed me the right path towards peaceful and happy life.make it as ur habit and surely u will see the difference in ur coming days.

    I never used to light lamps but its sai who made me to light lamps regularly and will continue the same till the end.i light two lamps of shraddha and saboori in the morning and evening.there are no strict rules when u light lamps u cant light it anytime.sai baba only needs our pure love and devotion and nothing else…and thats the truth.

    My humle request to my sweet sai is that plz increase my love devotion, faith and patience for u in the days to come and forever thats what i want sai baba.

    To all sai devotees i would request whtver u do not only for sai u can light lamps for ur favourite god or goddess.just make sure u do it from the bottom of ur heart,with pure love and devotion.n surely u will see what they do for u.

    I know my sai baba wants me to increase my devotion,love,faith and patience for him.n i will surely do that for my sweet sai u a lot sai baba.

    Sai Ram.

  8. Sai Ram.. I just wanted devotees to know that i never thought i would get married i dreamt many times that i was told it will never happened i even went to pundits and most of them said it is not in my karma. i felt alone and that i would never truly be loved. Finally sai baba came into my dreams and my life changed i had faith strong faith in him and every time i would write a letter to him he would come in my dreams and i asked him to find a husband for me he said in my dreams he would the next year i met my husband and less than a year after we were married and a year since has passed and we are happily married still thanks to my life sai baba bhagawan… i love you always,

  9. Sai Ram ..Jai, Jai Sai Ram

    I really dont know how i came to love Baba. I visited Shridi just out of curiosity, I bought a few of his statues and Saicharita (which I did not know anything about or did i read it) Now I read it a few times and am still reading it a few pages at a time.
    I am catholic and i dont really know how to do pooji etc. but i started to do 9 Thursdays Vrat , as best i can after reading your sight. I am also ligting 2 little “Tea candles”

    I pray Baba will hear to my humble prayers, bless my daughter who is separated from her husband with 2 little kids and living with a guy who is unemployed. I pray that Baba will guide her in the right path and if it is in Baba’s will go back to her husband. I keep asking Baba this Question and it says things will work by the help of other religion people. To keep faith and submit and remember Sai.

    Please pray for me to Sai Baba. I husband is suffering with sadness. We desperately need Baba’s Blessings
    Om Sai Ram bless us and all your children

  10. Om Sai Ram…….I was not a devotee of sai but I cum to know about sai ji from my sisiter ..yes she is a very big bhakt of sai baba having sum problem regarding my marriage…I read so much about sai baba even I search so many website to have answers … I decided to have a wish and started reading sai satcharitra

    I haven’t started on Thursday I just start my reading on Tuesday and completed it by Sunday..yes before 7 days so I decided to make presad (halwa)on Monday and will do udhyapan

    just on Sunday night my father-in-law told me if I can make halwa for him which he rarely demand…just that time only I realize yes baba is everywhere….I love u sai baba so much.I know u will full fill my wish also …just waiting everything will be fine …Om sai ram

  11. Om sai ram to all,
    Baba has been really kind to me and has given everything in life.I m a thyroid patient n people used to tell me that I can’t conceive n cannot become a mother. I used to get very depressed .then after marriage I decided to visit shirdi with my husband n prayed to baba to bless us with a child soon. Baba fulfilled our wish n 2 days before our wedding anniversary we were blessed a baby boy!
    Thank u so much baba for the best gift of our life n I pray u to keep my baby healthy n happy throughout his life.
    Bless all of us baba.

  12. I did all pooja I always talk to baba
    But he always betrayed me
    Always helped the enemy
    Baba hates me
    I and my husband are on the verge of breakdown he is not at all helping
    I am giving up on my faith towards him
    If I hear any negative news I swear on myself I will never ever ever step in any temple or think of him

  13. Sai Ram Everyone.

    I would like to share my experience with Sai Baba. I was suffering from Thyroid Problem and My thyroid levels were not becoming normal. I was really upset and sad because of this issue.One day I came across my friend who told me about 9 Thursday Sai Vrat. I immediately started doing Thursday Vrat and asked God Sai to Get my Thyroid Levels to Normal Level. within 3 Thursdays i got my Prayers Answered. Today i Got my blood work done and my thyroid levels are in normal range.

    Thank you so much Sai Baba.

  14. Om sai ram.i was answered by him through saibaba answers .he said that i will see shiva in my dreams .to my surprise i saw lord shiva early morning in my dream. In that i went to a temple of lordshiva and offering prayers to him then pujari blessed me and said start reading satcharitha frm gonna start it .thank u him.everything will be fine.

  15. Om sai ram..Thanku soo much baba for every thing i love you baba.Baba helped me a lot om sai ram.. Thanku so much baba for being wit me…please take care of my dad, mom , my husband ,my sisiter,her husband ,her two little sons and my mother in law.luv you baba.

  16. Dear all,

    It was nice reading to all the experiences shared by devotees. I wish to say after reading many things that never love Sai just because he has fulfilled your wish. Love him for what he is and what he bas changed each devotee of his into. I love and believe Sai because he is my breath. Though I fight, I cry and there had been days when I never used to see him at all because of my anger but he always use to show up in some or other form to make me smile. Life of each living being is full of good and bad events but if we look closely, we will see each incident or experience made us learn something and showed us true faces of people. For me, Sai is a friend, my Dad -who knows everything about me -more than myself. He is the saviour of my life, my family. Blessed to have him as a pillar of support. Om Sai

  17. Its nice to hear all the experience from Sai devotee. I have a wish to married the guy I love most.e was in love for 10 months. However ,we have some

    difference such as culture and religion issue.

    He in love on me as well however he concern on the family arrangement on the arrange marriage.He still in love but agreed on family.

    I still believe in our love .I hope Baba will united us despite this family arrangement with other girl.

    I Will start this Sai Vrat from next Thursday with faith.May Baba Ji bless and united us.I have faith on my love and Baba.
    OM sai Ram

  18. Om sai ram
    Sai baba fulfill all wishes of devotees but two things are must faith n patience.I promised sai that I will post my experiences if my wish is fulfilled..yesterday sai baba come to my my ultrasound came normal for which I WS very tensed.Thanks sai for helping me in each n every time..There r many incidents which prove that you are always by my side..Thank u baba..please shower your blessings always
    Om sai ram

  19. SAI you are my guru , my family . my dad , my brother , my friend , my strength , my wish fulfilling tree , my desires , my happiness , my relief , my guide , my life , my smile , my support … sai you are my everything .. always be with me sai . you have miraculously changed my life . at some point in life when i wish for something and i dont get it at that time i feel rejected but soon i realize that you know whats best for me and will give me at the right time . and if its not good for me you wont give me … i leave my life to you sai … take care of me in your ways … have full faith in you … and can have patience for the rest of my life
    om sai ram

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